Minstrel Heart - David Campbell

Minstrel Heart

A Life in Story

Guruji said: 'Sing not the song that others have sung. Sing only what you yourself have realised in your own heart.'

What I've realised in my own heart is that its song is for many, that it sings for whom it meets on its way. Les mer
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Guruji said: 'Sing not the song that others have sung. Sing only what you yourself have realised in your own heart.'

What I've realised in my own heart is that its song is for many, that it sings for whom it meets on its way. It does not remain at home, but is a wandering minstrel heart.

This book is the engaging and colourful memoir of celebrated Scottish storyteller David Campbell. It is an exploration of the nature of love in its many guises, and of David's lifelong love of story.

Join David as he tells his story from childhood in wartime Fraserburgh to a holiday job with a dramatic and life-changing conclusion, through a pivotal role as a bbc radio producer at the time of the Scottish renaissance of writing, drama and folk traditions, and finally to his international career as an acclaimed storyteller, mentored by celebrated tinker-traveller Duncan Williamson.

The roots of things in my life have always been the love of words, stories, poetry and people, and the joy of bringing them together; it is there that I find the deepest meaning and the sweetest music.
Forlag: Luath Press Ltd
Innbinding: Bok
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 280
ISBN: 9781910022252
Format: 23 x 16 cm

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A glorious chronicle. Campbell fills the pages with pure delight. - CATHERINE LOCKERBIE

David’s journey takes us through the story of Scotland’s re-birth in all its subversive energy. This book is the poetry of memory combined with the art of storytelling. - DONALD SMITH, Director of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival

Brendan Bracken, a friend of Chruchill, posed as 16-year-old schoolboy. A new memoir claims the former wartime minister set up a bogus school to satisfy his caning fetish - THE SUNDAY TIMES 06/06/2921

One of Scotland’s most celebrated storytellers reflects on his love of words throughout the last eight decades of his life in a brand new memoir. - THE NATIONAL 07/06/2021

‘Candid, absorbing … Campbell evokes the captivating vision of a time of adventure and opportunity, when people owned less but perhaps dared more. He also drops a bombshell concerning a member of Churchill’s cabinet, kept to himself until now, that even the most imaginative storyteller couldn’t make up.’ - Alastair Mabbott, THE HERALD


A Man 8

Preface by Tom Pow 9

Prelude 11

1 A Charmed Life 13

2 Little by Little 14

3 Across the Border and Back Again 15

4 Granny Howling 19

5 A Windy Boy and a Bit 23

6 A Boyhood Fantasy 36

7 To Be Young Was Very Heaven 44

8 Varsity Meetings and Matings 50

9 The Tin Room 56

10 Highland Frolics 60

11 The Tug of Curiosity 63

12 Laying a Ghost to Rest 68

13 A Kindling Spirit 78

14 We Ran Our Heedless Ways 84

15 Into the Dark 97

16 Paradise Lost 103

17 Musical Chairs 118

18 The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth 125

19 The Heretics 139

20 Tinker and Saint: George Mackay Brown 150

21 In Chase of Beauty: Sorley MacLean 154

22 The Beginning of a New Song: Iain Crichton Smith 159

23 In Search of Simplicity: Norman MacCaig 167

24 Embro to the Ploy: Robert Garioch 177

25 A New Buzz 180

26 The Society 186

27 A Ceilidh Decade: Dundas Street in the 1980s 191

28 Passionfruit and Pangkor Island 197

29 Eurydice 206 30 Bert 210

31 Camphill 212

32 In the Listening Place 215

33 More New Worlds 220

34 A Torn Land 224

35 On a Quest 229

36 A Land in Transition 233

37 In the Footsteps of Robert Service 237

38 An Independent People 241

39 A Lucky Break 247

40 Elegies 250

41 A Fateful Day 254

42 Girl Friday and Robinson 256

43 West Coast Retreat 259

The Sweetest Music 261

Thank Yous: A Fairy Story 262

Copyrights and Permissions 263
DAVID CAMPBELL has been a lover of stories, poetry and people from an early age. These passions have directed the course of his life into teaching, broadcasting, writing, performing and storytelling. Born in Edinburgh, he spent his childhood in the story-and song-rich NorthEast of Scotland. After graduating with Honours in English from the University of Edinburgh, he worked as a producer with bbc Radio Scotland for many years devising, scripting and directing a wide variety of radio programmes. Mentored in storytelling by Duncan Williamson, David has gone on to mentor many others in the craft. One of Scotland’s finest storytellers, he has toured worldwide with his repertoire of talks and stories and currently lives in Edinburgh