Shakespeare's Syndicate - Ben Higgins

Shakespeare's Syndicate

The First Folio, its Publishers, and the Early Modern Book Trade

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Forlag: Oxford University Press
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Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9780192848840
Format: 24 x 16 cm

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«Ben Higgins has managed something we might have thought was by now impossible: he tells a completely fresh and fascinating story about the First Folio. Higgins's remarkable knack for uncovering new archival details gives us the deepest scholarly investigation yet undertaken into the lives of the men and women who produced Shakespeare's collected works. At the same time, Higgins uses each of the Folio publishers as a lens to reveal broader trends and networks in the book trade, offering an exciting and generative methodology for others to follow. Shakespeare's Syndicate is required reading for anyone interested in Shakespeare, his plays, and his life and afterlife in print.»

Zachary Lesser, Edward W. Kane Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania
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Note on Transcription and Citation Conventions
Part 1: 'Printed by Isaac Jaggard, and Ed. Blount. 1623.'
1: 'Master William Shakesperes workes': Edward Blount at the Black Bear
2: 'Prudentia': The Jaggard Publishing House
Part 2: 'J. Smithweeke, and W. Aspley, 1623.'
3: A Minor Shakespearean: William Aspley at the Parrot
4: 'Under the Diall': John Smethwick at St Dunstan's Churchyard
Appendix 1: The letters of Edward Blount
Appendix 2: The publications of William and Isaac Jaggard
Appendix 3: The wholesale locations of Shakespeare's books, 1593-1640