Cybersecurity and Secure Information Systems - 
      Aboul Ella Hassanien
      Mohamed Elhoseny

Cybersecurity and Secure Information Systems

Challenges and Solutions in Smart Environments

Aboul Ella Hassanien (Redaktør) ; Mohamed Elhoseny (Redaktør)

This book provides a concise overview of the current state of the art in cybersecurity and shares novel and exciting ideas and techniques, along with specific cases demonstrating their practical application. Les mer
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This book provides a concise overview of the current state of the art in cybersecurity and shares novel and exciting ideas and techniques, along with specific cases demonstrating their practical application. It gathers contributions by both academic and industrial researchers, covering all aspects of cybersecurity and addressing issues in secure information systems as well as other emerging areas.

The content comprises high-quality research articles and reviews that promote a multidisciplinary approach and reflect the latest advances, challenges, requirements and methodologies. Thus, the book investigates e.g. security vulnerabilities, cybercrime, and privacy issues related to big data analysis, as well as advances in digital forensics, secure smart city services, and risk mitigation strategies for devices employing cyber-physical systems.

Given its scope, the book offers a valuable resource for students, researchers, IT professionals and providers, citizens, consumers and policymakers involved or interested in the modern security procedures needed to protect our information and communication resources. Its goal is to foster a community committed to further research and education, and one that can also translate its findings into concrete practices.
Forlag: Springer Nature Switzerland AG
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 314
ISBN: 9783030168391
Utgave: 1st ed. 2019
Format: 24 x 16 cm

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Security and Privacy in Smart City Applications and Services: Opportunities and Challenges; A. Verma et al.- A Lightweight Multi-Level Encryption Model for IoT Applications; M. Durairaj, K. Muthuramalingam.- An Efficient Image Encryption Scheme based on Signcryption Technique with Adaptive Elephant Herding Optimization; K. Shankar et al.- Time Split based Pre-processing with a Data-driven Approach for Malicious URL Detection; N.B. Harikrishnan et al.- Optimal Wavelet Coefficients Based Steganography for Image Security with Secret Sharing Cryptography Model; A. Sivasankari, S. Krishnaveni.- Deep learning Framework for Cyber Threat Situational Awareness based on Email and URL Data Analysis; R. Vinayakumar et al.- Application of Deep Learning Architectures for Cyber security; R. Vinayakumar et al.- Improved DGA Domain Names Detection and Categorization using Deep learning Architectures with Classical Machine learning Algorithms; R. Vinayakumar et al.- Secure Data Transmission through Reliable Vehicles in VANET using Optimal Lightweight Cryptography; E. Perumal et al.- Some specific examples of attacks on information systems and smart cities applications; M. Saracevic et al.- Clustering Based Cybersecurity Model for Cloud Data; A. Bhuvaneshwaran et al.- A Detailed Investigation and Analysis of Deep Learning Architectures and Visualization Techniques for Malware Family Identification; S. Akarsh et al.- Design and Implementation of a Research and Education Cybersecurity Operations Center; C. DeCusatis et al.
Aboul Ella Hassanien (Abo) is a Professor at Cairo University, Faculty of Computers and Information, IT Department and the chair of the technology center of blind and visual impaired people. Abo received his B.Sc. with honours in 1986 and M.Sc degree in 1993, both from Ain Shams University, Faculty of Science, Pure Mathematics and Computer Science Department, Cairo, Egypt. On September 1998, he received his doctoral degree from the Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Science & Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. He has authored/coauthored over 160 research publications in peer-reviewed reputed journals, book chapters and conference proceedings. He has served as the program committee member of various international conferences and reviewer for various international journals. He has received the excellence younger researcher award from Kuwait University for the academic year 2003/2004. He has guest edited many special issues for international scientific journals. He has directed many funded research projects. He is the editor and co-editor for more than 20 books in the area of rough computing, computational intelligence, social networks, bioinformatics, and E-commerce. His research interests include, rough set theory, wavelet theory, computational intelligences, medical image analysis, information security, intelligent environment and multimedia processing.
Dr. Mohamed Elhoseny received the PhD degree in Computer and Information from Mansoura University, Egypt (in a scientific research channel with Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of North Texas, USA). Dr. Elhoseny is currently an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Computers and Information, Mansoura University. Collectively, Dr. Elhoseny authored/co-authored over 70 International Journal articles, Conference Proceedings, Book Chapters, and 3 Springer books. Dr. Elhoseny serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Big Data and Cloud Innovation Journal and Frontiers of Supercomputing. Besides, he is an Associate Editor of several journals such as IEEE Access, and PLOS One journal. Dr. Elhoseny guest-edited several special issues at many journals published by IEEE, Hindawi, Springer, Inderscience, and MDPI. Moreover, he served as the co-chair, the publication chair, the program chair, and a track chair for several international conferences published by IEEE and Springer.

Dr. Elhoseny is a TPC Member or Reviewer in 30+ International Conferences and Workshops. Furthermore, he has been reviewing papers for 20+ International Journals including IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, IEEE Sensors Letters, IEEE Communication Letters, Elsevier Computer Communications, Computer Networks, Sustainable Cities and Society, Wireless Personal Communications, and Expert Systems with Applications.