Age of The Strongman

How the Cult of the Leader Threatens Democracy around the World

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«Essential and definitive... To understand the chilling stakes of the global Great Game defining this century - the battle between autocracies and democracies - you need only turn to Rachman's magisterial and deftly written book»

«Timely, laser-sharp and unsettling. In telling us about strongmen who dominate politics around the world, Gideon Rachman paints a picture that is at turns illuminating and terrifying. A must read»

«This is a brilliant, unsettling portrait of our era»

«When it comes to making sense of today's world, Gideon Rachman is in a league of his own. He is sharp, original and unsentimental.»

«A searing analysis... A superb and scintillating portrait, indispensable for understanding our crisis-riven age»

«In a chaotic world where old definitions of left and right no longer hold, Rachman expertly and artfully surfaces the underlying political, economic and cultural patterns behind the new authoritarianism across the world»

«A carefully written analysis of strongman leaders all over the world and the threat they pose to liberal democracy... Rachman illuminates the common instincts, tactics and behaviour that link leaders as diverse as Trump, Putin, Xi and Modi»

«This readable book does an admirable job of providing the lay of the land and highlighting the importance of the battle of ideas for the future of our institutions and norms»

Daron Acemoglu, coauthor of Why Nations Fail and The Narrow Corridor

«Timing is everything. Gideon Rachman has got his spot on with The Age Of The Strongman»

«Timely...Rachman... has a journalist's eye for the telling quote combined with a sharp analysis of the factors that enabled them to achieve power and hold on to it»

, Sunday Times

«Rachman... always prompt[s] deeper thought about how the West should be dealing with the challenge [of the strongman]... [a] lucid, well-argued book»

, The Times