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Guest at the Feast

«I love everything Colm Tóibín has written »

Nicola Sturgeon, New Statesman
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Penguin Books Ltd
19 x 13 cm


«I love everything Colm Tóibín has written »

Nicola Sturgeon, New Statesman

«Droll, careful reflections on Ireland, illness and religion in a welcome collection of essays . . . [the] melancholy elegance of the prose guarantees the reader's enjoyment»


«Erudite, forensic, moving and wry . . . the breadth of the collection is impressive: a snapshot of Irish society over decades; Buenos Aires, in the wake of thousands of 'disappeared' people; Covid-era Venice . . . a lesson in how the right words in the right order can get to the truth of the matter »

Irish Times

«[These essays] are always interesting and intelligent, written in an admirably clear prose free of academic jargon . . . journalism at its best. I learned a lot from them and am grateful for that. It's a collection to which I will surely return, just as I do to Orwell's, Ian Jack's, Ferdinand Mount's and Patrick Marnham's»


«Erudite essays from one of the world's finest writers . . . Throughout, the poetry of Tóibín's prose is as impressive as always. In [the] title piece, he writes that his mother was 'what most of us still write for: the ordinary reader, curious and intelligent and demanding, ready to be moved and changed.' Readers like her will savor every page of this book»

Kirkus Reviews, starred

«The clarity of the novelist's descriptive ability shines through essays on topics ranging from his treatment for cancer to the joys of an empty Venice . . . On every subject, Tóibín's writing is what people these days inevitably describe as nuanced, a word that has become a kind of shorthand for expressing a person's rare ability to understand . . . the foibles of others»

Rachel Cooke, Observer, Book of the Day

«I wanted to read out loud, to fully savour writing that is so careful and so lyrical»

Laura Hackett, Sunday Times

«Reading Irish novelist, playwright and poet Colm Tóibín is always a delight»


«Both epic and intimate . . . a moving portrait of three generations of sprawling, loving, fractious family life . . . a triumph»

Financial Times on The Magician

«A work of art, an emotional reckoning with a century of change»

The Times on The Magician

«A feast for the reader . . . the novelist applies his inquisitive and empathetic mind in wide-ranging series of essays, from the political to the poignant . . . [Toibin] seeks no lessons; he tries only to be good company on the page. (He succeeds.)»

Irish Independent

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