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From Exposed to Secure

The Cost of Cybersecurity and Compliance Inaction and the Best Way to Keep You Company Safe
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Wayne Hunter is the co-founder and CEO of AvTek Solutions, Inc., an Amazon #1 bestselling author, a speaker, and a leader in the IT industry. Providing cutting-edge information technology solutions to customers, he brings over thirty years of experience and expertise to the table. Focused on storage and data systems, IT management and systems integration, and mitigating risk, Wayne has a passion for solving IT problems, which has established a reputation of trust in him among colleagues and customers. His mission is to provide the best possible solution to every customer, with a vision of tying his customers’ success directly to AvTek’s success.

Prior to starting AvTek Solutions, Wayne served six years in the Navy, where he spent two years going through the Navy’s Electronics Training Program (one of the best training programs in the world) and four years on the USS Dallas (SSN 700) submarine. After the Navy, Wayne worked for a supercomputer company in Dallas, Texas, where he noticed many businesses didn’t have the technology in place to address their large-scale automated backup operation requirements. In response, he launched Lexicon Information Concepts, LLC, which, after seven years of success, he sold to one of his vendors, Legato Systems, Inc. Wayne continued as Legato’s Vice President of Customer Solutions and then as Vice President of Enterprise Solutions when Legato was purchased by EMC. Soon after the acquisition, he realized that entrepreneurship was in his blood, leading him to co-found AvTek Solutions in 2004.

With over ten years of experience specializing in banks, Wayne has led AvTek to become one of the premier IT experts in the financial services industry. As a veteran who is always willing to adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape, Wayne quickly put the wheels in motion for AvTek to become a Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Registered Provider Organization to help Department of Defense contractors and subcontractors become CMMC compliant when the DoD announced CMMC back in 2020.

Wayne stays ahead of the curve and ensures he brings the right type of technology to his clients to keep them up to date by serving on boards such as the Cytracom Partner Advisory Council, which is a leading voice focused on driving the best future for modern communications, the Channel Company XChange Advisory Board and the technical advisory board of the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) Group. He has also been tapped into for his cybersecurity and compliance expertise and has co-authored two previous books: Exploited! and The Compliance Formula: Successful Strategies of CMMC Compliant Companies.

In the community, Wayne is a longtime supporter of the Special Olympics and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He also supports his clients’ community services in any way he can. For instance, along with Austin Bank employees, Wayne helped build beds for children at homeless shelters. Wayne and Susan, his wife of thirty-six years, live on a thirty-four-acre Texas farm, where they enjoy time on the lake or in the woods. You can also catch them at a Rangers game.

Konrad Martin is the CEO of Tech Advisors, a firm he founded in 2005 with his twin brother, Kevin. Tech Advisors is a complete technology solutions provider, 100% committed to seeing that business owners have the most reliable, professional IT service. Under Konrad’s leadership, the firm has achieved steady growth and expansion of services offered—including cybersecurity, compliance, cloud computing, and more—to growing businesses across a wide range of industries.

Tech Advisors was named one of the world’s premier managed services providers (MSPs) in 2022 and 2021 in the prestigious Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings, as well as a Top 250 MSP in 2022 and a Top 250 MSSP (managed security services providers) in 2021. Originally focused on the Greater Boston area, the company has grown to offer services throughout the East Coast and maintains offices in Boston, Massachusetts; Providence, Rhode Island; Marlborough, Massachusetts; and Palm Beach, Florida.

A nationally recognized authority in the field of cybersecurity, Konrad was recently featured in the documentary Cyber Crime 2: The Dark Web Uncovered. He and nine other national cybersecurity experts were selected for the film, in which they explore the psychology and techniques of cybercrime and offer tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

Konrad is also the co-author of Cyber Storm, an Amazon #1 bestseller, and the author of Hacked! How To Protect Your Business from the Fines, Lawsuits, Customer Loss, and PR Nightmare Resulting from Data Breach and Cybercrime, which offers strategies for staying one step ahead of cybercriminals, and The IT Factor, a comprehensive guide for the small business owner who seeks to find a professional, competent IT provider. Konrad has authored additional cybersecurity articles for a number of regional and national magazines and was featured in MSP Success Magazine’s spring 2021 special edition with his article “The CPA Turned IT Consultant Every CPA Firm Wants to Know.”

Konrad uses his publications and other platforms to educate audiences about the field of cybersecurity and the reality that cybercrime is a sophisticated and organized industry. He believes strongly that education and empathy are critical and that teams that are unified and knowledgeable are the best way to fight against the growing danger.

Before founding Tech Advisors, Konrad worked as a CPA; this background gives him an understanding and appreciation of the financial side of technology, and he enjoys helping Tech Advisors’ clients connect the value of a well-managed IT infrastructure with business efficiency and profitability. His background also led him to become a trusted advisor to the Massachusetts Society of CPAs; he wrote the Written Information Security Plan for their organization and its hundreds of members.

The Bangor, Maine, native is a graduate of the University of Maine, where he competed and became a nationally ranked swimmer. He enjoys several outdoor activities, including hiking, golfing, and triathlons. Konrad splits his time between Medway, Massachusetts, and Lantana, Florida, with his wife, Jeannie. They are parents to Rebecca, Adam, and Fritz.

Pervez Delawalla has been working in the technology sector since 1991. His talent was recognized early, and he began consulting right out of high school. His early work focused on implementing and managing networks. These were the early days of the Internet, and networks were the main form of security. After seven years of consulting, he formed his first company, Net2EZ, which focused on co-location and data center solutions. He landed his first big contract with Myspace, where his company was responsible for managing all the behind-the-scenes hosting operations. Net2EZ continued to grow under his leadership and went on to manage seven data centers and hosted some very large multinational corporations. He decided to sell the company in 2016 and look for a new challenge.

In 2017, Pervez started VegaNext. VegaNext is a managed services provider, but more specifically, a managed security services provider, where security is at the forefront of their offerings. Within just a couple of months of starting VegaNext, they landed some large contracts, which they still have today. They currently have fifty-plus clients on their roster. Pervez likes to refer to them as partners rather than clients or customers. He sees the relationship as one where they rely on each other to be successful. At VegaNext, they treat every partner’s network as if it were their own, and they see an attack on a partner’s network as an attack on them.

