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The Sunday Times Number One Bestseller

«This is a vivid and interesting account and all of that is to her credit. I certainly thought better of her by the end: she has put her heart into this»

The Times

An intimate, powerful, and inspiring memoir;15 million copies sold worldwide Les mer

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An intimate, powerful, and inspiring memoir;15 million copies sold worldwide


Penguin Books Ltd
20 x 13 cm
Winner of The British Book Award 2019 UK and The British Book Award 2019 UK.


«This is a vivid and interesting account and all of that is to her credit. I certainly thought better of her by the end: she has put her heart into this»

The Times

«This is undeniably a political book, both a fierce critique of Donald Trump's administration's politics of hatred and a powerful remind of a better, more compassionate America»


«Candid, engaging. . . To read her reflections is to recall and hope for a better America. Mrs Obama pulls back the curtains around their lives in a way she could not while Mr Obama was in office. Besides her lovely turn of phrase, she is a gifted and empathetic observer»

The Economist

«Deeply moving. . . Becoming is fundamentally about how to be a person in the world, how to live a purposeful life, and how to use the chances you have been given»

New Stateman

«Her wonderful candid and affecting autobiography, Becoming. . . brims over with such emotional truthfulness. . .what a tale. With its generosity of spirit, self-knowledge and hope, it is the perfected antidote to the man who now lives in the White House. A plangent, defiant, honest and uplifting book»

Sunday Telegraph, Five Stars

«What a memoir. What a woman.»


«This brilliantly written and emotionally authentic memoir fills in some important gaps...not just a fascinating read but a genuinely moving one too»

Mail on Sunday, Five Stars

«This revealing memoir offers new insights into her upbringing on the south side of Chicago and the highs and lows of life with Barack Obama. . . Becoming is a 400-page expansion of this essential doctrine ['when they go low, we go high'], without compromising a refreshing level of honesty»

Afua Hirsch, Guardian

«Intimate, inspiring and set to become hugely influential»

Sunday Times

«Inspirational without trying to be . . . a coming-of-age tale, a love story and a family saga all in one»

Angie Thomas, TIME

«An inspirational memoir that also rings true»

Gaby Wood, Daily Telegraph, Five Stars

«This is a rich, entertaining and candid memoir. And overall she's a fun person to sit alongside as she tells you the story of her life, warts and all. . . it is as beautifully written as any piece of fiction»

Viv Groskop, i, Five Stars

«In the best moments of Becoming, the miracle of Michelle Obama arises»

Vanity Fair

«Obama's memoir is a genuine page-turner, full of intimacies and reflections. . . Allied to this candour is a steeliness of purpose. It is no exaggeration to say that every page of this book is, explicitly or otherwise, a reproach to Donald Trump, and a call-to-arms to those who would defeat the 45th President and all that he stands for»

Matt D'Ancona, Evening Standard

«I found myself lifting my jaw from my chest at the end of every other chapter, not because of any seedy insight into stories I'd always wondered about, but because, armed as I was with knowledge about her career, her mannerisms, and even her elbow-heavy dancing, this was not the Obama I thought I knew. She was more»

Kuba Shand-Baptiste, Independent

«Of course, Becoming is Michelle Obama's story, of how she moved from a girl on the South Side of Chicago to becoming one of the most powerful women in the world. But in the final pages of the book, Obama writes, "It's all a process, steps along a path. Becoming requires equal parts patience and rigor." Here, Obama is pushing us to reckon with our own becomings - to realise our own story and to have the power to tell it»

The Pool

«Inspiring. . . After 421 pages of Becoming, I closed the book hoping that one day she would use her formidable intelligence, humanity - and humour - to offer a more tangible vision for how America might fight the rising tides of polarisation and hate»

Financial Times

«Open and engaging. . . Obama writes with candour about the good times and bad»

Daily Express

«She's a woman we've all fallen in love with because she radiates joy and wisdom, and Becoming encapsulates this perfectly. It's also deeply honest - reading it makes you feel as though she's your close friend opening up to you»

Red Online

«[A] polished pearl of a memoir»

New York Times

«Obama writes with a refreshing candor»

The Atlantic

«Becoming serenely balances gravity and grace, uplift and anecdote.... Becoming is frequently funny, sometimes indignant or enraged, and when Michelle describes her father's early death from multiple sclerosis it turns rawly emotional»


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