Extending the Boundaries of Care - 
      Tamara Kohn
      Rosemary McKechnie

Extending the Boundaries of Care

Medical Ethics and Caring Practices

Tamara Kohn (Redaktør) ; Rosemary McKechnie (Redaktør)

«'A well written, engaging, and wonderful compilation of work.'Choice'This book is not for the faint-hearted; readers can expect to be engaging not only with personal experience, but legal and philosophical argument combined with anthropological perspectives - a challenge to mind and practice.'Anthropology in Action'This book is part of the excellent series on 'Cross-cultural perspectives on women' ... This volume is a useful contribution to the ongoing debate on the best way to live with each other.'Nursing Ethics'This is a well-organised, interesting publication for those interested in ethics, care and social research, both singularly and in combination.'Medical Sociology News'This is a rich and insightful collection of essays that deserves to be widely read across a range of undergraduate and professional courses within the sociology of medicine, medical practice and nursing spheres.'Time & Society'It was interesting to read a range of anthropologically»

Also available in hardback, 9781859731369 GBP50.00 (April, 1999) Les mer
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Also available in hardback, 9781859731369 GBP50.00 (April, 1999)
Forlag: Berg Publishers
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 256
ISBN: 9781859731413
Format: 22 x 14 cm

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Introduction: why do we care who cares? Rosemary McKechnie, Tamara Kohn. Part 1 Embodying care - giving voice to experience: love, care and diagnosis, Judith Okely; triplets - who cares? Frances Price. Part 2 Controlling care - rights and responsibilities: taking care? the Depo-Provera debate, Andrew Russell; medical care as human right - the negation of law, active citizenship and power? Marie-Benedicte Dembour. Part 3 Framing care - alternative visions in dialogue: caring for the well - perspectives on disease prevention, Helen Lambert; identifying boundaries in care - HIV and men who have sex with men, Rosemary McKechnie. Part 4 Nursing care - theory and practice: ethics as question,Vangie Bergum; relative strangers - caring for patients as the expression of nurses' moral/political voice, Jan Savage.
Tamara Kohn Department of Anthropology,University of Durham Rosemary McKechnie Bath College of Higher Education