When not busy keeping his clients safe from the bad guys, you can find Pervez spending quality time with his wife and two sons. When his schedule permits, he likes to spend time on the course playing golf or on the court playing basketball. Pervez also has a passion for flying and is working on getting his private pilot license.

Matt Horning, along with his wife, Isadora, are co-owners of Blue Tree Technology, a full-service technology solution provider that focuses on the technology needs of small to medium-sized businesses in and around the Kansas City, Missouri, area. They provide managed IT services, networking, security, and co-managed IT services.

Matt points to the core values of Blue Tree Technology and readily admits they are not the IT provider for everyone. They spend time finding clients who align with their mission of “class-leading, security-focused IT support” and their core values. “Our support needs to be a win-win-win,” he says. “A win for the Blue Tree Technology company. A win for the client company. And finally, a win for the staff of both organizations. If we can find the triple win, everyone is happy, and we can expect the relationship to last for years. We enjoy long-term clients, and we strive to acquire them.”

After graduating high school in 1990, Matt went to college to appease his mom but quickly realized it wasn’t for him. He worked odd jobs to pay the bills but hadn’t found his calling. In the late ’90s, he was presented with an opportunity to work with an IT company installing desktop computers in a local school district. Matt really enjoyed the job, especially seeing how excited students and teachers were about technology. He picked up that enthusiasm for technology and knew he had found his calling.

He next moved on to the corporate world of IT, initially as a network administrator, where he honed his skills and soaked up as much knowledge as possible. After working a couple corporate jobs, he knew it wasn’t the environment he wanted to be in. Matt had never cared for the politics of corporate life and will admit that he struggled to keep his opinions to himself, which didn’t always go over well.

In the early 2000s, Matt decided it was time to take the knowledge he had accumulated and start his own business. He had a client willing to write a letter espousing his skills and business acumen, and he sent it out to 500 local businesses. Within two months, Matt had more business than he was prepared for. He ran that company for fifteen years until he bought a business named Velocity Computer Tech, which came with employees and a storefront. Just before the pandemic, Matt had the opportunity to purchase an IT support company called KC Computer Support, which complemented the existing services they offered. As part of the merger, they rebranded to Blue Tree Technology.

Ron Shoe and his business partner, Frank Moles, founded SIP Oasis in 2007 to serve the needs of customers in Birmingham, Alabama, and beyond and to give clients what they so desperately needed but struggled to find—someone who could FINALLY make IT and telecom EASY.

SIP Oasis provides white-glove technology and security services with top-line solutions engineered to help small and midsize companies meet business goals while managing costs.

Every business they serve—whether it’s a car dealership, financial planner, mortgage company, or multifamily complex, to name a few—first and foremost wants their technology to work. That was what they were promised when they signed up for service. And when it doesn’t work, they want ONE phone number to call, which had better be answered by someone who CAN and genuinely WANTS to help.

For whatever reason, when it comes to working with the managed services industry, it always seems to be the other guy’s problem. The Internet provider blames the router, the network guy blames the Internet, the phone guy blames the carrier, the carrier blames the phone system . . .

SIP Oasis takes responsibility and accountability for ALL OF IT because you should only have one throat to choke. You want your technology to work FOR your business, and you only want to have to make one call to fix things if it doesn’t.

You can count on SIP Oasis to support your network infrastructure, Internet services, Wi-Fi, mobile phones, email, storage, security, disaster recovery, and applications—all via ONE RELATIONSHIP.

Plus, they’ll work with you in a way that’s both fun and free of all the jargon and computer-speak. Ron is passionate about getting the message out about compliance and security in ways that cut through the oppressive techno-fog—with crazy content, videos, haikus, songs . . . whatever it takes. (They’ve even released their own craft beer, named “Breached Blonde Ale.”)

Known as the “Weird Al Yankovic of Cybersecurity,” Ron is a guitarist and musician and has written a number of songs about keeping your business safe from hackers. He met his wife, Kristin, in college, and they now have two grown kids. Along with music, they love to travel.

Ron graduated in 1992 from Furman University with a Bachelor of Arts in history. He also attended Indiana University Bloomington in 1991 for Russian language immersion and lived in Russia during the summers of 1992 and 1993.

Specialties include:

·      Network Management

·      Managed Security

·      Security Operations Center (SOC)

·      IT Help Desk

·      CIO

·      Dark Web Monitoring

·      Managed HIPAA Compliance

·      Managed FTC Safeguards Compliance

·      VoIP

·      Telecommunications

·      Cloud Services

·      Microsoft 365

·      Unified Communications

·      Customer Service

·      Call Centers

·      Systems Integration

·      Hosted PBX

·      SIP Trunking

Ray Riddle is the chief operations officer of TeleComp and the former COO of Beasley Technology. Prior to his position as COO, he worked for major computer manufacturers Sun Microsystems and Data General.

Ray is also the supervisor of Professional Services at TeleComp. This role manages the network engineering, unified communications, carrier services, virtual schools, and project management teams.

TeleComp was founded in 2003 in Northwest Arkansas, a unique entrepreneurial hotspot in the Midwest. Since 2018, the company has expanded deeply into South Central United States to become one of the largest MSPs in the region. Their goal is to provide high-quality, customizable IT solutions with an emphasis on customer service.


Gino Capito is the chief technology officer of TeleComp. He oversees the company’s internal data and security infrastructure and heads the Software Development and Solution Architects divisions. Prior to co-founding TeleComp, Gino founded Platinum Technologies, a company focused on networking, servers, and Cisco VoIP. Later, after acquiring another company with a business partner, he co-founded TeleComp in 2003.

TeleComp was founded in 2003 in Northwest Arkansas, a unique entrepreneurial hotspot in the Midwest. Since 2018, the company has expanded deeply into South Central United States to become one of the largest MSPs in the region. Their goal is to provide high-quality, customizable IT solutions with an emphasis on customer service.

The first thing you notice when talking to Lisa Brown is her passion for business and technology. One of her early clients mistook that passion for being pushy, which led her to coin the slogan “Passionate, NOT Pushy” to describe her business. Her love for technology and for her clients is clear, and it shows in the quality of her company’s work.

Lisa started CST Group Inc. in 2000, and her husband joined her in 2004. Together, they are an amazing team and balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses. With Lisa’s background in government and compliance and Shawn’s knowledge of networking and security, they have the experience and skills to keep your business running smoothly. CST offers a full catalog of IT services. CST can manage all your IT needs or just the parts you need help with. They offer tailored services such as compliance, networking, security, backup/recovery, and even vendor management.

