Radical Imagine-Nation - Peter McLaren

Radical Imagine-Nation

Public Pedagogy & Praxis

Peter McLaren (Redaktør) ; Suzanne SooHoo (Redaktør)

This collection of essays, poems, and reflections by scholars, public intellectuals, artists, and community activists (as well as those whose work intersects with all of these categories) constitutes a landmark achievement in critical pedagogy and social justice education. Les mer
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This collection of essays, poems, and reflections by scholars, public intellectuals, artists, and community activists (as well as those whose work intersects with all of these categories) constitutes a landmark achievement in critical pedagogy and social justice education. Edited by two leaders whose work spans both academic and grassroots communities, Radical Imagine-Nation was conceived during a time of political turmoil both nationally and internationally, a time when freedom and democracy seemed out of reach for millions around the world.
Forlag: Peter Lang Publishing Inc
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Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 328
ISBN: 9781433143755
Format: 23 x 15 cm

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«“Peter McLaren and Suzanne SooHoo’s Radical Imagine-Nation: Public Pedagogy & Praxis is the exact right book at the exact right time. They have assembled a stellar collective of critical scholars assembled around their ‘shared refusal to accept the world, with all its pain and ugliness, as it is.’ Together, they take seriously their responsibility to put forward their imaginings for a different future. A soon to be classic as well as required reading for scholars, activists, students and public intellectuals alike.”—Sandy Grande, Connecticut College; Author of Red Pedagogy»

«“During education’s 40-year descent into hell, there has been one clear and consistent countervailing force. With its origin in the work of Paulo Freire, critical pedagogy has provided a singular light for hope. Peter McLaren and Suzanne SooHoo’s collection of essays in Radical Imagine-Nation: Public Pedagogy & Praxis brings together some of the longtime and most influential voices in critical education theory with some of the most promising new voices to create a revitalized critical pedagogy to meet the latest and most serious threat yet to public education and democracy. In these darkest of dark times, this collection provides a needed direction for resistance and renews our faith in the possibility of education to transform our selves and our world.”—Richard Quantz, Miami University of Ohio»

«“Radical Imagine-Nation includes a truly stellar, globally renowned, co-operative cast of critical educators and community activists. This is indeed, an incredible, radical, vibrant roar of imaginative hope and commitment. It is a thunderous counterblast to contemporary dystopia and mean-minded right and far right violence. It effectively sabotages contemporary nihilist, dystopian, and cruel developments in neoliberal and Alt.Right capitalism. This cast of Critical Warriors rehydrates democracy, propounds radical equality and cooperation, and imagines a future of hope, justice and critical activism.”—Dave Hill, Universities of Middlesex, Athens and Anglia Ruskin»

«“Radical Imagine-Nation is an essential read for critical scholars, graduate students and others who are committed to building the world free from hate, injustice, and oppression. The volume showcases the intellectual work of leading progressive scholars across the globe whose contributions collectively capture what steps are necessary to remake schools and our social world.”—Brad J. Porfilio, Director of the Doctorate in Educational Leadership for Social Justice (ELSJ), CSU East Bay»

«“The disconnect between the rhetoric and reality of democracy as well as traditional discourses of equality, justice, rights in North America is a direct challenge to our work as critical educators. We can no longer rely on the old tropes of democracy and freedom that have dominated the curriculum and classroom discourse, indeed to do so is to sell students a lie about history and contemporary life. Radical Imagine-Nation: Public Pedagogy & Praxis provides us with the new imaginaries we need for thinking about and enacting an education in the public interest. This collection challenges us to rethink our work in response to the rising tide of authoritarianism and gives us a language of possibilities to radically re-imagine education and society.”—E. Wayne Ross, University of British Columbia»

«“Featuring a dazzling array of world-renowned critical scholars and public intellectuals, Radical Imagine-Nation: Public Pedagogy & Praxis is (sadly) precisely the book we urgently need in these dark days of struggle.”—Marc Spooner, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Regina»

Acknowledgments - Suzanne SooHoo: Introduction - Donaldo Macedo: Conscientization as an Antidote to Banking Education - Tom Wilson: Coming to Know Paulo - Tricia M. Kress: Critical Pedagogy, Leadership and Institutional Reform: Paulo Freire's "Formative Time" at the Social Services of Industry - Keqi (David) Liu: A Clarification of Freire's Radical Political Pedagogy - Leona M. English/Peter Mayo: Migration, Racism, and the Mediterranean-A Freirean Perspective - Robert Lake: Utopia as Praxis: Paulo Freire Twenty Years After His Passing - Peter McLaren: Dare We Create a New Socialist Order? A Challenge to Educators of America in the Coming Trump Era - Henry A. Giroux: Toward a Politics of Revolt and Disruption: Higher Education in Dangerous Times - Antonia Darder: Critical Leadership for Social Justice: Unveiling the Dirty Little Secret of Power and Privilege - Peter Hudis: The Alternative to Capitalism in Light of Today's Environmental Crises - Michael E. Dantley: Critical Consciousness and Spirituality: Deconstructing the Colonizing Practices of U.S. Education Through the Lens of Paulo Freire and Critical Spirituality - Margaret Randall: I Cannot Speak for the Gun - Michael A. Peters/Tina Besley: The Refugee Crisis in Europe: Words Without Borders - Petar Jandric: The Challenge of the Internationalist Critical Pedagogue - George J. Sefa Dei: Reframing Education Through Indigenous, Anti-Colonial, and Decolonial Prisms - Ravi Kumar: Educational Project of Social Justice: The Possibilities of Intervention Against the Pedagogical Hegemony of Capitalism - Peter O'Connor/Jean M. Allen/Simon Dennan: Where I'm Bound I Can't Tell: Radical Changes Are Still Possible in Higher Education - Anna Renfors/Juha Suoranta: "Miracle on Ice": Sociological Understanding of the Finnish Schooling Model - Bettina L. Love: "Trayvon Was Standing His Ground": Utilizing Critical Hip Hop Pedagogy to Construct Counter-Narratives of Resistance and Love - Miguel Zavala: Toward a Raza Research Methodology: Social Science in the Service of Raza Communities - Theresa Montano/Maria Elena Cruz: L@s Malcriad@s: A Union Based, Chican@ Studies Model Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers of Chican@ Studies - Contributors - Index.
Peter McLaren and Suzanne SooHoo are both professors in the College of Educational Studies, Chapman University and are Co-Directors of the Paulo Freire Democratic Project at Chapman. They serve as Honorary Co-Directors of the Center for Critical Studies in Education, Northeast Normal University, China.