Internet Is Not What You Think It Is - Justin E. H. Smith

Internet Is Not What You Think It Is

A History, a Philosophy, a Warning

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Forlag: Princeton University Press
Innbinding: Innbundet
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 208
ISBN: 9780691212326
Format: 22 x 14 cm

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«Mr. Smith has given readers a fresh interpretation of the history of technology…and a keen sense that we don’t always know what the internet is doing to us."---Christine Rosen, Wall Street Journal»

«In a book that meditates upon networks, webs, and connections, Smith’s astounding range becomes something of a method for revealing the interconnectedness of everything between stars and modems."---Trevor Quirk, Bookforum»

«Smith wants to show that the internet is not new, it is just a refinement in the gossamer of perceptual probing that our species has woven into the world’s fabric to make near the distant. This arresting thesis is aided by the excellent writing. . . . The book is mostly enchantment."---Graham McAleer, Law & Liberty»

«One of the pleasures of Smith’s philosophical tour is to note how frequently the implementation of ideas and their consequences jump domains. . . .One of the great achievements of Smith’s book is to permit us to honor [Ada Lovelace’s] legacy, ambition, and achievement. . . while buttressing a healthy and necessary skepticism toward the claims of tech transcendence and the uniqueness of our moment."---Eric Banks, 4Columns»

«The Internet Is Not What You Think It Is begins as a negative critique of online life. . . . but the book’s second half progresses into deeper philosophical inquiries. . . . [Smith] ends by recognizing that the interface of the Internet, and the keyboard that gives him access to it, is less an external device than an extension of his questing mind."---Kyle Chayka, New Yorker»

«Thoughtful . . . . A worthy critique of a technology in need of rethinking—and human control that seeks to free and not enchain.»

Kirkus Reviews

«Justin E.H. Smith examines the alarming problems of the Internet in its contemporary incarnation and insightfully explores some of the historical antecedents of this technology."---Harvey Freedenberg, Shelf Awareness»

«If you’re feeling a vague sense of disquiet at the omnipresent and invasive nature of the internet, reading this book may make clear exactly what it is you dread."---Peter Neville-Hadley, South China Morning Post Magazine»

«While Smith addresses what is wrong with the web – especially compelling is his exploration of how it affects our attention and how it encourages us to trade our sense of self for “an algorithmically plottable profile” – he is also offering a big picture vision of this machine-assisted communication as an extension of all forms of communication in nature.»

Sydney Morning Herald

«Smith draws on centuries’ worth of philosophy to examine the pervasive reach of the internet in this enlightening survey. . . . a capable guide to why what’s online is there, and how it came to be.»

Publishers Weekly