Homo Ecophagus

A Deep Diagnosis to Save the Earth

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"I recently read Dr. Warren Hern's fascinating new book Homo Ecophagus: A Deep Diagnosis to Save the Earth and was taken in by accolades from diverse and renowned researchers and his unique physician's view—basically doing a differential diagnosis—of what we are doing to our planet and how we can change our ways from the point of view of a practicing physician."

Marc Beckoff in Psychology Today

Ecologist Marc Beckhoff interview/review of Homo Ecophagus for Psychology Today. Full text:


"What a book! Homo Ecophagus is truly wonderful to read. It is a galvanizing chronicle, a clear-eyed look at human decisions that have altered our world, its species and ecosystems in the past, and how this knowledge is highly relevant to decisions we must now make on climate change and biodiversity. These insights are all told through Warren Hern’s scientific knowledge and vivid personal experiences with these issues. Hern’s book both inspires and emboldens us to make urgent decisions to conserve our biosphere that we all rely on. This book is a wonderfully insightful read for students in a wide range of college classes."

Diana H. Wall, Director, School of Global Environmental Sustainability, CSU University Distinguished Professor, and Professor of Biology, Colorado State University

"Warren Hern develops a deep and unsettling comparison between metastatic cancer and the expanding footprint of humanity, as we consume and degrade the environment that sustains us. His readable and accessible account weaves facts, insights, and personal history into a compelling narrative that will leave you sadder but wiser about the inescapable human predicament that lies ahead. The book is a must read for all of us who are concerned about the environment and our collective future."

John W. Terborgh, The James B. Duke Professor of Environmental Science and Co-Director of the Center for Tropical Conservation, Duke University

"Homo Ecophagus is a fascinating analysis by the physician scientist who pioneered the idea that humanity is performing like a metastatic skin cancer on our planet. Read it and act!"

Paul and Anne Ehrlich, authors of The Population Bomb

"Homo Ecophagus has the facts, personal experiences, and very vital messages. I hope lots of people read it and modify their behavior."

P. Dee Boersma, Director, Center for Ecosystem Sentinels, Wadsworth Endowed Chair in Conservation Science, and Co-Chair Penguin Specialist Group for IUCN, University of Washington

"Homo Ecophagus is a comprehensive and in-depth view of the global problems we face as a species. Hern, a highly respected and brave physician and humanitarian, offers an alarming diagnosis of our planet’s self-inflicted pathology that we must understand and treat immediately."

Timothy E. Wirth, U.S. Senate, Colorado (Ret.), President Emeritus, The United Nations Foundation