Lisa and her company have extensive experience working in heavily regulated industries and governments, and they’ve made a career of helping companies address compliance issues. They’ve done work in local government, insurance, automotive, legal, and accounting industries—just to name a few. CST Group has helped companies create compliance plans from the ground up, and they also step in to help businesses that just need support to stay on course.

Lisa is a perfectionist when it comes to her clients. She believes that customer service, high service levels, and educating clients make CST a true leader in technology, which has led to their year-over-year growth. If you read the testimonials on their website, you’ll see that her customers agree.

Chad M. Brush is the founder and CEO of BE Connected, a technology management firm focusing on cybersecurity and compliance solutions in Nashville, Tennessee, and the surrounding area. He’s also the founder and CEO of Brush Enterprises, an IT consulting company. Chad has been in IT since 1994, starting his career with Nashville-based Concepts In Communications. Chad worked his way up in various technology companies, becoming well-versed in the technology that companies need in order to thrive and protect themselves in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Chad founded BE Connected in 2017 because, throughout his years in the industry, he noticed that when a technology company would land a large enterprise company as a client, many of their smaller clients wouldn’t get the attention they deserve. He was determined to change that. Chad is an advocate for companies that have been underserviced and oversold in the technology arena. When he told one of his clients how much his recommendations would save her business each month, she told him that dealing with him was “like winning the IT lottery.”

The best part of Chad’s job is that he gets to help people and ease their stress. He loves the relationships he has built with his clients, some of whom he initially met in the late 1990s and are now clients of BE Connected. That many of his clients have come from referrals is a tribute to the trust he’s built up over the years with businesses in the Nashville area. A loyal and dependable professional, Chad consistently strives to improve himself and his BE Connected team daily.

Chad’s drive to succeed was instilled in him at an early age. The firstborn son of a single mother, Chad was determined to help his mother put food on the table for him and his two older sisters and younger brother. Starting when he was eleven, Chad worked evenings and weekends, helping his mother succeed in her wallpapering business, one of three jobs she worked to make ends meet. This instilled in Chad a strong work ethic and a deep sense of loyalty and commitment. His detail-oriented attitude and trustworthiness make him an incredible asset to his clients and team.

Chad is very proud of the work BE Connected does with nonprofits such as Children Are People, which provides a safe, structured space where at-risk youth can learn, play, and flourish without their families being charged fees. Chad is passionate about working with and speaking to young entrepreneurial organizations about business IT, compliance, cybersecurity, and how to be an entrepreneur.

Chad and his wife, Kedran, live in Brentwood, Tennessee, with their dog, Bella. They are Tennessee Titans season ticket holders and big fans of the Nashville SC soccer club.

Paul Marchese is the president and owner of Marchese Computer Products, Inc. Founded in 1981, MCP is the oldest technology consultant and managed services provider in Western New York.

Marchese Computer Products specializes in security and technology solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in the Western and Central New York areas.

Paul’s expertise in IT began when he founded MCP even before he finished his college career. He specialized in information technology and telecommunications and spent much of his time helping companies use technology as a tool to move their businesses forward. In 1997, he designed and developed the only data- and web-hosting facility in Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, and Wyoming Counties of Western New York.

Today, Paul has built Marchese Computer Products into one of WNY’s most responsive and reliable managed services providers, serving more than two hundred small and medium-sized businesses that use technology to maximize their growth and opportunities. His technical team of eight has extensive industry expertise in a wide range of services and skills, including workstations, servers, networks, phone systems, video systems, software, and printers.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Arts in computer science and mathematics from the University of Rochester and has more than forty years of experience in information technology.

He is the author of Business Owner’s Guide To Cyber Security, published in October 2020, a guide with tips and strategies on maximizing technology to create better business outcomes. He followed up in early 2022 with Social Media Cyber Attacks: The New Frontier, detailing how hackers are using social media to gain access.

Paul was chosen as a featured presenter of the first annual Small Business Tech Day in 2022 in Buffalo, New York, alongside celebrity presenters like Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, former FBI counterterrorism and counterintelligence operative Eric O’Neill, and bestselling author and entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz. When Paul isn’t working, he volunteers his time as a member of the board of directors for the Genesee County YMCA (GLOW YMCA) and as the IT administrator for Rotary District 7090.

Zac Abdulkadir realized the critical role of cybersecurity in business earlier than most managed services providers in the IT industry. Zac founded his Los Angeles-based cybersecurity firm, Netready, in 1995. By 2009, Zac was considered a trusted cybersecurity expert in the field by many companies across dozens of industries while many IT companies were still operating as break-fixes. During this time, Zac often explored security boundaries through hobby hacking. When he revealed an exploit in the major Internet services provider EarthLink, he became concerned. If he could expose a critical system vulnerability with relative ease, so could hackers with more malicious motivations. Zac knew small and midsized businesses were unprepared for what was coming and made it his mission to ensure they were protected.

As technology advanced over the following decade, so did the prevalence of cyberattacks and the need for businesses to implement robust security measures to defend against cyberthreats. Zac remembers receiving a call from a CPA too late: Without the necessary protections, his firm was breached. There was nothing he could do, and Zac was devastated as he watched the business owner close the doors of his CPA firm after two successful decades of operation. Zac believes catastrophic loss like this doesn’t have to happen, and he’s committed himself and the skilled Netready team to safeguard organizations from preventable cyber risks.

Today, as CEO and chief information security officer of Netready, Zac relentlessly pursues the most effective and innovative strategies, using cutting-edge technologies in the field. Zac’s team has earned some of the highest certifications in the industry, including CISSP, CISA, CISM, CRISC, MCSE, CCNA, VCP, and ITIL.

While robust technology is essential in an effective security framework, Zac firmly believes that employees are the first line of defense in any company’s security. He champions the concept that practical employee awareness training is the cornerstone of effective cybersecurity. Drawing on his extensive expertise, Zac educates his clients on the importance of user training and dismisses the misconception that it needs to be overly complex. Instead, he highlights the power of short, relevant videos that teach employees how to identify and mitigate the most common cyberthreats. By instilling this culture of alertness and education, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of costly cyber incidents and prevent disastrous attacks.

