EPD Congress 2014 - James A. Yurko

EPD Congress 2014

James A. Yurko (Redaktør) ; Lifeng Zhang (Redaktør) ; Antoine Allanore (Redaktør) ; Cong Wang (Redaktør) ; Jeffrey S. Spangenberger (Redaktør) ; Randolph E. Kirchain (Redaktør) ; Jerome P. Downey (Redaktør) ; Lawrence D. May (Redaktør)

EPD Congress is an annual collection of conference proceedings that addresses extraction and processing metallurgy. The papers in this book are drawn from symposia held at the 2014 Annual Meeting of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society. Les mer
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EPD Congress is an annual collection of conference proceedings that addresses extraction and processing metallurgy. The papers in this book are drawn from symposia held at the 2014 Annual Meeting of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society. The 2014 edition includes papers from the following four symposia:

FluidizationTechnologies for the Mineral, Materials, and Energy Industries
General Recycling
Materials Processing Fundamentals
Recycling andSustainability Update
Forlag: John Wiley & Sons Inc
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ISBN: 9781118889763
Format: 23 x 15 cm

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EPD Council 2013-2014 xiii

EPD Honors and Awards 2014 xv

Fluidization Technologies for the Mineral, Materials, and Energy Industries

Fluidization Technologies for the Mineral, Materials, and Energy Industries Fluidised Bed Technology in Practical Examples 5
A. Krzysik

Fluidized Bed Applications for the Minerals Industry and Renewable Energy 13
M. Runkel, A. Wirtz, J. Hammerschmidt, and K. Pope

Evaluating a Fluidized-bed Process through Applied Research and Development: A Practical Approach to a Successful Project 21
L. May and H. Mudgett

Energy Efficient Fluidized Bed Systems 29
K. Adham

The Use of Pilot Scale Fluidized Beds for the Development of a Commercial Plant Design 37
J. White and A. Olson

Advanced Green Petroleum Coke Calcination in an Electrothermal Fluidized Bed Reactor 45
A. Kozlov, Y. Chudnovsky, M. Khinkis, H. Yuan, and M. Zak

Study on Phosphorus Removal of High-phosphorus Iron Ore by Microwave Carbothermic Reduction and Separation 55
S. Zhou

General Recycling

General Recycling Poster Session

Characterization of Printed Circuit Boards from Scrap Printers 67
F. Silvas, V. de Moraes, G. Bortolini, O. Gomes, S. Gaydardzhiev, D. Espinosa, and J. Tenório

Convert Melting Slag Directly into High Basicity Glass-ceramic 75
Y. Li, X. Liu, D. Cang, and Y. Zong

Determination of Apparent Dry Density for Ternary Mixture of Crushed Marble Waste 83
C. Ribeiro, R. Rodriguez, and C. Vieira

Experimental Study on Reduction-magnetic Separation Process of Pickling Sludge 91
X. Liu, J. Zhang, Q. Xiao, and Q. Li

Indium Recovery from Discarded Light Emitting Diode (LED) Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) TV: Influence of Leaching Reagents 99
H. Hashimoto, P. Hanashiro, V. de Moraes, and D. Espinosa

Kinetic Study of Acid Copper Leaching from Waste Printed Circuit Board 105
F. Ramunno, V. de Moraes, D. Espinosa, and J. Tenório

Life Cycle Based Greenhouse Gas Footprints of Metal Production with Recycling Scenarios 113
N. Haque, T. Norgate, and S. Northey

Optimal Leaching on Hydrometallurgical Process of Recycling Batteries Using Less Energy and Reactants 121
F. Bertin, R. Pereira, D. Espinosa, and J. Tenório

Production of Ornamental Compound Marble with Marble Waste and Unsaturated Polyester 129
C. Ribeiro, R. Rodriguez, and C. Vieira

Removal of Heavy Metals and Upgrading Crude Bio-oil from Pteris Vittata Stems and Leaves Harvest Using Hydrothermal Upgrading Process 137
J. Yang, Z. Deng, J. Li, and X. Zhang

Research on the Fundamental Characteristic of Dust and Sludge Containing Iron from Steel Enterprise 151
R. Mao, J. Zhang, X. Xu, M. Wei, and K. Jiao

Silver Recovery from Industrial Wastes Using an Electrochemical Reactor REOV-01 159
P. Ortega, J. Islas, L. Lechuga, and L. Garcia

Study of Degradation of Ceramic Bodies Incorporated with Ornamental Rock Waste Obtained from Test of Wetting and Drying Cycles 167
G. Xavier, J. Alexandre, F. Saboya, P. Maia, and A. Azevedo

