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List of Suspicious Things

«This is such a tender coming of age story with unforgettable characters. Exquisite storytelling that's full of heart»

Julie Owen-Moylan
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Hutchinson Heinemann
22 x 14 cm


«This is such a tender coming of age story with unforgettable characters. Exquisite storytelling that's full of heart»

Julie Owen-Moylan

«Absolutely loved it - it is so engrossing, utterly heart-breaking (made me cry!) but also redemptive and hopeful at the same time»

Sophie Hannah

«I am so sad it has ended because it is a GORGEOUS TRIUMPH. Jennie is an easy and natural storyteller. Beautifully crafted, moving, funny heart-warming, it has all the feels»

Georgina Moore

«Pretty sure this will be the book of 2024. Bring tissues»

Joanna Nadin

«The characters completely burrowed into my heart. It's a warm, funny, huge-hearted book without any twee - it's truthful, carrying a sadness too»

Chloe Timms

«An astonishing debut written with much talent and tenderness. It sings with humanity»

Amy Twigg

«Brimming with what is means to be human, this is a book to be savoured and cherished. A book that should be required reading for current and future generations. A once in a lifetime kind of book»

Awais Khan

«[THE LIST OF SUSPICIOUS THINGS] was such a joyous read . . . the story spoke to me on so many levels. The characters are adorable and we all need an Aunty Jean in our lives . . . a beautiful story of friendship, community and family. Heartwarming»

Zoe Ball

«Funny, poignant and drawn with real compassion. This is a heart-warming book»

Emma Healey, author of ELIZABETH IS MISSING

«Profoundly original and dazzlingly written. A beautiful mystery with heart»

Rob Rinder

«A book full of heart that drops you vividly into a time and place. Superb»

Kate Hamer

«An extraordinary achievement»

Clare Pooley

«There's been buzz around this novel - for good reason. Endearing characters and nostalgic details make this a must-read»

Good Housekeeping

«A touching paean to lost innocence and the comfort of friendships, its dark undertow leavened by stout Yorkshire humour»

The Times

«I absolutely adore it!»

Marian Keyes

«Godfrey succeeds brilliantly in fitting a gripping and moving story in the interstices of a horrific episode in recent history, without ever trivialising, taking focus from, or minimising the lasting impact of the original crimes.»


«One of the buzziest debuts of 2024, and deservedly so….prepare to have all the feelings»


«Fabulous. I loved Miv’s spirit»


«I can't believe this is a debut. Heavy themes handled with such tenderness and care, a moving, memorable tale of community, connection and curiosity. I loved it»

Emma Gannon

«A heartwarming tale about the power of human connection, written with empathy, warmth and care. To read it is to feel that little bit better about life»

Elizabeth Day

«Well, this is such a wonderful story. It’s seen through the eyes of a 13-year-old girl called Miv, in the 1970s in Yorkshire. Miv is on the search with her friend Sharon for the Yorkshire Ripper. Now, although that is a very serious subject matter and a dark one, this book is so warm and cosy and light and funny in parts. It’s just a beautiful tale of friendship and also the secrets that you discover in your own local community. It’s such a brilliant book »

Fearne Cotton

«What could be more magical than a writer who can flip from hilarity to darkness and back on the same page? Jennie Godfrey does this and more in THE LIST OF SUSPICIOUS THINGS, all told in a voice that is as authentic as it is unforgettable»

Jenny Jackson

«A mystery wrapped up in a story of community and family, The List of Suspicious Things is a gorgeous, page-turning book»

i Paper

«A standout debut full of heart»

The Sun, Fabulous Magazine

«Heartbreaking […] a superlative coming-of-age story»

Mail on Sunday

«A beautifully written story about friendship, family and the untold secrets hidden beneath the surface...a touching novel that will have you in tears, shock, laughter and horror»

Press Association

«Thoroughly enjoyable, charming and singular . . . What a debut!»

Milly Johnson

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