Nostalgia - Mircea Cartarescu


; Julian Semilian (Oversetter)

A mesmerizing novel about the magical and gritty world of Bucharest in the 1980s by a celebrated Eastern European writer Les mer
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A mesmerizing novel about the magical and gritty world of Bucharest in the 1980s by a celebrated Eastern European writer
Forlag: Penguin Classics
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 352
ISBN: 9780241448915
Format: 20 x 13 cm

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«Cartarescu is one of the great literary voices of Central Europe. He daringly questions our usual way of looking at the world, suggesting that rationalism is merely an attempt to create order. In fact, the world is made up of the nuances of our fantasies»

«A Danubian Narnia. . . his writing delivers a rainbow-hued riot of fantasy, imagination and invention. . . If you looked for the perfect director to film Nostalgia, a joint effort by Guillermo del Toro and Terry Gilliam might just do the trick»

, Spectator

«Fiendishly clever, devilishly humorous and stunningly ambitious. . . one of Romania's most eminent novelists has finally reached Britain. It's been long overdue»

, Prospect

«Of a rare and wondrous brilliance . . . Julian Semilian's translation of this masterpiece is a heroic achievement»

, Literary Review

«Cartarescu is not only a sophisticated, compelling storyteller but a first-class wordsmith . . . Between them these stories bring forth a fabulous narrative universe, a place where the ordinary and extraordinary intermingle and miracles are a matter of routine»


«A bright star on the firmament of European literature»

Le Monde

«Visionary and tormented. . . mixes history, autobiography and magic realism. There are hints of Bulgakov as well as an aura of Donald Cammell's and Nicolas Roeg's cult 1970 film Performance; a whirlwind of seedy glamour and despair that is itself a reflection of a nightmarish totalitarian state, as well as a scintillatingly detailed portrait of adolescence and retrospective longing»

, Irish Times

«A timeless invitation to dream and embrace the comforting power of personal memory, the only sure bulwark against the effects of totalitarian control. . . Gripping, impassioned, unexpected -- the qualities that the best in literature possesses»

, Los Angeles Times

«If mind-warping literature is your thing, read this book, then read it again»

, San Francisco Chronicle

«Creator of a universe that's caught between dream and reality, Cartarescu is a revelation»

El Pais

«Romania's leading novelist and poet. . . Cartarescu's phantasmagorical world is similar to Dalí's dreamscapes»

Mircea Cartarescu (Author)
Mircea Cartarescu was born in Bucharest in 1956. His novels and poetry are widely considered to be the best writing to emerge from post-communist Romania. His books have been translated into fourteen languages and he has received many awards, including most recently the Thomas Mann Prize and the Prix Formentor.

Julian Semilian (Translator)
Julian Semilian is a translator, poet and filmmaker. He currently teaches at the North Carolina School of the Arts, after a twenty-four-year career as a film editor in Hollywood.