Strategic Thinking Illustrated

Strategy Made Visual Using Systems Thinking

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Forlag: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Innbinding: Innbundet
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 334
ISBN: 9781032302348
Format: 28 x 21 cm

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Essential reading for all involved in formulating and implementing policy and winning hearts and minds - full of wise and practical advice on how to avoid those twin trip-wires of 'perverse incentives' and 'unintended consequences'.

-- Jim Mather, Visiting Professor, Heriot-Watt University, Co-founder of the Scottish Leadership Institute and former Scottish Government Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Tourism.

It can be difficult to know how to start using systems thinking to tackle the challenges we face in business and society - but not anymore. This book provides an accessible and enjoyable introduction to systems thinking. It uses causal loop diagrams to explain a range of issues and does so in a highly engaging manner. Readers are provided with practical advice and clear insight into how to think about problems in a connected and meaningful way.

-- Susan Howick, Professor of Management Science and Vice-Dean (Academic) for Strathclyde Business School

This book clearly shows the complexity of the climate challenge we are facing and the systemic approach we need to take to solve it. We need a positive societal tipping point, a mind shift that will bring us from abundance to sufficiency, from wealth to value and from me to us. The right political frameworks, inspiring role models and positive narratives of a net zero future and collaborative participation to create agency are all needed in parallel.

-- Nathalie Moral, CEO, Clima Now

In an increasingly complex and volatile world we are constantly advised to think systemically not just in traditional silos. But it has been hard to find a practical guide to systems thinking that isn’t burdened by technicality or computer models. Dennis Sherwood’s new book fills this vital gap by providing an accessible, engaging and practical way to understand and apply powerful systems thinking tools.

-- Nick Mabey OBE, Founder Director and Chief Executive of the highly influential think tank, E3G, Third Generation Environmentalism

This book is important! It is a precious resource for anyone, people in organizations in particular. Dennis Sherwood, the author, is a foremost thinker of the Systems approach. He delivers Systems Thinking at its very best. Strategic Thinking Illustrated is a booster for the reader´s creativity. It also makes a superb read. The visual approach to mental models fosters understanding. This book is a blueprint for dealing with complexity. It enables readers to mastering challenges and problems more effectively.

-- Markus Schwaninger, Professor Emeritus, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

I think we will get a renaissance in the use of systems thinking as (digital) ecosystem business models become more and more prevalent. Understanding the opportunities / impacts / value loops / partnerships etc inherent in such models is hot and systems thinking is a great way to explore them. The book offers a very accessible way into what systems thinking is but more importantly how to think about complex, inter related systems; exactly what ecosystem business models are.

-- Dai Bedford, Global Transformation Consulting Leader, EY

This book lives up to the promise encapsulated in its title and front cover. Through a wealth of illustrations and fully developed case studies, covering a broad range of fields, it guides the reader towards a deep understanding of the value and role of Systems Thinking and equips the reader with accessible but powerful techniques of great value in managing organisations and addressing societal issues such as responses to climate change.

-- Michael Kennedy, Visiting Professor at the University of Bologna and at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, Stuttgart and Past Co-Chair Education SIG, System Dynamics Society.