Symbolic Interaction - Nancy J. Herman

Symbolic Interaction

An Introduction to Social Psychology

Nancy J. Herman (Redaktør) ; Larry T. Reynolds (Redaktør) ; Patricia A. Adler (Innledning) ; Peter Adler (Innledning) ; Leon Anderson (Innledning) ; Herbert Blumer (Innledning) ; David G. Bromley (Innledning) ; Richard A. Brymer (Innledning) ; Steven L. Buban (Innledning) ; Spencer Cahill (Innledning) ; Charles H. Cooley (Innledning) ; Carl Couch (Innledning) ; John Dewey (Innledning) ; Mary Lorenz Dietz (Innledning) ; Andrea Fontana (Innledning) ; George M. Gmelch (Innledning) ; Erving Goffman (Innledning) ; Peter M. Hall (Innledning) ; Bill Hanson (Innledning) ; Michael A. Katovich (Innledning) ; Lewis M. Killian (Innledning) ; David R. Maines (Innledning) ; Jerome Manis (Innledning) ; Joseph Marolla (Innledning) ; Don Martindale (Innledning) ; Bernard N. Meltzer (Innledning) ; Charlene Miall (Innledning) ; Dan E. Miller (Innledning) ; Warren R. Paap (Innledning) ; C Eddie Palmer (Innledning) ; Robert Perinbanayagam (Innledning) ; John W.Petras (Innledning) ; Robert Prus (Innledning) ; Larry T. Reynolds (Innledning) ; Laurel Richardson (Innledning) ; Diana Scully (Innledning) ; William Shaffir (Innledning) ; Tamotsu Shibutani (Innledning) ; Anson D. Shupe Jr (Innledning) ; David A. Snow (Innledning) ; Stephan Spitzer (Innledning) ; John Stratton (Innledning) ; W.I Thomas (Innledning) ; Scott Thumma (Innledning) ; Ruth A. Wallace (Innledning) ; Alison Wolf (Innledning)

This reader shows the rich history and wide contemporary application of symbolic interaction theory. Les mer
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This reader shows the rich history and wide contemporary application of symbolic interaction theory.
Forlag: AltaMira Press,U.S.
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Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9781882289226
Format: 24 x 16 cm

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«..provides a comprehensive overview of symbolic interaction's intellectual origins, its early development either as the Chicago School or the Iowa School, and its relationship to kindred theoretical camps, such as dramaturgy and ethnomethodology....Recommended.»

, CHOICE, Augustana College, IL
Chapter 1 Introduction Part 2 Intellectual Antecedents of Symbolic Interactionism Chapter 3 Intellectual Antecedents Part 4 Varieties of Symbolic Interactionism and Leading Early Representatives Chapter 5 The Early Interactionists: Cooley and Thomas Chapter 6 Mead's Social Psychology Chapter 7 Theoretical and Ideological Variations in Contemporary Interactionism Chapter 8 Herbert Blumer: Sociologist Par Excellence Chapter 9 Kuhn's Formulation of the Self Chapter 10 Erving Goffman Chapter 11 Harold Garfinkel: The Founder of Ethnomethodology Part 12 Methodological Stances Chapter 13 Interactionist Research Methods: An Overview Chapter 14 Sociological Analysis and the "Variable" Chapter 15 Beyond Blumer and Kuhn: Researching and Studying Across-time Data Through the Use of Point-in-space Laboratory Procedures Chapter 16 Walking a Tightrope: Dilemmas of Participant Observation of Groups in Conflict Part 17 Minded Behavior Chapter 18 Mind, Experience, and Behavior Chapter 19 The Regulation of the Wishes Chapter 20 Rapists' Vocabulary of Motives Chapter 21 Emergence and Human Conduct Chapter 22 Baseball Magic Part 23 The Self Chapter 24 The Looking-Glass Self Chapter 25 The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life Chapter 26 Generic Processes of Impression Management: Two Case Studies of Physical and Mental Disability Chapter 27 Negotiating a Religious Identity: The Case of the Gay Evangelical Chapter 28 The Problem of Identity Construction Among the Homeless Part 29 Social Structure Chapter 30 Society as Symbolic Interaction Chapter 31 Reference Groups as Perspectives Chapter 32 In Search of Mesostructure: Studies in the Negotiated Order Chapter 33 Interactionism and the Study of Social Organization Chapter 34 Unobtrusive Power: Interaction between Health Providers and Consumers at Council Meetings Part 35 Research Applications Chapter 36 Becoming Observant and Falling from Faith: Variations of Jewish Conversion Experiences Chapter 37 Family Caregivers of the Mentally Ill: Negative and Positive Adaptive Responses Chapter 38 The Social Construction of Hypnosis Chapter 39 The Emergence and Maintenance of a Deviant Sub-culture: The Case of Hunting/Poaching Sub-culture Chapter 40 He's a Lumberjack and He's Not Okay: The Fall of the Urban Treeman Part 41 Some New Directions: Generic Principles, Gender, Emotions, Postmodernism, Discursive Acts Chapter 42 Everyday Life Sociology Chapter 43 Human Emotions: An Expanding Sociological Frontier Chapter 44 Generic Social Processes and the Study of Human Lived Experiences: Achieving Transcontextuality in Ethnographic Research Chapter 45 And A Child Shall Lead Us? Children, Gender, and Perspective by Incongruity Chapter 46 Forms of Discourse Chapter 47 The Collective Story: Postmodernism and the Writing of Sociology