Global esports

Transformation of Cultural Perceptions of Competitive Gaming

Dr. Dal Yong Jin (Redaktør)

Explores the recent surge of esports in the global scene and discusses people's understanding of esports. Les mer
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Explores the recent surge of esports in the global scene and discusses people's understanding of esports.



Dal Yong Jin (Simon Fraser University, Canada)

Part I: Institutionalization, Legitimization, and eSports
Chapter 1. Are eSports only for 'youth'? How parental and educational institutionalization of eSports blur the generational lines of video game culture
Dan Padua (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)

Chapter 2. Sports versus eSports - A Comparison of Industry Size, Viewer Friendliness, and Competitiveness
William Campbell, Amanda Goss, Kyle Trottier and Mark Claypool (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA)

Chapter 3. A Comparative Analysis of the Early Institutionalization of Traditional Sports and E-sports
Rory K Summerley (Falmouth University, UK)

Chapter 4. eSports: A Chinese sport?
Milan Ismangil and Anthony Fung (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Part II. Money, Power, and Network
Chapter 5. The Business Model Network of eSports: The Convergence of Overwatch
Tobias M. Scholz (University of Siegen, Germany)

Chapter 6. Data and e-sport's attention economy
Ben Egliston (University of Sydney, Australia)

Chapter 7. Ancient Stirrings: Approaching Magic: The Gathering's eSports Turn
Thiago Falcao (Universidade Federal do Maranhao, Brazil)

Chapter 8. Counting clicks: Gameplay metrics, power and the body politics of competitive videogames
Tom Brock (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)

Chapter 9. "Hack the Planet": Or, the Political Economy of Overwatch League
William Clyde Partin III (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA)

Part III. Media and eSports
Chapter 10. Orienting eSports: Locating the perceptual and cultural work of shoutcasters
Max Renner and Dr. Nicholas Taylor (North Carolina State University, USA)

Chapter 11. Convergence of Gaming and Media: Music and eSports
Yaewon Jin & Tae-Jin Yoon (Yonsei University, Korea)

Chapter 12. Perceptions towards esports in mainstream English-language news media
David Cumming (The University of Melbourne, Australia)

Chapter 13. Emergence and Transformation of Global Esports: Competitive Perspectives of Korean and Canadian Esports Scenes
Dal Yong Jin (Simon Fraser University, Canada)

Part IV. Culture and Collegial eSports
Chapter 14. The Emergence of College eSports in North America
Nyle Sky Kauweloa (University of Hawaii, USA)

Chapter 15. Framing eSports in Chinese university campuses
Paul Martin and Dr Wei Song (University of Nottingham Ningbo China)

Chapter 16. eSports Players: Gender-A Balance Between Community and Competition
Ying-Ying Law (Staffordshire University, UK)

Chapter 17. Esports Transmediality: The Case Overwatch
Raine Koskimaa, Tanja Valisalo, Maria Ruotsalainen, Veli-Matti Karhulahti, (University of Jyvaskyla, Finland)


Om forfatteren

Dal Yong Jin is Distinguished Professor, in the School of Communications, at Simon Fraser University, Canada. He is the author of many books, including Korea's Online Gaming Empire (2010), De-convergence of Global Media Industries (2013), and Mobile Gaming in Asia: Politics, Culture and Emerging Technologies (2016). In addition, Jin has published more than 70 journal articles in scholarly journals, such as New Media and Society, The Information Society, Media, Culture and Society, Television and New Media, Games and Culture, and Information Communication and Society.