The Oxford Handbook of Music and Advertising

James Deaville (Redaktør) ; Siu-Lan Tan (Redaktør) ; Ron Rodman (Redaktør)

The Oxford Handbook of Music and Advertising is an essential guide to the crucial role that music plays in relation to the audio or audiovisual advertising message, from the perspectives of its creation, interpretation, and reception. Les mer
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The Oxford Handbook of Music and Advertising is an essential guide to the crucial role that music plays in relation to the audio or audiovisual advertising message, from the perspectives of its creation, interpretation, and reception. The book's unique three-part organization reflects this life cycle of an advertisement, from industry inception to mass-mediated text to consumer behaviour. Experts well versed in the practice, analysis, and empirical studies
of the commercial message have contributed to the collection's forty-two chapters, which collectively represent the most ambitious and comprehensive attempt to date to address the important intersections of music and advertising.

Handbook chapters are self-contained yet share borders with other contributions within a given section and across the major sections of the book, so readers can either study one topic of particular interest or read through to gain an understanding of the broader issues at stake. Within the book's Introduction, each editor has provided an overview of the unifying themes for the section for which they were responsible, with brief summaries of individual contributions at the beginnings of
the sections. The lists of recommended readings at the end of chapters are intended to assist readers in finding further literature about the topic. An overview of industry practices by a music insider is provided in the Appendix, giving context for the three parts of the book.



About the Contributors

Introduction: Music and advertising: Production, text, and reception
James Deaville, Siu-Lan Tan, and Ron Rodman

Edited by: James Deaville

Production: Music and the creation of the advertising text
James Deaville

Music and Advertising Before 1900
1 Advertising the English glee to women, 1750-1800
Bethany Blake

2. Advertising Millie-Christine, or the making of the Two-Headed Nightingale
Remi Chiu and Dana Gorzelany-Mostak

Selection and Marketing of Music
3. Fitting tunes: Selecting music for television commercials
Peter Kupfer

4. Blank music: Marketing virtual instruments
James Buhler

5. Contextual marketing: Analyzing networks of musical context in the Digital Age
Willem Strank

Music for Advertising and Labor
6. Organized labor and commercial advertising: Music unions and J. Walter Thompson
Jessica Getman

7. Jazz works: Music, advertising, and labor in Toronto, 1955-1980
Mark Laver

Branding through Music
8. Designing identities: Sound and music in automotive and appliance branding
Kenneth McLeod

9. Music supervision and branding in an era of "convergent advertising"
Tim J. Anderson

Advertising Corporate Style through Music
10. The conquest of Kool: Jazz, tobacco, and the rise of market segmentation
Dale Chapman

11. Loathsome Deutschtum? Wagner and advertising as propaganda in American industrial films of the 1930s and 1940s
Julie Hubbert

12. About a b(r)and: Geffen Records, Universal, and the (posthumous) packaging of Nirvana
Laurel Westrup

Advertising Audiovisual Entertainment
13. Music and the formal structures of contemporary action film trailers
Catrin Watts

14. Creating big-screen audiences through small-screen appeals: Film marketing on television through music and sound
James Deaville

15. "Have You Played Atari Today?" Music and audience in an early video game advertising campaign
William Gibbons

Selling on Radio
16. "All those homes beyond the microphone": Advertising, domesticity, and early country music variety programs in the 1930s
David VanderHamm

17. Music and institutional advertising: Consolidated Edison and Echoes of New York
Rika Asai

Edited by: Ron Rodman

Text: Analytic and historical perspectives on music and advertising
Ron Rodman

Approaches to Analyzing Music and Advertising
18. Taking the gift out and putting it back in: From cultural goods to commodities.
Timothy D. Taylor

19. Sounds of Coca-Cola-On "cola-nization" of sound and music
Nicolai Jorgensgaard Graakjaer

20. The persistence of memory: Structural functions of music in commercial jingles
Ron Rodman

Musical Genres and Advertising
21. Popular music, advertising, and "selling out"
Bethany Klein

22. "Search and destroy": Punk in advertising and selling a subculture
Jay Beck

23. Selling "David Bowie": Commercial appearances and the developing Bowie star image
Katherine Reed

24. Medievalism goes commercial: The epic as register in contemporary media
David Clem

25. "Pushin' it": Sounding difference through humor in Geico's 2014 Salt-N-Pepa spot
Joanna Love

Music and Advertising Genres
26. "Once you hear this, act fast": Music in Civil Defense television advertisements, 1950-1970
Reba Wissner

27. "Everything is not awesome": Playful adaptation and the aurality of ecoconscious media
in Greenpeace's "Save the Arctic" campaign
Kate Galloway

28. Exploiting the frontier: Advertising and the Western soundtrack
Mariana Whitmer

Music and Political Ads
29. Music and sound design as propaganda in Hell-Bent for Election
Lisa Scoggin

30. As heard on: The changing musical language of Presidential campaign ads
Justin Patch

31. From the subliminal to the ridiculing: How U.S. campaign ads use music to evoke four basic and two compound emotions
Paul Christiansen

Edited by: Siu-Lan Tan

Reception: Empirical approaches to the study of music and advertising
Siu-Lan Tan

Frameworks: Models, Mechanisms, and Methods
32 Toward a utilitarian theory of consumer response to advertising music
Lincoln G. Craton

33 Hearing, remembering, and branding: Setting strategic directions for sonic branding research
Vijaykumar Krishnan and James J. Kellaris

34 Methods for testing the emotional effects of music in advertising and brand communication
Daniel Mullensiefen

Cognitive and Affective Responses to Music and Advertising
35 Commercial sound: A review of the effects of popular music in radio and television advertising
David Allan

36 Music with the message in mind: Cognitive responses to background music in advertising
Cynthia Fraser

37 Musical congruity in advertising: Established and emerging research themes
Steve Oakes and Morteza Abolhasani

38 Audiovisual advertising: Effects of music on psychological transportation and narrative persuasion
Madelijn Strick

39 Music as advertisement: Capturing and sustaining attention in the attention economy era
Hubert Leveille Gauvin

Music and Sound in (Multi)Sensory Marketing
40 Sensory marketing in advertising and service environments
Bertil Hulten

41 Sound in the context of (multi)sensory marketing
Klemens Knoeferle and Charles Spence

The ad creation process: From production to reception
Lawrence Harte

Subject/Author Index

Om forfatteren

James Deaville teaches Music in the School for Studies in Art and Culture at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. He edited Music in Television (2010) and with Christina Baade co-edited Music and the Broadcast Experience (2016).

Siu-Lan Tan is the James A.B. Stone Professor of Psychology at Kalamazoo College USA. She is co-author of a leading text entitled Psychology of Music: From Sound to Significance (2018) and co-editor of The Psychology of Music in Multimedia (2013).

Ron Rodman is Dye Family Professor of Music at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. His book, Tuning In: American Narrative Television Music was published 2010, and that same year he wrote the entry for "Television Music" for the New Grove Dictionary of American Music.