Chemical and Structure Modification of Polymers

Kajetan Pyrzynski (Redaktør) ; Grzegorz Nyszko (Redaktør) ; Gennady E. Zaikov (Redaktør)

This timely volume provides an overview of polymer characterization test methods and presents experimental research in polymers using modern methods. Each chapter describes the principle of the respective method, as well as the detailed procedures of experiments with examples of actual applications and demonstrates the advantages and disadvantages of each physical technique. Les mer
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This timely volume provides an overview of polymer characterization test methods and presents experimental research in polymers using modern methods. Each chapter describes the principle of the respective method, as well as the detailed procedures of experiments with examples of actual applications and demonstrates the advantages and disadvantages of each physical technique. Thus, readers will be able to apply the concepts as described in the book to their own experiments.

The successful characterization of polymer systems is one of the most important objectives of today's experimental research of polymers. Considering the tremendous scientific, technological, and economic importance of polymeric materials, especially in industry, it is impossible to overestimate the usefulness of experimental techniques in this field. Since the chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, and agricultural industries, as well as many others, depend on this progress to an enormous degree, it is critical to be as efficient, precise, and cost-effective in our empirical understanding of the performance of polymer systems as possible. This presupposes our proficiency with, and understanding of, the most widely used experimental methods and techniques.

The methods and instrumentation described in this volume represent modern analytical techniques useful to researchers, product development specialists, and quality control experts in polymer synthesis and manufacturing. Engineers, polymer scientists, and technicians will find this volume useful in selecting approaches and techniques applicable to characterizing molecular, compositional, rheological, and thermodynamic properties of elastomers and plastics.





Recovery Technology of Depleted Oil Fields; E. Aleksandrov, S. Varfolomeev, G.Zaikov, V. Lidgi-Goryaev, and A. Petrov

Effect of Polystyrene/Fullerene Composites on the Lipid Peroxidation in Blood Serum; Olga V. Alekseeva, Olga G. Sitnikova, Nadezhda A. Bagrovskaya, and Andrew V. Noskov

Characterization of a Pearlescent Biaxially Oriented Multilayer Polypropylene Film; Esen Arkis, Hayrullah Cetinkaya, Isil Kurtulus, Utku Ulucan, Arda Aytac, Beste Balci, Funda Colak, Ece Topagac Germen, Gulistan Kutluay, Begum Can Dilhan, andDevrim Balkose

Porous Structure of Cellulose Treated by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide as Studied by Spin Probes Technique; Alexander L. Kovarski, Olga N. Sorokina, Anatolii B. Shapiro, and Lev N. Nikitin

Melting Behavior of Polypropylenes of Different Chemical Structure; Yu. K. Lukanina, A. V. Khvatov, N. N. Kolesnikova, and A. A. Popov

Research of Possible Synthesis of Alkyd-Styrene Resins; K. I. Vinhlinskaya, N. R. Prokopchuk, andA. L. Shutova

Peculiarities of Mineral Nutrition of Cereals in Aluminum-Acid Soil Conditions; Lyudmila N. Shikhova, Eugene M. Lisitsyn, andGalina A. Batalova

Phase Equilibrium and Diffusion in the Systems of Ethylene-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane Copolymers; N. E. Temnikova, O. V. Stoyanov, ?. ?. Chalykh, V.K. Gerasimov, S. N. Rusanova, and S. Yu. Sofina

Technology of Restoration of Oil Production on Abandoned Oil Fields; E. Aleksandrov, S. Varfolomeev, M. Chertenkov, G. Zaikov, V. Zavolzhsky, V. Lidgi-Goryaev, and A. Petrov

Alkali Metal Metaphosphates as Inorganic Polymers; B. S Alikhadzhieva

Inorganic Polymers Semiconductor Materials; B. S Alikhadzhieva

Incombustible Polyetherformalterephtaloyl-Di(N-Oxibenzoat); Z. S. Khasbulatova

Polyesters and Their Application; Z. S. Khasbulatova

Entropic Criteria in Economics and Physic Chemistry; N. G. Petrova, G. A. Korablev, and G. E. Zaikov


The Simulations of Carbon Nanotubes (Nanofilaments) as Macromolecular Coils: Nanocomposites Reinforcement Degree; Abdulakh K. Mikitaev, Georgiy V. Kozlov, andGennady E. Zaikov

