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Bonjour, Sophie

‘A glorious evocative read’ Ruth Hogan

«You'll adore meeting Sophie in this delightful, funny, poignant story that's suffused with the atmosphere of Paris on the cusp of the Sixties»

Rachel Hore
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24 x 16 cm


«You'll adore meeting Sophie in this delightful, funny, poignant story that's suffused with the atmosphere of Paris on the cusp of the Sixties»

Rachel Hore

«Elizabeth Buchan is on brilliant form ... This is a coming-of-age story steeped in wisdom with an incredible sense of time and place, whether the setting is a beautiful but stifling English village or the dizzying streets of Paris. Bonjour, Sophie deserves as much love as its beguiling heroine»


«A glorious read! So evocative. Conjures the excitement of Paris so vividly that the reader cannot fail to be swept along on the journey. A magical coming-of-age story. I loved it!»

Ruth Hogan, bestselling author of The Keeper of Lost Things

«Elizabeth Buchan's books are always original, beautifully written and page turning. Bonjour, Sophie is just as wonderful, unlike anything I've read before. I loved it.»

Katie Fforde

«A rich and enthralling read ... I felt as though I was being swept away by the power of a modern Thomas Hardy .... This is a coming-of-age story set in magical locations with a heroine you can't resist falling in love with. A novel that will appeal to all ages, and a sure hit.»

Carol Drinkwater, bestselling author of The Olive Farm

«Tender, beautifully observed, gorgeous»

Marika Cobbold

«One of my favourite authors and someone I go to for that alchemy of story and fabulous writing. A wonderful book - warm, compassionate and nuanced. I loved it.»

Emma Curtis

«A coming-of-age novel and so much more. Buchan weaves her narrative into a mystery that must be solved as much for the reader as for Sophie, whose story recalled, for me, the young heroines of Elizabeth Jane Howard, modern women cramped by convention, yet spirited and courageous. A wonderful, engrossing, tear-jerking and joyful read

Elizabeth Fremantle

«A poignant, charming and cheering story of a girl's growth into womanhood in 1960s Paris»

Amanda Craig

«Memorable and emotionally charged ... an immersive, sensory, page-turning experience. Elizabeth Buchan is skilled at exploring moral complexities big and small, from thwarted love affairs in the Sussex countryside, to dysfunctional families, to life in Paris under Nazi occupation. She takes us through the back alleys of History, among stories that are not widely known, and brings those settings vividly to life»

Jane Thynne

«A beautiful and poignant coming of age story that whisks you away on a magical journey to Paris»

Becky Hunter

«Bonjour, Sophie casts a beam of light into the darkness of post-war Britain; a cry for freedom of a whole generation of women. An incredibly emotional and evocative read»

Ellen Alpsten, author of Tsarina

«A profoundly kind book, with a deep understanding of what it is to be human ... charms and delights with its life-affirming generosity of spirit. It will also make you laugh.»

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