By Force Alone - 
      Lavie Tidhar

By Force Alone

«'A violent, funny, absurd epic – Tidhar remains an utterly original voice in contemporary fiction'»

Iconoclastic, provocative, hugely entertaining. A historical novel with a difference - as you'd expect from the award-winning author of Osama and Central Station. Les mer
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Iconoclastic, provocative, hugely entertaining. A historical novel with a difference - as you'd expect from the award-winning author of Osama and Central Station.
Forlag: Head of Zeus
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 512
ISBN: 9781838931292
Format: 20 x 13 cm

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«'A violent, funny, absurd epic – Tidhar remains an utterly original voice in contemporary fiction'»

«'Quite simply, <i>By Force Alone</i> is brilliant, thought-provoking entertainment, which reinvents events from a fictional past that resonate with a real-life, post-Brexit, Britain'»


«'A twisted Arthur retelling mixing the historical and the magical with a very modern eye. Brutal and vicious, funny, <i>Peaky Blinders</i> of the Round Table'»

«'Lavie Tidhar has created something wonderful, an extraordinary blend of history, legend, and sheer, lunatic inspiration. I loved it'»

«'Drawing on everything from wushu movies to <i>The Wire</i> by way of Tarkovsky and Tarantino, <i>By Force Alone</i> is wild, surprising and entertaining, and a hugely immersive read'»

«'You can always trust Lavie Tidhar to create something brilliant, savage and endlessly entertaining'»


«'Lavie Tidhar has crafted a punk epic on the mouldering bones of legend and jolted it to life with ten thousand volts of knowing wit and fury. <i>By Force Alone</i> eviscerates the complacent posturing of the Arthurian myth, explodes the well-worn conventions of the tale and from the shiny jagged pieces assembles a wholly fresh rollercoaster ride of cheap violence, vicious magic and messy human truth'»

«Utterly bonkers, utterly brilliant – a brutal, witty and slightly insane deconstruction of the Arthurian legend by way of <i>Goodfellas</i>, this is absolute bloody (and sweary) joy on the page'»

Russel D McLean, author of The Good Son and Ed's Dead

«'A beautifully written and thrilling tale, soaked in gore and evocative historical detail, peppered with subtle humour. Tidhar storms the castle of Grimdark, sword dripping with blood, and makes a claim for its crown'»

«'A comet that blazes a brilliant new path through dusty old territory. Bold and inventive, it smashes Arthurian myth to bits, sweeps up the brightest, weirdest, most enchanting pieces, and reshapes them into a wildly original tale. Legend has it that King Arthur will return when he's most needed, and this Arthur – this flawed, ambitious, irreverent boy-kingpin – is exactly the one we need now'»

«'Everyone is a bastard here, from Guenevere to Arthur to Merlin; I have never come across a more despicable bunch of characters, this is surely an indictment of Lavie Tidhar's warped and degenerate brain. Without a doubt this is the best Arthurian tale ever written, it has ruined the entire mythology for me'»

«A New Weird Britain take on Arthurian mythos... It's an immense remix of the myth, done with an extremely ruthless eye. Lavie is an extremely clever writer'»

«A bloody, bravura performance, which Tidhar pulls off with graphic imagery and modern vernacular... <i>By Force Alone</i> is Tidhar's scatological contribution to the field of Arthurian romance, a salutary antidote to the more romantic glossings of recent modern fantasy'»


«'At a time when many in a fractious, divided Britain are looking to the past for comfort, Tidhar seeks to remind us – in dizzying, profane fashion – that our nation was, like so many others, built on nothing more romantic than bloodshed and conquest'»

Financial Times

«Every new book by the fiendishly ingenious and canny Tidhar is so radically different from his previous ones that I always await the next with bated breath... The result is stunningly unique and the way he threads his daring if not sacrilegious additions into the fabric of the Camelot tale is like a punch in the gut... Uproarious, provocative and utterly gripping'»

Crime Time

«In true Lavie Tidhar style, we get something much more entertaining, bizarre and fantastical... If you're looking for something riotously, uncompromisingly graphic and frenzied, then this book well certainly stand out from the crowd'»

SF Crowsnest

«'Iconoclastic, provocative, poetic and profane. King Arthur re-imagined – as you'd expect from the author of <i>A Man Lies Dreaming</i> and <i>The Violent Century</i> as well as the World Fantasy Award-winning <i>Osama</i> and the Locus Award short-listed <i>Central Station</i>'»


«'London-based Israeli author Tidhar's latest fantasy is a ferocious and often very funny reinvention of the King Arthur myth, taking in references from Tolkien to Brexit'»


«'Plunging a broadsword into the heart of Arthurian legend, Tidhar's novel depicts the Knights of the Round Table as a bunch of sweary, sweaty thugs. So much for the glories of a magical, mythical past. Britain, it seems, has forever been a land of factional infighting, presided over by a brutal, uncaring elite'»

Financial Times

«'A highly original take on Arthurian legend featuring aliens, a radioactive no-go area, a dragon sighting and the hunt for the Grail'»

SFX Magazine

«[An] extraordinary and vivid retelling of our national myth. Gritty revisionism is super-charged by the supernatural... As eclectic as the <i>Sword in the Stone</i> and as ruthless as <i>A Game of Thrones</i>, this retelling of the whole Arthurian legend stands alongside the very best'»

Daily Mail
Currently based in Laos, in South-East Asia, Lavie is an Israeli who has lived in places as exotic as Vanuatu, South Africa and Britain. As well as a clutch of highly regarded short stories and novellas, his website World SF has attracted much attention for focussing specifically on the SF and fantasy produced in non-English speaking countries of the world.