End of Summer - Anders de la Motte

End of Summer

The international bestselling, award-winning crime book you must read this year

'For fans of the hugely successful CWA Gold Dagger-winning The Dry by Jane Harper' Vaseem Khan
'One of Sweden's most talented crime fiction authors' Erik Axl Sund

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'For fans of the hugely successful CWA Gold Dagger-winning The Dry by Jane Harper' Vaseem Khan
'One of Sweden's most talented crime fiction authors' Erik Axl Sund


You can always go home. But you can never go back . . .

Summer 1983: Four-year-old Billy chases a rabbit in the fields behind his house. But when his mother goes to call him in, Billy has disappeared. Never to be seen again.

Today: Veronica is a bereavement counsellor. She's never fully come to terms with her mother's suicide after her brother Billy's disappearance. When a young man walks into her group, he looks familiar and talks about the trauma of his friend's disappearance in 1983. Could Billy still be alive after all this time? Needing to know the truth, Veronica goes home - to the place where her life started to fall apart.

But is she really prepared for the answers that wait for her there?
Forlag: Zaffre
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 496
ISBN: 9781785768231
Format: 20 x 13 cm

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«An absorbing crime novel with an atmospheric setting, strong characters, and a suspenseful plot. With End of Summer, Anders de la Motte has proven himself to be one of Sweden's most talented crime fiction authors»

Erik Axl Sund

«An utterly brilliant crime novel! So delicate and perceptive, and at the same time so endlessly thrilling»

Kristina Ohlsson

«What you have in your hands is a masterpiece of crime fiction, a very hot competitor for this year's thriller . . . Anders de la Motte proves once again with his End of Summer that he is one of Scandinavia's most ingenious crime writers, just as grand as Jussi Adler-Olsen. He writes absolutely murderously. His books are definitely unbeatable in terms of suspense»

Literaturmarkt, Germany

«An atmospherical dense book reminiscent of Henning Mankell's early crime novels . . . Anders de la Motte writes profoundly without the tension dwindling for a second»

Petra Magazine

«A Swedish-set crime thriller for fans of the hugely successful CWA Gold Dagger-winning The Dry by Jane Harper . . . A gripping crime novel that moves between two narratives at a terrific clip, populated by vivid characters, with more twists along the way than you can shake a stick at. Crime fiction at its best»

Vaseem Khan

«A fantastic read. Atmospheric, beautifully written, with strong characters and with a really compelling mystery that made it incredibly hard to put down when I really needed sleep! A real triumph»

Gytha Lodge

«End of Summer is captivating from beginning to end, an evocative story of family secrets set in the broad open landscapes of southern Sweden - prepare to fall in love with Scandinavian fiction all over again»

Kevin Wignall, author of A Death in Sweden

«Each layer of this story reveals itself like the tilling of the soil with a brooding threat of summer rain close at hand. End of Summer is a delectable slice of unmissable rural noir where a dark harvest blossoms from the seeds of a terrible past»

Matt Wesolowski

«Anders de la Motte is considered one of Sweden's top crime writers and this atmospheric tale set in southern Sweden amply illustrates why. This is Nordic Noir at its best - the sense of place is stunning. A gripping tale of family secrets that is ingeniously told - leaving you wanting more»

David Young

«A gripping and satisfying read ... if you like your Scandis with a strong sense of place and community, then this one is for you»

, Crime Review
Anders de la Motte is the bestselling author of the Seasons Quartet; the first three books of which - End of Summer, Deeds of Autumn and Dead of Winter - have all been number one bestsellers in Sweden and have been shortlisted for the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers' Award for Best Crime Novel of the Year. Anders, a former police officer, also won a Swedish Academy Crime Award for his debut, Game, in 2010 and for his second standalone novel, The Silenced, in 2015.

To date, the first three books in the Seasons Quartet have published over half a million copies. Set in southern Sweden, all four books can be read independently.