Neurodiversity in the Workplace - Susanne M. Bruyère

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Interests, Issues, and Opportunities

Susanne M. Bruyère (Redaktør) ; Adrienne Colella (Redaktør)

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Forlag: Routledge
Innbinding: Innbundet
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 336
ISBN: 9780367902988
Format: 23 x 15 cm

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"This collection of chapters does what no other publication to date can claim: it integrates thoughtful and useful ideas and evidence on the incredibly important topic of neurodiversity. I'm so excited to see how this volume pushes the science and practice of I-O psychology forward!"

Eden King, Ph.D. Rice University, Lynette S. Autrey Professor of Psychology
Co-Editor, Journal of Business and Psychology, Magister, Duncan College

"Susanne Bruyère and Adrienne Colella pose some challenging and thought-provoking questions to HR Professionals on creating an inclusive Neurodiverse Workforce."

Neil Barnett, Director of Inclusive Hiring People with Disabilities, Microsoft

"This book is must read for organisations looking not only to establish a neurodiversity program, but sustain one. The book starts to discuss some of the more complex issues to sustain meaningful employment such mental health, performance and career management. DXC technology has been running a neurodiverse program since 2014, we wish we had this knowledge outlined in this book before we started!"

Michael Fieldhouse, DXC Social Impact Practice Leader & Dandelion Program Executive

"Inclusive environments are the key for unlocking the power of human potential. This book provides a powerful perspective of how research around neurodiversity translates in the application to a work setting, and that ultimately creates exponential value for individuals, communities and business. The multifaceted approach the authors lay out, help us move from ideation to implementation. This is exactly what is needed for employers at the intersection of talent, diversity and to thrive in the future of work."

Hiren C. Shukla, Global Neuro-Diverse Center of Excellence Leader, Executive Management, Ernst & Young LLP

"This volume provides a timely and critical contribution to the Organizational Frontiers Series. It explores diversity and inclusion within workplace from a perspective often overlooked in our field – i.e., neurodiversity. The authors in this volume explore the challenges and opportunities involved in hiring and valuing an often talented but ignored segment of our population, applicants and employees whose behavior patterns and ways of seeing the world might deviate from more typical employees. Given increasing labor shortages, organizations face an increasing need to identify, select and promote employees who can contribute to their success, and as this volume shows, ways of effectively identifying neurodiverse applicants and employees who can make these contributions. The volume explores ways to maximize the integration and success of these workers by providing a work environment conducive to the success, sustainability and continued health of organizations and their members. In sum, this volume explores ways of enhancing an overlooked aspect of diversity by identifying creative practices that can also improve the quality of worklife for ALL organizational members."

Jeanette N Cleveland, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Colorado State University

"Professors Colella and Bruyere have edited a timely and insightful book that explains what neurodiversity is and the employment law context around it. The various chapters of the book cover the entire employment process from an applicant’s dilemma to disclose their neurodiversity to recruiting and selection, workplace accommodations, leadership, organizational diversity climate, performance management, well-being, and the overall experience of neurodiverse employees at work. This book answers many important and timely questions about neurodiversity at work, and it is helpful reading for anyone who wants to be an effective and inclusive coworker, supervisor, or leader in today’s workforce."

María del Carmen Triana, Ph.D., Professor and Cal Turner Chair in Moral Leadership at Vanderbilt University

"In the ground-breaking book Neurodiversity in the Workplace, authors from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines engage readers in discussing topics relevant to effectively managing organizations comprised of people with widely varying neurological functions. Readers will learn about the meaning and contested labeling of neurodiversity, the challenges and opportunities associated with workforce neurodiversity, as well as the many legal and social issues that neurodiversity poses for employers and employees alike. By including reviews of cutting-edge research and informative examples of supportive employment practices, Bruyére and Colella have produced a resource that is sure to promote more equitable workplace practices and stimulate new research aimed at understanding and improving the experiences of neurodivergent employees."

Susan E. Jackson, PhD, Distinguished Professor Emerita, Rutgers University, Visiting Professor, University of Lucerne