The Effect of Ethanol Concentration for the Separation of ABS and HIPS From Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) by Flotation Technique 173
S. Utimura, J. Tenório, and D. Espinosa

Materials Processing Fundamentals


Thermodynamic Properties of Equilibrium Phases in the Ag-Cu-S System Below 500 K: Experimental Study 185
F. Tesfaye and P. Taskinen

Iron-carbon Phase Diagram: A Century at Variance with Chemical Thermodynamics 195
H. Näfe

Effect of Water on S and P Distribution between Liquid Fe and MgO-saturated Slag Relevant to a Flash Ironmaking Technology 203
M. Mohassab-Ahmed and H. Sohn

Numerical Analysis of Thermo-mechanical Behavior of Laser Cladding Process 211
T. Tang and S. Felicelli

Process & Properties Control

Effect of Different Parameters on Breakouts in Billet Caster 221
R. Singh, Devilal, S. Jha, S. Shekhar, E. Chacko, and R. Sahu

Metal Extraction

A Sintering Ore Blending Optimization Model Based on ?Iron Increase and Silicon Reduction? Ore Dressing Processes 233
C. Liu, J. Li, H. Tang, and W. Liu

Electrodeposition of Cobalt from Air and Water-stable Ionic Liquid 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate 241
M. Li, Z. Wang, and R. Reddy

Effects of Ultrasound on Al2O3 Extraction Rate during Acid Leaching Process of Coal Fly Ash 251
K. Liu, J. Xue, and W. Luo

Separation of Nickel and Cobalt in Acidic Aqueous Solution by Selective Reduction of Metals259
S. Shiryama and T. Uda

TWIP / Steelmaking

Formation of Non-metallic Inclusions in the Molten Steel in MgO Crucibles 269
W. Yang, L. Zhang, H. Duan, Y. Ren, J. Wang, and X. Liu

Experimental Research of Continuous Temperature Measurement for Molten Metal Bath through Bottom-blowing Component 277
Y. Ren, S. Niu, W. Li, and X. Hong

AlN Formation in High-Al and High-Mn Alloyed Advanced High Strength Steels 285
J. Jang, D. Kim, M. Paek, and J. Pak

Interfacial Reactions between Slag and Melt in the New World of High Manganese Steels 291
M. Peymandar, S. Schmuck, P. von Schweinichen, and D. Senk

Poster Session

Computational Study of Texture Development during Templated Grain Growth 301
J. Zhou and Y. Wang

Dissolution Behavior of Magnesia in Hydrochloric Acid with Strong Brine 309
Z. Hu, W. Ding, D. Tan, and S. Guo

Distribution of P2O5 between Solid Solution and Liquid Phases in CaO-SiO2-Fe2O3 System Containing Na2O or B2O3 317
S. Xie, L. Zhou, and W. Wang

Effect of M-EMS on the Macroscopic Quality of TP347 Heat-resistant Stainless Steel Billet 325
S. Zhou

Effect of Mn, Ni Contents on Microstructure and Rust Layer of Bridge Weathering Steels under Atmosphere Containing Cl-1 331
G. Fu, D. Jin, X. Gao, Q. Li, and M. Zhu

Effects of Niobium Alloying on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Bainite Ductile Iron 339
L. Chang, Y. Yan, X. Chen, Q. Hua, and Q. Zhai

Effects of Solidification Conditions on As-cast Structure of Ferritic Stainless Steel in Continuous Casting 345
J. Sun, J. Ye, H. Zhong, W. Du, and Q. Zhai

Electrowinning of Silicon with Liquid Electrodes 353
M. Jia, Y. Cheng, Z. Tian, Y. Lai, and Y. Liu

Experimental Study on the Influence of Vacuum Carbonitriding Process for 20Cr2Ni4A Steel 361
Y. Zhang, S. Du, W. Zhao, G. Wang, and Y. Rong

Hybrid Porous Metal of Nano-micro Double Size and Regular-random Bimodal 367
X. Zhang, H. Zhang, and Y. Li

Hydraulic Simulation of Fluid Flow in Beam Blank Continuous Casting Mold with Double Nozzles 375
L. Zhang, D. Chen, M. Long, X. Xie, X. Zhang, and Y. Ma

Isothermal Bainite Transformation of Cr5 Steel under Pulsed Current and Pulsed Magnetic Field Treatment 385
X. Xia, L. Li, Z. Lu, Q. Zhai, and Q. Li

Microstructural Characterization of Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite Prepared by In-situ Method 393
D. Mitrica, M. Burada, R. Florea, M. Ghita, E. Alexandrescu, V. Soare, and P. Moldovan

