Unlawful Killings - Her Honour Wendy Joseph KC

Unlawful Killings

Life, Love and Murder: Trials at the Old Bailey

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«I inhaled this: brilliant, clear-eyed, compassionate and fascinating.»

«The most exceptional book I've read in a long time. As a police officer in a former life I was mostly terrified of judges, so it was incredible to have this glimpse behind the pomp and ceremony of criminal court. Readers will be intrigued by the insight into the mechanics of the law, but what really makes this sing is its humanity. I was moved to tears on more than one occasion, and am heartened to know there is such compassion among our judges. »

«A gripping, disturbing and deeply humane exploration of the darkest side of the human condition, from a judge who has seen it all. I devoured Unlawful Killings in a single sitting. I cannot recommend it highly enough.»

«Beautifully written and utterly gripping.»

, A Lawyer Writes

«JUNE'S BOOK OF THE MONTH: Exceptional ... a riveting and revelatory work.»

, The Bookseller

«Absolutely superb. 5 stars for sheer readability alone. Her Honour entertains as she educates us about murder, about the law and about how we human beings are shaped as we create the culture we live with.»

«Fresh, compelling, well-written and unflinchingly authentic.»

, the i newspaper

«I really enjoyed this book. If ever I was on trial I would want my judge to be this one. She is compassionate, in control and understands the reality that exists outside the courtroom. Anyone who has worked in the Crown Court would recognise how true to life the court room scenes are. The fictional crime scenarios make compelling stories. What is unique is that they are placed in a wider context which challenges the assumptions that lie behind our criminal justice policy. A great read for those who want to understand how the system works now and why it is going wrong.»

«A superb work providing the reader with a truly authentic judicial insight into the human stories and legal and forensic framework that constitute today's criminal trials of those accused of unlawfully killing another human being. It is permeated too with clearsighted analysis of the backstory to such killings, whether that be the pull of street gangs, the blight of domestic violence, the tragedy of death on our roads or the infliction of violence said to have been caused by mental illness or the ill temper of those with a disordered personality. The author's wit and wisdom deserve as wide an audience as possible.»

«A very rare gem. An author who uses hindsight to contemplate foresight whilst generating genuine insight. The book is written with authority, humility and compassion. Compellingly clever and sharply honest.»