Structure, Interactions and Kinetics of Ring-Like Formations of Carbon Nanotubes (Nanofibers) in Polymer Nanocomposites; A. K. Mikitaeva, G. V. Kozlova, and G. E. Zaikov

Structural, Morphological and Optical Properties of Nanoproducts of Zirconium Target Laser Ablation in Water and Aqueous SDS Solutions; V. T. Karpukhin, M. M. Malikov, T. I. Borodina, G. E. Valyano, O. A. Gololobova, and D. A. Strikanov

Calcium Soap Lubricants; Alaz Izer, Tugce Nefise Kahyaoglu, and Devrim Balkoese

A New Approach to the Creation ?arbon-Polymer Nanocomposites with Polyethylene as a Binder; Sergei V Kolesov, Marina V Bazunova, Elena I Kulish, Denis R Valiev, and Gennady E Zaikov

Thermooxidation of the Blends Low Density Polyethylene and Butyl Rubber; T. V. Monakhova, L. S. Shibryaeva , N. N. Kolesnikova, A. I. Sergeev, S. G. Karpova, and A. A. Popov

Nanofibrous Web forRemoval of Bacterial; Motahareh Kanafchian, Mohammad Kanafchian, and A. K. Haghi

Model Representations of the Effect of Temperature on Resistance Polypropylene Filled With Carbon Black; N. N. Komova and G. E. Zaikov

Environmental Durability of Powder Polyester Paint Coatings; ?. N. Kukhta, N. R. Prokopchuk, and B. A. Howell

A Note on Viscometry of Chitosan in Acetic Acid Solution; Valentina Chernova, Irina Tuktarova, Elena Kulish, Gennady Zaikov, and Alfiya Galina

Magnetic Properties of Organic Paramagnets; M.D. Goldfein, E.G. Rozantsev, and N.V. Kozhevnikov

Hyperbranched 1,4-Cis+1,2-Polybutadiene Synthesis Using Novel Catalytic Dithiosystems; Shahab Hasan Oglu Akhyari, Fuzuli Akber Oglu Nasirov, Erol Erbay, and Nazil Fazil Oglu Janibayov

Cobalt Alkylxhanthogenate+ Trialkylaluminum Catalytic Dithiosystems for Synthesis of Syndiotactic 1,2-Polybutadiene; Nemat Akif Oglu Guliyev, Fuzuli Akber Oglu Nasirov, andNazil Fazil Oglu Janibayov

Siloxane Matrix With Methylpropionate Side Groups and Polymer Electrolyte Membranes on Their Basis; Natia Jalagonia, Izabela Esartia, Tamar Tatrishvili, Eliza Markarashvili, Donari Otiashvili, Jimsher Aneli, and Omar Mukbaniani

Composites on the Basis of Glycidoxygroup Containing Phenylsilsesquioxanes; Marina Iskakova, Eliza Markarashvili, Jimsher Aneli, and Omar Mukbaniani

The Comparative Study of Thermostable Protein Macromolecular Complexes (Cell Proteomics) From Different Organisms; D. Dzidzigiri, M. Rukhadze, I. Modebadze, N. Giorgobiani, L. Rusishvili, G. Mosidze, E. Tavdishvili, and E. Bakuradze


Om forfatteren

Dr. Kajetan Pyrzynski is a specialist in the fields of organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and chemical technology. He is president of P. I. W. Delta Company in Poland. He established the company for realization of chemical ideas for practices: research, development, production. He has published about 100 scientific papers and one book. Some years ago he was Consul of Poland in Republic of Peru.

Grzegorz Nyszko, PhD, is the director of Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry in Warsaw, Poland. He has published several papers in international journals. He has worked in several capacities at the Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry, including research and development deputy director and CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) Defence Equipment Standardization Committee Leader.

Gennady E. Zaikov, DSc, is head of the Polymer Division at the N. M. Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, and professor at Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, Russia, as well as professor at Kazan National Research Technological University, Kazan, Russia. He is also a prolific author, researcher, and lecturer. He has received several awards for his work, including the Russian Federation Scholarship for Outstanding Scientists. He has been a member of many professional organizations and on the editorial boards of many international science journals.