Microstructure Modification for Semisolid Slurry of Al-4.5wt.%Cu Alloy by Pulse Magneto-oscillation Treatment 401
Z. Xu, Z. Zhang, Q. Li, Q. Zhai, and Y. Gong

Modeling of Magnetohydrodynamic, Thermal and Solidified Behavior in Electroslag Remelting Process 409
Q. Wang, Z. He, and B. Li

Phase Composition of Scale Layer Formed during Continuous Casting 417
N. Wang, J. Dong, B. Li, M. Chen, and C. Huang

Properties of Cu-based Oxygen Carrier Used in Chemical Looping Air Separation (CLAS) 423
K. Wang, Q. Yu, Q. Qin, and W. Duan

Removing Fluorite and Calcite from Scheelite during Flotation Separation Process with Calcium- and Sodium-containing Reagents 431
L. Liu, J. Xue, and J. Zhu

Simulation of Solidification Microstructure in Austenitic Stainless Steel Twin-roll Strip Casting Based on CAFE Model 441
J. Ma, J. Zhang, B. Wang, J. Zhao, S. Zhao, and G. Wu

Simulation of Solidification Process of Steel Ingot under Different Thermal Boundary Conditions 449
J. Zhao, J. Zhang, B. Wang, Z. Chen, and J. Ma

Statistical Estimation of Dislocation Pinning at Precipitates, Voids and Bubbles 457
A. Dutta, M. Bhattacharya, and P. Barat

The Effect of Cooling Intensity on the Solidification Structure and Ferrite Phase Fraction of a Duplex Stainless Steel 463
C. Zhang, J. Ye, C. Wu, J. Hu, H. Zhong, and Q. Zhai

Study on the Purification of Nickel by Vacuum Directional Solidification 471
G. Wang, K. Wei, W. Ma, W. Yu, and C. Zhang

Synthesis of Titanium Dioxide by Microwave Solid State Method and Its Photocatalytic Property 481
K. Yang, J. Peng, L. Zhang, H. Zhu, Y. Xia, and J. Jia

The Solidification Structure and Ferrite to Austenite Transformation of a Novel Lean Duplex Stainless Steel 487
J. Ye, C. Zhang, C. Wu, H. Zhong, H. Song, X. Cao, and Q. Zhai

The Study of Refinement Mechanism of Pure Aluminum under Surface Pulsed Magneto Oscillation 495
Z. Zhang, Z. Xu, Q. Li, D. Liang, and Q. Zhai

Thermal and Metallographic Parameters Evolution during Solidification of Zn-Sn Alloys 501
W. Desrosin, C. Schvezov, and A. Ares

Thermodynamic Relation between Chromium and Sulfur in Fe-Cr Melts 509
H. Do, Y. Kim, D. Kim, and J. Pak

Recycling and Sustainability Update


Challenges to the Biotechnological Recycling of Precious and Rare Metals Sourced from Post-consumer Products 521
N. Saitoh and Y. Konishi

Sustainable Recycling of Solid Wastes via In-process Separation 529
N. Ma

Recovery of Valuable Metals from Lead Flue Dust by a Integrated Process 537
X. Yang, H. Li, C. Li, and Y. Wang

Recycling of Valuable Metals from Poly Cracker Ash of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBS) by Physical Beneficiation and Hydrometallurgical Treatment 545
V. Kumar, A. Kumari, M. Jha, A. Vidyadhar, and B. Soni


Characterization of Components of Liquid Crystal Displays: The End-of-Life Management 555
T. Moreno, P. de Hanashiro, H. Hashimoto, V. de Moraes, and D. Espinosa

Kinetics and Equilibrium Studies for the Removal of Tannin Acid from Aqueous Solutions by Regenerated Activated Carbon 563
A. Ma, L. Zhang, J. Peng, H. Xia, C. Sun, Y. Luo, T. Hu, and Y. Zuo

Recovery of Copper and 1, Hydroxyethane-1, 1-Diphosphonic Acid (HEDP) from Cyanide-free Electroplating Wasterwater by Electrodialysis 571
T. Scarazzato, D. Buzzi, A. Bernardes, J. Tenorio, and D. Espinosa

The Life Cycle Assessment of Copper Metallurgical Process 579
X. Yang, X. Hao, H. Li, and S. Sun

Zinc Oxide Preparation Using Rotary Hearth Furnace Secondary Dust 587
H. Tang, H. Zhang, L. Fan, and Z. Guo

The Estimation of Waste Packaging Containers Generated by Households in Taiwan 595
E. Hsu and C. Kuo

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