As an accomplished cybersecurity professional with over twenty-five years of experience, Zac leverages his expertise to design innovative solutions for all Netready clients. The cybersecurity firm’s holistic approach encompasses technical defenses, as well as comprehensive training and education programs, to empower employees as the first line of defense. By combining his extensive industry knowledge, real-world insights, and passionate drive to protect businesses, Zac is dedicated to helping organizations fortify their security and prevent cyber incidents before they ever happen.

Ham radio and a high school science project (where he designed and built an analog computer) sparked T. Robin Cole III’s early interest in math and science. Those experiences led him to his Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering. During his college years, as Robin’s initial fascination with digital computing first gained traction, he also embarked on another lifelong passion—flying. As a general aviation pilot, Robin is exhilarated each time he sheds the surly bonds of Earth.

Upon completing his undergraduate studies, Robin ventured from the Midwest to New York City, where he enrolled at New York University, seeking to extend his expertise beyond engineering into corporate finance. At first, he worked as a systems engineer on cutting-edge military aviation electronics until an inviting opportunity appeared for him to pivot onto Wall Street. Leveraging his education, Robin spent two decades working in high levels of the bond market, advising large institutional investors. Years of observing how large businesses identify, evaluate, finance, and adopt innovative technologies to enhance their competitive strengths prepared him to help small and medium businesses do the same.

During his early years of professional growth, Robin also married, raised two wonderful children, and joined two school boards, acting on his belief in education and community engagement. In 2003, Robin was drawn back to his family’s business, the Rite Group, which has operated in the Southeast Missouri region since 1967. As president of the Rite Group, Robin reignited his love for digital technology. He dedicates his knowledge and experience to helping small and medium businesses leverage digital technologies that advance and strengthen their competitive advantages.

Robin feels grateful for the many fulfilling opportunities he enjoys, and he devotes time to volunteer service with nonprofit organizations, including Cape Area Habitat for Humanity, Cape Girardeau Public Schools Foundation, Cape Girardeau Airport Advisory Board, AOPA’s Airport Support Network, United Way of Southeast Missouri, Cape Girardeau Career & Technology Center, Southeast Missouri State University/Donald L. Harrison College of Business and Computing, and the Rotary Club of Cape Girardeau.

In 2015, the Federal Aviation Administration distinguished Robin with its prestigious Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award. When Robin is not dancing the skies on laughter-silvered wings or spending time with his children and grandson, he satisfies an insatiable thirst for knowledge, seeking new avenues for exploration. Robin eagerly anticipates the future and the endless possibilities that technology and personal growth will bring, fully embracing the best days of his life.

Like many tech innovators, Greg Mauer’s love of technology started with a computer game. From building better computers to networking multiple computers so he could play with friends, a love of technology was solidified early on in Greg’s life. By the time he was seventeen in 1997, he had founded his own company.

Just like most IT professionals at the time, Greg started his business under the break-fix model. However, as technology advanced during the mid-2000s, he realized its limitations and transitioned his business model to a managed services provider. His decision to make this shift was driven by frustration with being called in after a network stopped working or a hacker ransomed a business’s data—after the damage was already done. He recognized the real value in proactive measures, maintenance, monitoring, and fine-tuning to ensure the reliability and security of his clients’ systems.

After serving hundreds of clients across the greater Salt Lake City, Utah, region, Greg believes the industry still has substantial room for improvement. Although modern organizations have embraced technology, they often fail to prioritize a crucial fundamental aspect of their operation—cybersecurity.

Greg aims to change this narrative by engaging in high-level discussions with clients, ensuring that every decision made at the executive level considers security and compliance, and leaving the outdated perception of “IT is just a line item on the budget” in the past. Greg is constantly on the cutting edge of security and compliance, initiating business conversations and risk assessments while elevating the role of cybersecurity professionals from button pushers to indispensable advisors who actively contribute to strategic business decisions.

Outside of his role as CEO of qnectU, Greg cherishes his personal life, finding joy and fulfillment as a husband, father, and aviator. An experienced pilot of more than two decades, Greg takes to the air every chance he can, relishing the freedom and exhilaration that flying brings. But lately, Greg and Rebecca, his wife of twenty-five years and business partner, have been busier than usual. Recently, they welcomed into their family a beautiful baby boy who enjoys spending much of his time with his working parents in their office. Alongside their family is a loyal one-hundred-pound Rottweiler, who faithfully accompanies the family on their many adventures.

Tim Conard founded TS Conard Inc. Technology Solutions, based in St. Joseph, Missouri, in August 2003. They provide IT and compliance solutions to businesses in northwestern Missouri and northeast Kansas, focusing on companies with twenty-plus employees in the manufacturing, small government, transportation, and financial sectors. Tim initially started his business as a software development company, but people kept asking if TS Conard could fix their computers. Recognizing the need in his community, Tim quickly switched the mandate of his company to fulfill the growing demand for IT services and expertise.

Tim’s ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment can be traced back to his time in the US Marines. On August 17, 1987, three days after his seventeenth birthday, he enlisted with the Marines—a dream he had had since he was five years old. He served with the sixty-seven elite marines of the Marine Detachment aboard the USS Forrestal for two years and seven months, where he rose to the rank of corporal. In his last nine months of service, Tim transferred to the Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, where he completed his third deployment. He uses the key attributes he learned as a marine (discipline and resilience, leadership skills, teamwork and camaraderie, problem-solving and decision-making, core values and ethics) and fine-tuned them to become the leader and person he is today.

The best part of Tim’s day-to-day work life as president of TS Conard is educating clients and potential clients on their IT and compliance requirements and seeing the proverbial light bulb go off above their heads. While Tim is motivated to get up each morning by the prospect of helping his clients achieve all their IT and compliance goals, it’s much bigger than that. Tim sees his role and that of the team at TS Conard as being a positive force that helps strengthen communities. Tim knows that if he can help businesses become more efficient, effective, economical, and profitable, they’ll hire more people, strengthening the community’s employment base and adding to its prosperity.

Tim sits on several boards, including the Southside Development Corporation Board, and was part of St. Joseph’s Capital Improvement Campaign Committee. He enjoys public speaking through the local Chamber of Commerce. Tim has given talks that inform businesses about cybersecurity, compliance, and how they can better protect their employees, customers, and data. He is a Missouri Western State University graduate with bachelor’s degrees in computer science and computer information systems. He actively volunteers in his community and loves working with nonprofits to help them grow and significantly impact their community.

