Data Strategy - Ian Wallis

Data Strategy

From definition to execution

A well thought out, fit-for-purpose data strategy is vital to modern data-driven businesses. This book is your essential guide to planning, developing and implementing such a strategy, presenting a framework which takes you from data strategy definition to successful strategy delivery and execution with support and engagement from stakeholders. Les mer
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A well thought out, fit-for-purpose data strategy is vital to modern data-driven businesses. This book is your essential guide to planning, developing and implementing such a strategy, presenting a framework which takes you from data strategy definition to successful strategy delivery and execution with support and engagement from stakeholders. Key topics include data-driven business transformation, change enablers, benefits realisation and measurement.
Forlag: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9781780175416
Format: 24 x 17 cm

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«This is the most comprehensive, practical and useful guide to data strategy that I have come across. I have developed a few data strategies and would have found it easier and produced a better strategy if I had read Ian Wallis' book first. This is a book that is informed by deep, real-world experience of data strategy and the many change challenges involved. It has all the frameworks, tools and thinking you could need, laid out in a clear and readable way. For anyone involved in data or digital strategies it is a must read.»

«Whether you are new to the area or just an old dog learning new tricks, this book offers vast experience, anecdotes and learnings from the front line for you to apply in the modern era of data. There is just so much to learn and revisit, e.g. on defensive vs offensive, dynamic data strategy, secret to success in R.A.V.E. – but most of all it’s a journey not a destination.»

«'Data Strategy: From definition to execution' is an excellent resource for newbies to data strategy and more seasoned professionals alike. It provides a well-organised, clear approach to developing a data strategy through its complete life cycle, alongside the potential pitfalls of getting a strategy from paper into reality. The author’s style is engaging and well thought out, clearly coming from a place of significant experience – if you’re writing a data strategy (or if you’re planning to) I heartily recommend this book, you’re bound to learn something useful!»

«I read this book cover-to-cover in one day. Why? It's the first to fully weave the fundamentals of strategy and cultural change into the 'technical' aspects of creating and executing on a well thought out data strategy. A must-read for all who desire tangible, long-term results from the use of data in decision-making throughout an enterprise. Masterfully written, Ian!»

«Ian Wallis has produced an excellent guide to crafting and executing a data strategy. It is eminently readable, always relatable but crucially entirely practical in its approach to enabling Data Strategists - whether that is your job title or not - to plan, produce and implement meaningful data strategies in any organisation. Ian guides the reader through the steps needed to get senior level buy in, tell the story of the strategy, ground the plan in reality and be positioned to secure backing and resource for the successful creation of a fully formed strategy. All with a view to see your business extract value from one of its greatest assets – data. The author's practical approach to implementation, his real life experiences, but only occasional references to what might be seen as technical speak, brings this thinking to life making this a very digestible guide. The thoughtful ‘top ten takeaways’ provide very handy references points and reminders at the end of each chapter, and his work is both an excellent standalone learning piece as well as a ‘return to’ check in guide. It’s a great read and he knows his stuff.»

«Whether new to developing a data strategy or looking to enhance an existing one this book is an essential read. It offers unique insight to the author’s extensive experience combined with relevant reference material to help direct personal research. I found the takeaway points at the end of each chapter particularly useful. It is helping to define an approach and make the challenge of updating the data strategy achievable.»

«Essential reading for anyone starting out on implementing, or reviewing a current data strategy. This book provides insights the author has gained from many years implementing data strategies across many enterprises. Providing a through exposition on the do’s and don'ts, highlighting the importance of having a measurable implementation plan, and that the strategy needs to be linked to enterprise business goals.. This is a valuable guide and a perfect antidote for those who operate in organisations where ignorance masquerades as knowledge!»

«To be a leader in a sector and across multiple markets it is essential to have a functional data strategy. However, the line between success and failure in defining and implementing such strategy is becoming increasingly blurred due to the complexity of the topic. Data Strategy is your guide to avoid the noise and to focus on the areas that really can make a difference to setting up an operational and effective data strategy.»

«This guide on how to plan, craft and execute a data strategy is outstanding in its level of detail and completeness. The author weaves his extensive and varied experience as a data practitioner into the fabric of theory to create a wonderful, practical, 'how to' guide. He takes you through the early planning stages, points out the pitfalls to avoid, shares some highly useful tips (e.g. CLEAR) and shows you how to navigate the rocky waters to implementation and the measurement of value of your data strategy. Whether you are creating a data strategy for the first time or looking to be even better next time, this is a must read!»

«This really is everything you need to know about writing and delivering a data strategy! I found it filled with great analogies and stories from across the public and private sector. With the ten top things to remember at the end of every chapter, it really helped to summarise the key points. I particularly liked that it covered all the salient points of a data strategy, from control to exploitation, from strategy development to implementation and everything in between. A must read for those embarking on their data strategy journey!»

Introduction: Why is a Strategy Relevant Today?
Positioning the Data Strategy
Setting the Scope of the Data Strategy
Composing the Data Strategy
Creating a Route Map
Content, Structure and Alignment
Communications, Culture and Change Readiness
Executing the Strategy: Part 1, The Plan
Executing the Strategy: Part 2, Delivery
Flexibility in Execution
Assessing Value in Data Strategy Implementation
Data Strategy: Completing the Journey from Definition to Execution
Ian Wallis is a senior data and analytics leader, experienced programme manager and frequent conference speaker on data and analytics. He has delivered some of the largest data programmes in the UK.