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Economics in America

An Immigrant Economist Explores the Land of Inequality

«A Financial Times Best Book of the Year: Economics»

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Princeton University Press
22 x 14 cm


«A Financial Times Best Book of the Year: Economics»

«A Times Literary Supplement Book of the Year»

«[An] excellent new book . . . exploring everything from inequality to deaths of despair to the failures of the field in which he won the Nobel prize. It's all leavened with sardonic humor."---Nicholas Kristof»

«Deaton recounts his journey to understanding the political and economic dysfunctions of his adopted home. It's sort of like Alexis De Tocqueville's classic Democracy in America, but with more numbers, more economics, and more vitriol. . . . Rare for an economist, Deaton offers a lucid and unsparing critique of America's political system."---Greg Rosalsky, NPR’s Planet Money»

«Inviting and readable."---Jennifer Szalai, New York Times»

«Highly enjoyable. . . . Deaton emerges from the book as a decent human being who wants to make the world a better place."---Martin Wolf, Financial Times»

«Deaton’s prose is lucid and tartly down-to-earth (the U.S. government works 'to help rich predators make ordinary people poorer,' he writes), and he makes a convincing case that 'economics should be about understanding the reasons for and doing away with the sordidness and joylessness that come with poverty and deprivation.' The result is a refreshing take on America’s economic discontents.»

Publishers Weekly

«This brilliant economics study will likely engage general readers and hold their attention to the end.»

Library Journal (Starred review)

«The book is informative, given the wide range of subjects; compelling, given Deaton’s obvious authority and rich experience; and, given his flair for writing, enjoyable."---Vivek Arora, Finance & Development»

«The degree to which orthodox economics is complicit in this unequal, greed-ridden house of cards is honestly faced by Angus Deaton, one of the profession’s giants, in Economics in America. A powerful mea culpa, it is also a milestone in restoring the profession to the family of human sciences."---Paul Collier, Times Literary Supplement»

«It is a good read. . . .Deaton also knows how to entertain while informing and there are some fascinating insights and anecdotes concerning some of the economists he most respects, from James Meade to Anthony Atkinson."---Paul Fisher, Financial World»

«I really enjoyed reading Angus Deaton’s Economics in America. . . .The book would be an ideal read for students, or just people who want to understand better the economic mess we’re in – we, and particularly the US. . . .This is a great read. Highly recommended."---Diane Coyle, The Enlightened Economist»

«Economics in America is a beautiful read, easily done in an afternoon, and one that will stay in the mind much, much longer."---Robert A. Margo, EH.net»

«Completely fascinating. . . . The book is a great read, thoughtfully and well written."---Bridget Rosewell, Society of Professional Economists ​​​​​​​»

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