Rick Rudolph is the founder and president of Solve, Ltd. He founded the Reston, Virginia-based firm thirty-two years ago to provide comprehensive IT services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Solve, Ltd. specializes in outsourced IT support needs, including managed IT services, application development, disaster recovery planning, and cybersecurity to keep critical business systems operational twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Rick’s understanding and appreciation of security comes from his upbringing as an Air Force brat. His father was a B-52 pilot, so the family often lived in facilities that housed nuclear weapons.

Rick started his career as a CPA shortly after graduating from university. In his role as an accountant and auditor, he tested financial controls, which is uniquely similar to working around cybersecurity. After three years, he would become the CFO of a large building supply company where he supervised not only the accounting and financial departments but the information systems departments as well.

At age thirty-two, Rick founded a business consulting practice, which quickly morphed into a business dedicated to supporting IT for all different types of businesses in the Mid-Atlantic. By 1995, his company was designing, implementing, and managing secure wide-area networks (WANs) with a mission to provide the most appropriate technology solutions to each operational challenge their clients had while securing their data. Solve, Ltd. still adheres to those guiding principles today.

Over the past twenty years, Rick has been active in a number of MSP industry organizations whose primary focus is to “proactively” manage networked devices as opposed to a traditional ad hoc “break-fix” model. Hard-coded into today’s environment, one cannot be “proactive” and provide high device availability without focusing first and foremost on securing the environment and providing for disaster recovery in the event of a successful breach. Rick currently spends a substantial amount of his time ensuring that his clients do not experience a catastrophic attack.

Jarom Renfeldt is the founder and president of Tech Guardian, a managed security services provider (MSSP) that partners with companies nationwide to help them become compliant. In April 2023, Tech Guardian earned its MSSP credentials—a major milestone for the company—something Jarom and the Tech Guardian team have been working on since 2001. An MSSP is a specialized type of managed services provider that is specifically dedicated to security services. Besides the standard MSP security services, Tech Guardian offers more advanced services, such as threat intelligence (collecting and analyzing data to help you make better cybersecurity decisions) and threat hunting (searching for cyberthreats that may have already infiltrated a network but have not yet been detected by standard security systems).

Tech Guardian provides its clients with a “solution stack” comprised of top-tier security tools from the world’s most highly rated and respected security companies. What sets Tech Guardian apart from many regular MSPs is that they are fully compliant themselves with the various compliance frameworks they work with, including PCI (Payment Card Industry), CIS (Center for Internet Security), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), FTC Safeguards (financial sector compliance), and CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification). Plus, they are well-versed in each state’s compliance laws to serve businesses in every state.

Involved with technology since he built his first computer at fifteen, Jarom has been in the IT industry for over twenty-seven years. At seventeen, he was working at Packard Bell doing tech support. Two years later, he was working for Microsoft. While attending college and touring different manufacturing companies, Jarom realized that small to medium-sized companies don’t have nearly the level of technical sophistication that large companies do. So he started JR-Tech in his spare time.

Using a system called Smart Factory, he improved manufacturing companies’ productivity by enabling communication with their computer-controlled machines. By the time he graduated, JR-Tech was a full-running company that helped manufacturing companies improve their cybersecurity in California’s Inland Empire. In 2020, JR-Tech started offering compliance services. Jarom, who has an engineering degree from California State Polytechnical University’s Pomona College of Engineering, uses the design engineering process to promote innovation, problem-solving, quality improvement, and more. In April 2023, upon becoming an MSSP, JR-Tech became Tech Guardian.

Jarom is the author of Business IT 101: The Business Owner’s Guide for Finding Hassle-Free Computer Support, in which he educates business owners to leverage technology for competitive advantage and business growth. He is a member of top IT associations and is active in local and national IT communities.

Jarom has been a Boy Scout leader and mentor for fifteen years. He volunteers with Helping Our People in Elsinore (HOPE) and is active in the community through church and civic service. He is an action sports enthusiast, loves the outdoors, and, above all, enjoys spending time with his wife and four boys.

Cora Park understands what it’s like to sit across the table as a small business owner, knowing your success lies in trusting that the advice you’re given is accurate and has your best interests in mind. She also knows what it’s like when that trust is mishandled and has devastating consequences.

During the ’80s and ’90s, Cora, along with her husband and business partner, Tom, ran a multimillion-dollar direct mail marketing company. By the time Cora was thirty-eight years old, with more than a decade of entrepreneurship experience, the pair had sold their successful printing and direct mail company and were looking forward to a fun passion project. They pitched the investment opportunity of opening two indoor dining and ice cream shop franchise locations—it was perfect.

Regrettably, adverse corporate guidance that didn’t consider their ownership business needs resulted in enormous critical investment losses. Cora learned a valuable lesson about the importance of understanding businesses as individuals—not just as an extension of a corporate agenda. She didn’t lament for long though and was hot on the heels of another opportunity as sales and marketing director with a local MSP entrepreneur. After several successful years at the MSP, Cora was asked if she’d be interested in buying the company. While she’d fallen in love with the MSP world, the business was another franchise and not an environment she wanted to return to as a business owner. At the same time, the IT industry was undergoing a massive shift.

HIPAA compliance regulators were coming down on medical practices that were given a set date to meet stringent compliance rules. This resulted in significant changes to how medical practices of all varieties managed, stored, and shared patient data. The dangers of not protecting data were coming to the surface, and the forewarnings of the future cybersecurity storm were brewing.

In 2013, Cora reentered the world of entrepreneurship—this time solo—and founded her MSP Diamond Business Communications (DBC, or Diamond for short), a cybersecurity-centric technology management company helping SMBs and nonprofits better serve their community by efficiently transforming their business workflows with proven processes, compliance safeguards, and reliable technology.

As president and CEO of DBC, Cora is fiercely committed to providing clients with the accurate and individualized attention they deserve and need to succeed.

With nearly every process and document living within digital and automated systems today and the increasing complexity of compliance regulations, Cora believes MSPs are as crucial to a business’s success as its accountant or attorney. As an entrepreneur for over three decades, she understands the unique challenges cybersecurity compliance places on small and midsize businesses. She seeks to make compliance as simple and stress-free as possible for her clients.

