Sociological Perspectives on Law, Volumes I and II

Volume I: Classical Foundations Volume II: Contemporary Debates

Roger Cotterrell (Redaktør)

What does it mean to adopt a sociological perspective on law? Treating law as an aspect of social life, part of a larger social environment, the aim is to understand the environment and law's place within it systematically and empirically. Les mer
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What does it mean to adopt a sociological perspective on law? Treating law as an aspect of social life, part of a larger social environment, the aim is to understand the environment and law's place within it systematically and empirically. The papers in these two volumes reflect the variety of these sociological perspectives and have been carefully selected from the wide range of literature currently available.



Contents: Volume I: Montesquieu and sociological jurisprudence, Eugen Ehrlich; Maine's ancient law in the light of primitive societies, Robert Redfield; Law and social change: Sumner reconsidered, Harry V. Ball, George Eaton Simpson and Kiyoshi Ikeda; Law in Pareto's sociology, N.S. Timasheff; Petrazycki's significance for contemporary legal and moral theory, Aleksander W. Rudzinski; Unrecognised father of sociology of law: Leon Petrazycki - reflections based on Jan Gorecki's Sociology and Jurisprudence of Leon Petrazycki, Adam Podgorecki; Legal positivism and bourgeois materialism: Max Weber's view of the sociology of law, Martin Albrow; Max Weber's tragic modernism and the study of law in society, David M. Trubek; The sociology behind Eugen Ehrlich's sociology of law, Klaus A. Ziegert; Law in action or living law? Back to the beginning in sociology of law, David Nelken; Commodity form and legal form: an essay on the 'relative autonomy' of the law, Isaac D. Balbus; On recent Marxist theories of law, the state and juridico-political ideology, Bob Jessop; Gramsci on law, morality and power, Mark Benney; Durkheim's sociology of law, Michael Clarke; Durkheim on legal development and social solidarity, Roger B.M. Cotterrell; The legal sociology of Georges Gurvitch, Pauline McDonald; N.S. Timasheff's sociology of law, David Schiff; Behavioral sociology of law: a critique of Donald Black, Alan Hunt; The Habermas effect: critical theory and academic law, W.T. Murphy; Between power and knowledge: Habermas, Foucault and the future of legal studies, Jonathan Simon; Derrida's justice and Foucault's freedom: ethics, history and social movements, Mariana Valverde; The 'truth' about autopoiesis, Michael King; Name index. Volume II: How Law Constitutes Social Life: Conformity, contestation and resistance: an account of legal consciousness, Patricia Ewick and Susan S. Silbey; Interpretative socio-legal research, Christine B. Harrington and Barbara Yngvesson; Being social in socio-legal studies, Peter Fitzpatrick; A legal concept of community, Roger Cotterrell. Interpreting Legal Discourses: The poverty of evolutionism: a critique of Teubner's case for reflexive law, Erhard Blankenberg; Autopoiesis in law and society: a rejoinder to Blankenberg, Gunther Teubner; Operational closure and structural coupling: the differentiation of the legal system, Niklas Luhmann; How the law thinks: towards a constructivist epistemology of law, Gunther Teubner; Why must legal ideas be interpreted sociologically?, Roger Cotterrell; Blinding insights? The limits of a reflexive sociology of law, David Nelken; The force of law: toward a sociology of the juridical field, Pierre Bourdieu. The New Legal Pluralism: Justice in many rooms: courts, private ordering and indigenous law, Marc Galanter; The folly of the 'social scientific' concept of legal pluralism, Brian Z. Tamanaha; Law and societies, Peter Fitzpatrick; Law: a map of misreading: toward a postmodern conception of law, Boaventura De Sousa Santos; Law and community: a new relationship?, Roger Cotterrell; The king's many bodies: the self-deconstruction of law's hierarchy, Gunther Teubner. The Horizons of Regulation: Norms, discipline and the law, FranAois Ewald; Foucault's expulsion of law: toward a retrieval, Alan Hunt; Governed by law?, Nikolas Rose and Mariana Valverde; Name index.

Om forfatteren

Roger Cotterrell, Queen Mary, University of London, UK Contributors: Eugen Ehrlich, Robert Redfield, Harry V. Ball, George Eaton Simpson, Kiyoshi Ikeda, N.S. Timasheff, Aleksander W. Rudzinski, Adam Podgorecki, Martin Albrow, David M. Trubek, Klaus A. Ziegert, David Nelken, Isaac D. Balbus, Bob Jessop, Mark Benney, Michael Clarke, Roger Cotterrell, Pauline McDonald, David Schiff, Alan Hunt, W.T. Murphy, Jonathan Simon, Mariana Valverde, Michael King, Patricia Ewick, Susan S. Silbey, Christine B. Harrington, Barbara Yngvesson, Peter Fitzpatrick, Erhard Blankenberg, Gunther Teubner, Niklas Luhmann, Pierre Bourdieu, Marc Galanter, Brian Z. Tamanaha, Boaventura De Sousa Santos, Francois Ewald, Nikolas Rose.