Way of Perfection - 
      St Teresa of Avila

Way of Perfection

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Forlag: Cosimo Classics
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9781602062603
Format: 23 x 15 cm

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CHAPTER I The reason why I founded this convent in such austere observance5
CHAPTER II That the necessities of the body should be disregarded. Of the advantages of poverty9
CHAPTER III This chapter continues the subject spoken of in the first chapter. The writer exhorts the sisters constantly to beg God to protect those who labour for the Church, and concludes with an ardent appeal to God15
CHAPTER IV An exhortation to obey the Rule. Three very important matters in the spiritual life. One must strive after sublime perfection in order to accomplish so great an enterprise. How to practise prayer23
CHAPTER V Continues speaking of confessors: of the importance of their being learned and of how we should behave towards them32
CHAPTER VI Returns to the subject of perfect love38
CHAPTER VII Continues to speak of spiritual love and gives advice how to obtain it43
CHAPTER VIII Treats of the great advantage of detaching ourselves from all created things, whether interior or exterior. Of the great benefits gained by those who have left the world by severing themselves from their relatives, and how they will meet with far truer friendship instead of that which they have given up52
CHAPTER IX Those who have given up the world benefit by doing so and gain truer friends: this, however, does not suffice unless we forsake ourselves also55
CHAPTER X That this abnegation is not enough unless we also are detached from ourselves: how this virtue and humility go together58
CHAPTER XI Continues to treat of mortification and explains how to gain it during illness. How little this life should be valued by one who truly loves God63
CHAPTER XII That one who truly loves God must care little for life or honour. That one who seeks after perfection must despise honours67
CHAPTER XIII Continues the subject of mortification: that a nun must avoid the touchiness and wisdom of the world, in order to attain true wisdom73
CHAPTER XIV Treats of the great importance of not professing any one of a spirit contrary to the qualifications here described79
CHAPTER XV The great advantage of not excusing ourselves even when unjustly blamed82
CHAPTER XVI The game of chess88
CHAPTER XVII That some souls are not suited to contemplation, and others are long in attaining it. Every one who is truly humble should be content to go by the way our Lord conducts her96
CHAPTER XVIII Continuation of the same subject. Shows that contemplatives have to bear far heavier crosses than people who lead the active life. This chapter offers great consolation to the latter101
CHAPTER XIX How souls should pray if they cannot make use of the understanding in prayer108
CHAPTER XX Shows how, in one way or another, prayer always brings us consolation. The sisters are advised to speak to one another constantly on this subject120
CHAPTER XXI The importance of making a firm resolution, from the very first, to persevere in prayer and to heed no obstacles raised against it by the devil124
CHAPTER XXII Shows what mental prayer is131
CHAPTER XXIII How important it is that one who has entered on the way of prayer should not turn back137
CHAPTER XXIV How vocal prayer may be made with perfection. Its close connection with mental prayer141
CHAPTER XXV That great profit is reaped by the soul from praying vocally with perfection, and that God then sometimes raises it to a supernatural state145
CHAPTER XXVI Shows how to collect the thoughts, suggesting means for doing so. This chapter is useful for those beginning to practise prayer148
CHAPTER. XXVII Speaks of the great love shown us by our Lord in the first words of the Pater Noster. How important it is that those who sincerely desire to be daughters of God should despise all pride of birth154
CHAPTER XXVIII Describes the prayer of recollection and lays down rules for practising it. [Escorial: begins to teach how to recollect the mind]158
CHAPTER XXIX Continues the instruction on the prayer of recollection. That it is of little consequence whether or no the Prioress likes us167
CHAPTER XXX The importance of understanding the meaning of our prayers. The words of the Pater Noster : 'Hallowed be Thy Name, Thy kingdom come.' How these apply to the prayer of quiet, of which the explanation is begun172
CHAPTER XXXI Continues the same subject and describes the prayer of quiet. Gives advice to souls in that state. This chapter is very noteworthy177
CHAPTER XXXII Explains the words of the Pater Noster: 'Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.' How much is effected by uttering these words with attention, and how richly God rewards us for it187
CHAPTER XXXIII How needful it is for us that God should grant our demand in the Pater Noster: Give us this day our daily bread'197
CHAPTER XXXIV Continues the same subject. Contains very useful advice for those who have received Holy Communion. An explanation of the word 'daily'202
CHAPTER XXXV Continues the foregoing subject. Contains an appeal to the eternal Father. Of the recollection which should be practised after Holy Communion213
CHAPTER XXXVI On the words 'Forgive us our trespasses'217
CHAPTER XXXVII Of the beauties of the Pater Noster and the great consolation it brings us227
CHAPTER XXXVIII Treats of the urgent need there is of begging the eternal Father to grant us the petition, 'Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.' Enumerates and explains some temptations which come from the devil231
CHAPTER XXXIX Continues the same subject. A description of different kinds of temptations and of the means of freeing the soul from them.240
CHAPTER XL How, by always living in the love and fear of God, we shall be safe among these temptations. Treats of fear.245
CHAPTER XLI Treats of the fear of God, and that we ought to avoid venial sins251
CHAPTER XLII Treats of the final words of the Pater Noster: 'But deliver us from evil. Amen'258