When Cora isn’t conquering the compliance world, she takes her passion for fitness and philanthropy to the trail. She enjoys the challenge of an occasional triathlon, like the New Jersey State Triathlon, and supporting charitable 3K and 5K events. She’s a travel and beach enthusiast and enjoys culinary dining adventures with her beloved husband, family, and close friends.

Duane Lansdowne is the president and owner of Acclamar Financial & Technology Consulting Group. He founded his firm in Arlington, Virginia, in 2010 to help clients run their businesses by the numbers and to leverage technology to help them grow in a competitive market, protected in a world of cybercriminals.

Duane’s entire life has been devoted to the passionate pursuit of helping others. Currently, he helps business owners align their challenges with their objectives to achieve their goals through professional management and advisory consulting services.

Prior to entering the information technology industry, Duane worked as an emergency medical technician and a firefighter, for which he received the Firefighter Rookie of the Year Award from the department in 1995. He continued his training from confined space and trench rescue to structural collapse and vehicle extrication. During this time, he also worked at a hospital for over eight years, providing ambulatory patient care.

After a serious car accident, Duane went back to college in 2002 to pursue a degree in computer information science in information technology/networking. That led to his full-time jump into IT when he worked for an IT consulting firm. He expanded his knowledge and experience as a network engineer and IT consultant, providing solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, including local and federal government.

Duane helped design the first video conferencing manual for the US Department of Health and Human Services, providing implementation and training to allow the department to conduct meetings over video conferencing to cut down on travel costs.

Following his tenure at the IT consulting firm, he became the information technology manager for the City of Manassas Park local government. He was responsible for individual departments and over 150 employees, ensuring the full functionality of six city buildings—including the town’s police/E911, social services, and fire departments—with regulatory compliance, information technology security, and IT support requirements.

Over the course of his career, Duane developed a love for educating customers about the importance of security and compliance in these heavily regulated fields. He founded Acclamar as a consulting, financial, and MSP firm to help businesses understand that they need to lean into compliance and prevent cyberattacks so they can become competitive in a technology-driven world and cultivate growth in their industry.

Acclamar specializes in helping health care organizations, medical practices, law firms, local governments, local and federal contractors, construction companies, and other small businesses with their IT, cybersecurity, and compliance needs.

Acclamar’s focus is helping businesses prevent problems, not fixing them after the fact. Compliance with data privacy and cybersecurity regulations is a major component of this mission. 

Chris Brown is the founder and CEO of Twin Networks, which serves the New England area. Twin Networks specializes in helping small to medium-sized businesses in financial, legal, architectural, and medical sectors meet all their IT, cybersecurity, and compliance requirements.

Chris has over twenty years of experience in the industry. In 2001, he worked as a network engineer for the law firm Robinson+Cole. In 2005, the University of Connecticut hired him as a network architect in their health center, where he worked for six years. Because the university dealt with a variety of systems and network architectures, Chris was exposed to a wide array of compliance requirements. In 2006, he founded Twin Networks, working part-time at night and on weekends. In 2011, the demand for Twin Networks’ services exploded to the point where it required all of Chris’s attention, so he left UConn Health to focus on Twin Networks full-time.

From a very early age, Chris was instilled with a lifelong passion for learning. Technology became his ideal focus because it continuously reinvents itself at a breakneck pace. Because of the rapidly changing nature of technology, know-how, and compliance regulations, Chris recognized that smaller businesses need assistance as they are required to meet the same regulatory requirements as larger businesses.

As someone who views small business owners as the backbone of America, Chris focuses on helping them meet all their cybersecurity and compliance requirements. His goal is to help small businesses—many of whom, through no fault of their own, are using outdated hardware and software—upgrade their technology to make them more productive and save them money over the long term. He views Twin Networks’ role as a trusted advisor and partner, helping his clients optimize the efficiency of their business through technology, allowing them to focus on their primary business of selling their products and services.

For Chris, integrity is paramount. He prides himself that he and the Twin Networks team hold themselves to the highest ethical standards. They demand excellence from themselves and everyone they associate with and only offer their clients the highest quality products and services. They are always respectful to their clients, partners, competitors, and employees, and once they make a promise, they keep it.

In addition to compliance, Twin Networks’ services include virtual chief information officer consulting, network security, data backup, disaster recovery, and managed IT. Plus, they offer Twin Cloud Backup, which protects their clients’ vital systems and data and offers them the peace of mind of knowing their business and information are protected.

Robert Sparre, also known as “the guy who labels his label maker,” is CEO of Dorset Connects, which he founded in September 1997. He didn’t even know what a computer was until 1982 when he bought a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A for $49 at JC Penney.

Since then, he’s written a book on Banyan VINES and SCO UNIX, as well as tons of detailed documentation on subjects ranging from building Linux boxes and Check Point firewalls to creating how-tos on wireless and VoIPs.

Today, Dorset Connects employs a team of over twenty, who together serve approximately seventy small to midsize businesses across the Greater Philadelphia region.

Robert believes their success boils down to their ability to handle ALL aspects of your IT infrastructure, including hardware and software management, vendor relationships, Internet connectivity, cloud hosting, and all other related technology needs.

Keeping your business secure can be overwhelming. It’s not important for you to understand everything, but you do need to make sure your IT helper or outsourced IT managed services provider can do the job.

One factor that makes Dorset Connects unique is that they hire only seasoned, professional technicians whom they provide with continuing education opportunities on a regular basis to ensure they stay current with the latest technology. Dorset Connects’ entire corporate culture is based on the book The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni, which emphasizes that your company should be “Hungry, Humble, and Smart.”

·      HUNGRY means always wanting to do more, always wanting to know more.

·      HUMBLE stresses the importance of NOT hoarding information. There’s a tendency for technical people to do this because they want to be “The Guy.” No—you want to be a team.

·      And SMART isn’t about IQ; it’s about EQ—emotional intelligence. We can teach someone technical information, but we want everyone to focus on social skills that can make a huge difference in customer service.

This “Hungry, Humble, and Smart” philosophy drives everything Dorset Connects does and has had a tremendous positive effect on the services they provide to customers as well as on employee morale.

Robert graduated from the University of Tampa in 1977 with a Bachelor of Music. He went on to get his associate degree in electronics from Delaware Technical Community College in 1986. His past careers include bowling alley mechanic, nursery and landscaping worker, musician, ice-cream truck driver, butcher, chef, network engineer, and consultant. In his spare time, he plays in a jazz band and makes rap videos about cybersecurity.

