Troubleshooting BGP

A Practical Guide to Understanding and Troubleshooting BGP

; Brad Edgeworth

The definitive guide to troubleshooting today’s complex BGP networks

This is today’s best single source for the techniques you need to troubleshoot BGP issues in modern Cisco IOS, IOS XR, and NxOS environments. Les mer
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The definitive guide to troubleshooting today’s complex BGP networks

This is today’s best single source for the techniques you need to troubleshoot BGP issues in modern Cisco IOS, IOS XR, and NxOS environments. BGP has expanded from being an Internet routing protocol and provides a scalable control plane for a variety of technologies, including MPLS VPNs and VXLAN. Bringing together content previously spread across multiple sources, Troubleshooting BGP describes BGP functions in today’s blended service provider and enterprise environments.

Two expert authors emphasize the BGP-related issues you’re most likely to encounter in real-world deployments, including problems that have caused massive network outages. They fully address convergence and scalability, as well as common concerns such as BGP slow peer, RT constraint filtering, and missing BGP routes. For each issue, key concepts are presented, along with basic configuration, detailed troubleshooting methods, and clear illustrations. Wherever appropriate, OS-specific behaviors are described and analyzed.

Troubleshooting BGP is an indispensable technical resource for all consultants, system/support engineers, and operations professionals working with BGP in even the largest, most complex environments.

·         Quickly review the BGP protocol, configuration, and commonly used features

·         Master generic troubleshooting methodologies that are relevant to BGP networks

·         Troubleshoot BGP peering issues, flapping peers, and dynamic BGP peering

·         Resolve issues related to BGP route installation, path selection, or route policies

·         Avoid and fix convergence problems

·         Address platform issues such as high CPU or memory usage

·         Scale BGP using route reflectors, diverse paths, and other advanced features

·         Solve problems with BGP edge architectures, multihoming, and load balancing

·         Secure BGP inter-domain routing with RPKI

·         Mitigate DDoS attacks with RTBH and BGP Flowspec

·         Understand common BGP problems with MPLS Layer 3 or Layer 2 VPN services

·         Troubleshoot IPv6 BGP for service providers, including 6PE and 6VPE

·         Overcome problems with VXLAN BGP EVPN data center deployments

·         Fully leverage BGP High Availability features, including GR, NSR, and BFD

·         Use new BGP enhancements for link-state distribution or tunnel setup

This book is part of the Networking Technology Series from Cisco Press, which offers networking professionals valuable information for constructing efficient networks, understanding new technologies, and building successful careers.




Chapter 1 BGP Fundamentals
Chapter 2 Generic Troubleshooting Methodologies
Chapter 3 Troubleshooting Peering Issues
Chapter 4 Troubleshooting Route Advertisement and BGP Policies
Chapter 5 Troubleshooting BGP Convergence
Chapter 6 Troubleshooting Platform Issues Due to BGP
Chapter 7 Scaling BGP
Chapter 8 Troubleshooting BGP Edge Architectures
Chapter 9 Securing BGP
Chapter 10 MPLS Layer 3 VPN (L3VPN)
Chapter 11 BGP for MPLS L2VPN Services
Chapter 12 IPv6 BGP for Service Providers
Chapter 13 VxLAN BGP EVPN
Chapter 14 BGP High Availability
Chapter 15 Enhancements in BGP

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Vinit Jain, CCIE No. 22854 (R&S, SP, Security & DC), is a High Touch Technical Support (HTTS) engineer with Cisco providing support to premium customers of Cisco on complex routing technologies. Before joining Cisco, Vinit worked as a CCIE trainer and a network consultant. In addition to his expertise in networks, he has experience with software development, with which he began his career.

Vinit holds certifications for multiple vendors, such as Cisco, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, VMware, and Oracle, and also is a Certified Ethical Hacker. Vinit is a speaker at Cisco Live and various other forums, including NANOG. Vinit pursued his graduation from Delhi University in Mathematics and earned his Masters in Information Technology from Kuvempu University in India. Vinit is married and is presently based out of RTP, North Carolina. Vinit can be found on Twitter @vinugenie.

Brad Edgeworth, CCIE No. 31574 (R&S & SP), has been with Cisco working as a systems engineer and a technical leader. Brad is a distinguished speaker at Cisco Live, where he has presented on multiple topics. Before joining Cisco, Brad worked as a network architect and consulted for various Fortune 500 companies. Brad’s other certifications include Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP) and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). Brad has been working in the IT field with an emphasis on enterprise and service provider environments from an architectural and operational perspective. Brad holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Systems Management from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. Brad can be found on Twitter @BradEdgeworth.