Advanced Mathematical Techniques in Engineering Sciences

Mangey Ram (Redaktør) ; J. Paulo Davim (Redaktør)

The goal of this book is to publish the latest mathematical techniques, research, and developments in engineering. This book includes a comprehensive range of mathematics applied in engineering areas for different tasks. Les mer
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The goal of this book is to publish the latest mathematical techniques, research, and developments in engineering. This book includes a comprehensive range of mathematics applied in engineering areas for different tasks. Various mathematical tools, techniques, strategies, and methods in engineering applications are covered in each chapter.

Mathematical techniques are the strength of engineering sciences and form the common foundation of all novel disciplines within the field. Advanced Mathematical Techniques in Engineering Sciences provides an ample range of mathematical tools and techniques applied across various fields of engineering sciences. Using this book, engineers will gain a greater understanding of the practical applications of mathematics in engineering sciences.


Covers the mathematical techniques applied in engineering sciences
Focuses on the latest research in the field of engineering applications
Provides insights on an international and transnational scale
Offers new studies and research in modeling and simulation



Chapter 1 Application of the Laplace transform in problems of studying

the dynamic properties of a material system and in engineering


Lubov Mironova and Leonid Kondratenko

Chapter 2 Fourier series and its applications in engineering

Smita Sonker and Alka Munjal

Chapter 3 Soft computing techniques and applications

Pankaj Kumar Srivastava, Dinesh Bisht, and Mangey Ram

Chapter 4 New approach for solving multi-objective transportation problem

Gurupada Maity and Sankar Kumar Roy

Chapter 5 An application of dual-response surface optimization methodology

to improve the yield of pulp cooking process

Boby John and K.K. Chowdhury

Chapter 6 Time-dependent conflicting bifuzzy set and its applications in

reliability evaluation

Shshank Chaube, S.B. Singh, Sangeeta Pant, and Anuj Kumar

Chapter 7 Recent progress on failure time data analysis of repairable system

Yasuhiro Saito and Tadashi Dohi

Chapter 8 View-count based modeling for YouTube videos and weighted

criteria-based ranking

N. Aggrawal, A. Arora, A. Anand, and M.S. Irshad

Chapter 9 Market segmentation-based modeling: An approach to understand

multiple modes in diffusion curves

A. Anand, R. Aggarwal, and O. Singh

Chapter 10 Kernel estimators for data analysis

Piotr Kulczycki

Chapter 11 A new technique for constructing exact tolerance limits on future

outcomes under parametric uncertainty

N.A. Nechval, K.N. Nechval, and G. Berzins

Chapter 12 Design of neural network-based PID controller for biped robot

while ascending and descending the staircase

Ravi Kumar Mandava and Pandu R. Vundavilli

Chapter 13 Modeling fertility in Murrah bulls with intelligent algorithms

Adesh Kumar Sharma, Ravinder Malhotra, and Atish Kumar Chakravarty

Chapter 14 Computational study of the Coanda flow for V/STOL

Maharshi Subhash and Michele Trancossi

Chapter 15 Introduction to collocation method with application of B-spline

basis functions to solve differential equations

Geeta Arora

Chapter 16 Rayleigh's approximation method on reflection/refraction

phenomena of plane SH-wave in a corrugated anisotropic structure

Neelima Bhengra

Om forfatteren

Mangey Ram received the Ph.D. degree major in Mathematics and minor in Computer Science from G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, India, in 2008. He has been a Faculty Member for around nine years and has taught several core courses in pure and applied mathematics at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate levels. He is currently a Professor at Graphic Era University, Dehradun, India. Before joining the Graphic Era University, he was a Deputy Manager (Probationary Officer) with Syndicate Bank for a short period. He is Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences; Executive Editor of Journal of Graphic Era University; Associate Executive Editor of Journal of Reliability and Statistical Studies and the Guest Editor & Member of the editorial board of many journals. He is a regular Reviewer for international journals, including IEEE, Elsevier, Springer, Emerald, John Wiley, Taylor & Francis and many other publishers. He has published 118 research publications in IEEE, Springer, Emerald, World Scientific and many other national and international journals of repute and also presented his works at national and international conferences. His fields of research are reliability theory and applied mathematics. Dr. Ram is a senior member of the IEEE, member of Operational Research Society of India, Society for Reliability Engineering, Quality and Operations Management in India, International Association of Engineers in Hong Kong, and Emerald Literati Network in the U.K. He has been a member of the organizing committee of a number of international and national conferences, seminars, and workshops. He has been conferred with "Young Scientist Award" by the Uttarakhand State Council for Science and Technology, Dehradun, in 2009. He has been awarded the "Best Faculty Award" in 2011 and recently Research Excellence Award in 2015 for his significant contribution in academics and research at Graphic Era University.

J. Paulo Davim received the Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1997, the M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering (materials and manufacturing processes) in 1991, the Dipl.-Ing Engineers degree (5 years) in Mechanical Engineering in 1986, from the University of Porto (FEUP), the Aggregate title (Full Habilitation) from the University of Coimbra in 2005 and the D.Sc. degree from London Metropolitan University in 2013. He is Eur Ing by FEANI-Brussels and Senior Chartered Engineer by the Portuguese Institution of Engineers with a MBA and Specialist title in Engineering and Industrial Management. Currently, he is Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Aveiro, Portugal. He has more than 30 years of teaching and research experience in Manufacturing, Materials and Mechanical Engineering with special emphasis in Machining & Tribology. He has also interest in Management & Industrial Engineering and Higher Education for Sustainability & Engineering Education. He has guided large numbers of postdoc, Ph.D. and masters students. He has received several scientific awards. He has worked as evaluator of projects for international research agencies as well as examiner of Ph.D. thesis for many universities. He is the Editor in Chief of several international journals, Guest Editor of journals, books Editor, book Series Editor and Scientific Advisory for many international journals and conferences. Presently, he is an Editorial Board member of 25 international journals and acts as reviewer for more than 80 prestigious Web of Science journals. In addition, he has also published as editor (and co-editor) more than 100 books and as author (and co-author) more than 10 books, 70 book chapters and 400 articles in journals and conferences (more than 200 articles in journals indexed in Web of Science core collection/h-index 41+/5000+ citations and SCOPUS/h-index 51+/7500+ citations).