Jeremy Valverde is the owner of Affinity Tech Solutions, LLC, an information technology services provider in Florida, offering services to small and medium-sized businesses with a focus on medical companies.

His business helps these companies become compliant with HIPAA and similar legislation to protect the information of their clients and improve the value of their businesses. Prior to founding Affinity Tech Solutions, Jeremy was the CIO of Summ-IT Healthcare Consulting Services, LLC.

Affinity Tech Solutions is an information technology services provider for small businesses in Central Florida. Their goal is to help small businesses ensure that the computers, printers, networks, smartphones, laptops, security systems, and any other part of their IT infrastructure all work properly, securely, and reliably.

For over twenty years, Impress Computers has been supporting Houston-based businesses, specializing in both cybersecurity and rapid response proactive IT support.

Roland and Mandy Parker originally founded Impress Computers in Zimbabwe in 1994, quickly growing the company to become one of the nation’s largest IT firms.

Due to political unrest in Zimbabwe in the early 2000s, they began looking for a new location. After searching a world map, they discovered the suburban gem of Katy, Texas. Moving quickly, they formed a US company, signed a five-year lease, and organized visas for themselves along with some key staff members.

In 2013, they became US citizens, and in 2015, they were able to purchase their new building on Provincial Boulevard in Katy.

Impress Computers now employs fifteen staff members dedicated to providing high-level custom IT support to businesses in Houston and surrounding areas. They are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service in the Greater Houston area.

Over the years, Roland has seen many companies struggle with ransomware attacks and the loss of critical data. He’s made it his personal mission to provide security, backups, and peace of mind to his business owner customers—making sure they’ve got the training and tools to handle whatever situations arise.

From 1996 to 2000, Roland attended the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (now the Chartered Governance Institute), focusing on leadership and governance. Both Roland and Mandy love Formula One racing, and the new track in Austin is only a couple of hours away.

Michael Mullin is the president and CEO of Integrated Business Systems, Inc., a managed IT and cybersecurity services provider serving northern New Jersey and New York City businesses since 1979.

IBS specializes in delivering business technology solutions to real estate companies. With diversified backgrounds in property management, accounting, and systems, its talented group of consultants works with new and existing customers to ensure they maximize their use of IBS software.

Michael has more than forty years of experience in the technology industry. Since 1987, he has witnessed how technology empowers small and midsize companies to make employees more productive, deliver services to customers, present information more meaningfully, and create better business outcomes. Prior to joining IBS in 2010, Michael worked with high-profile organizations, including Yardi Systems, First Advantage/SafeRent, and Geac Computer Corporation, where he focused on property operations, construction, and accounting.

As CEO, Michael ensures IBS clients use available technologies to their fullest advantage while remaining safe and secure. As cybercrime has grown from being a nuisance to potentially destroying a lifetime of work in minutes, he has made cybersecurity his mission. He teaches and informs business owners and operators of small and midsize businesses about the perils of these threat actors and how companies can protect themselves.

Michael attended Western Illinois University and the New York Institute of Finance from 1974 to 1979. He has completed various professional-level programs over his forty-five-year career. He is also an Acumatica MVP, recognized for being at the forefront of ERP innovation and cloud knowledge. Michael has sat on the board of directors for the National Multifamily Housing Council and has held membership in the Suppliers Council of the National Apartment Association.

He co-authored and published the My Desk Top Coach series, a personal and professional development tool that integrates with one-on-one help desk coaching and allows employees to learn best practices and customer support skills at their own pace and in their own time.

Michael, an entertaining and knowledgeable speaker, regularly addresses local and online professional associations, business groups, and Chamber of Commerce groups that serve the small and midsize business market in or near Totowa, New Jersey. Additionally, he is frequently invited to radio, television, and podcast interviews, as well as roundtable or panel discussions.

When Michael isn’t busy helping IBS’s clients keep their systems current, safe, and ahead of the competition, he enjoys spending time with his family, including eight grandchildren. He’s also an avid golfer and is involved in several projects that serve his church and community, including those helping people transition from bad situations onto paths of stability.

Daaniël van Siereveld is the founder, owner, and CEO of Issue53 LLC, a managed services provider helping businesses manage their IT needs so they can focus on the core functions of their business. A heavy focus on cybersecurity and networking puts Issue53 in a great position to help businesses improve their cybersecurity posture and get them back online in the event of a hack. Issue53 has strong skills in cloud-native technologies as well, and they believe compliance should be a priority for every business.

Daaniël has been fixing and tinkering with things his entire life. For his sixteenth birthday, instead of asking his parents for a car, he begged them for a 16-port switch so he could set up his own network. That curiosity and ingenuity led to an opportunity while in high school. He was offered the chance to learn at Cisco, and that opportunity changed the direction of his life. Daaniël was bored by subjects other than science and technology, and his teachers could see it. His boredom was a thing of the past at Cisco. His brain was a sponge, and it was never full.

After high school, Daaniël attended college in Portland, Oregon, earning a Bachelor of Science in data communication systems technology. While he was there, he landed a job as a contractor at a major chip manufacturer, where he gained valuable insight into his career and life. After that job, he knew he didn’t want to work for a large corporation again. He had felt like a number and didn’t feel he could make a difference. Also, while in college, he got involved in an annual gaming event called PDXLAN in Portland. He started working at the event as a security guard to make some extra money. The second year, he worked at the event as the network admin assistant. By his third year at PDXLAN, Daaniël was the director of networking. The complexity and challenges were alluring, and he continued to work the event each year well after college. Over the years, Daaniël has appeared in several articles focused on the complexity of setting up the network for this large-scale gaming event.

Daaniël has worked for several start-ups and MSPs over the years. His last job was as the VP of IT Operations at a start-up in the digital-custody banking space. The recent bank closings put a hold on their latest round of investment funds, and everyone was laid off, so it was time to make his move. With the experience he gained from working at other MSPs over the years, Daaniël knew he was ready to run his own shop, and the company shutdown was just the push he needed.

When Daaniël isn’t working, you can find him spending time with his wife and two young children. He never wants his kids to wonder if he’ll show up for one of their events, so he makes family a priority and encourages his employees to do the same. If the weather is right, you’ll find Daaniël riding his motorcycle. An avid motorcyclist and admitted adrenaline junkie, he won’t be found sitting still very often.

Craig Rabe is the founder and president of First Class Networks, known throughout Greater Boston for their highly responsive IT support, comprehensive cybersecurity strategies, and compliance assessments and implementations.

As an accomplished leader in IT services for over twenty-five years, Craig makes serving and protecting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) his top priority. Providing specialized IT and cybersecurity services, Craig and his team have helped SMBs maintain peak operation; stay protected against ransomware, hacks, attacks, data theft, and other vulnerabilities; and meet compliance regulations.

At age ten, Craig became fascinated with computers when his father, a civil engineer for the Air Force, brought home a TRS-80 computer. Craig spent hours on it, not just playing video games but also learning how to program and save programs onto audiotapes.

Upon receiving his degree in electrical and computer engineering from Clarkson University, he joined Arrow Electronics, selling semiconductors and computer systems to manufacturers.

After working for Arrow Electronics for four years, Craig was determined to fulfill a goal he had set when he was just eleven years old to own a business by his twenty-fifth birthday. Searching for the right opportunity, he discovered that computer novices were underserved. In 1996, using computers he’d assembled with Intel samples of the latest-generation computer processors, he opened the Computer Café when he was twenty-six years old. His new business provided computers to use with high-speed Internet, as well as hands-on computer training, computer sales, and repairs.

In 2013, after business owners repeatedly came to him for help managing their computers, Craig founded First Class Networks to provide local businesses with specialized managed IT services.

In 2018, Craig was inspired to up his cybersecurity game after reading an article in the Washington Post about how hackers had compromised the computers of a Navy contractor and stolen massive amounts of highly sensitive information. He recognized a correlation to increasing incidents of computer security breaches reported by local business owners who’d suffered thefts in the multimillions of dollars. Pooling all his resources, Craig doubled down on security, focusing his team’s efforts on protecting the Boston-area SMB community against cybercrime while simultaneously continuing to provide superior IT support.

Craig subsequently built First Class Networks into a managed security services provider (MSSP), expanded his cybersecurity team, and is regarded as one of the foremost trusted experts in cybersecurity solutions and protection in Greater Boston. His team also evaluates network environments, provides complete assessments of overall security, and implements comprehensive security plans to meet compliance requirements that adhere to HIPAA, SOC, CMMC, and other regulations.

As a servant leader to his community, Craig has been honored as Entrepreneur of the Year in Arlington, Massachusetts. He’s served twelve years on the board of the Winchester Chamber of Commerce and four years as the Chamber’s president. Additionally, he served on the board of directors for the Boston chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and as a member of the Winchester Rotary. Craig also helps families in need as a volunteer for Food Link, which has distributed over one million meals in the Boston area.

Rey Soto is the chief technology officer of FRS Management. He began his IT career in his uncle’s workplace as a teenager, then transitioned to the military, where he has served for over twenty years in the Army National Guard. After starting FRS Management in Florida, he and his wife moved to New York and expanded their operations there.

FRS Management is a managed services provider specializing in the needs of the medical industry, especially new companies. For over ten years, they have helped over 130 doctors, dentists, medical manufacturers, and related industries with their IT problems, including HIPAA compliance, cybersecurity, backup solutions, secure cloud computing, and more.

FRS Management is dedicated to providing its customers with the best IT solutions to suit their individual needs.

William “Bill” Prusow is the CEO and owner of Pros 4 Technology. The firm, located in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, was founded in 2009 based on a desire to empower small businesses to drive economic success through technology.

Pros 4 Technology specializes in managed IT services, network security, computer and server repairs and upgrades, and network design for city and county governments, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, across several industries in Plymouth and Sheboygan.

Bill’s expertise in IT began in 1989 when he started his first IT entrepreneurial endeavor. He specialized in computer consulting, computer sales and service, networking, and satellite headend systems for hospitals. He was one of the first Wisconsin-based companies to design and implement wireless data solutions, shepherding customers through technology changes from the earliest Internet connections to modern Wi-Fi systems. As an entrepreneur himself, Bill understands how small businesses run and what kind of IT support owners need to keep their systems operating optimally and within budget. Many of his clients have been with him for thirty years or more.

Today, Bill has grown Pros 4 Technology into one of Wisconsin’s most trusted and reliable IT providers, serving clients with five to eight-hundred-plus workstations. His technical team of eighteen ranges from help desk support to network engineers—all carefully selected for their extensive knowledge of business technology systems and security—exceptional diagnostic skills, integrity and work ethic, and commitment to client satisfaction.

Bill holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and has more than thirty-five years of experience in IT services.

He is the author of What Every Business Owner Must Know About Hiring an Honest, Competent, Responsive, and Fairly Priced Computer Consultant, the ultimate guide to finding the right IT provider partner.

Bill frequently shares his knowledge and expertise in the IT space, specifically by giving free cybersecurity speeches throughout the year for different organizations. When he’s away from the office, he enjoys driving his Shelby Mustang and Harley-Davidson motorcycle, as well as fishing of all types.

Kari Renn is the president and CEO of LoyalITy. The Green Bay, Wisconsin-based IT services firm was established in 2004 to help companies leverage technology to reach their business goals. LoyalITy is recognized as one of the top managed IT services providers in Wisconsin and Milwaukee, supporting numerous clients throughout the Midwest.

LoyalITy provides quality IT support for small to medium-sized businesses in the Green Bay and Fox Cities surrounding areas. The company’s mission is to make information technology work at work so its clients can focus on their company goals without interruption.

Kari’s interest in IT began after a successful career at Fox Converting as director of human resources. She eventually took over the company’s IT department as vice president of operations. During her thirteen-year tenure with Fox Converting, Kari completed her Executive Master of Business Administration.

In 2018, after completing her EMBA, the opportunity to purchase and lead LoyalITy presented itself. Over the past five years, Kari’s passion for innovation and success has helped drive LoyalITy forward. The business distinguishes itself from other regional MSPs by specializing in providing IT solutions tailored to the needs of business-oriented individuals seeking growth, enhanced productivity, and tools to facilitate their business advancement.

Kari earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and her executive MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

Outside the office, Kari can be found reading, especially books about business or mystery and action-adventure novels, when she truly wants to unwind. She is also a history buff and enjoys traveling with her family.

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