Emerging New Voices in Critical Animal Studies - Nathan Poirier

Emerging New Voices in Critical Animal Studies

Vegan Studies for Total Liberation

Nathan Poirier (Redaktør) ; Anthony J. Nocella II (Redaktør) ; Annie Bernatchez (Redaktør)

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Forlag: Peter Lang Publishing Inc
Innbinding: Innbundet
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 130
ISBN: 9781433192876
Format: 23 x 15 cm

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«“Emerging New Voices in Critical Animal Studies is a door opener to a much-needed new dialogue platform, looking at the way forward and preserving our future. At the end of the day, there will be opposing groups in a room charting the way forward. The narrative of this book needs to be at the table of dialogue.” —Dr. Clyde Rivers Founder, iChange Nations»

«Emerging New Voices in Critical Animal Studies is a great addition to the ever-growing canon of critical animal studies texts. The authors approach total liberation from multidisciplinary, transnational perspectives ranging from theological inquiry to Turkish governmental policy. It is an important read for anyone interested in global human and nonhuman animal liberation.” —Dr. S. Marek Muller, Assistant Professor, Rhetorical Studies, Florida Atlantic University»

«“Emerging New Voices in Critical Animal Studies is an outstanding cutting-edge profound book that is a must read for anyone that cares about animals and social justice. This engaging powerful text forces the reader to rethink how they live in relations to the exploitation of the world. This book pushes us closer to a more harmonious balanced ecological interdependent peaceful planet.” —Peace Studies Journal»

«“Emerging New Voices in Critical Animal Studies fosters new, critical dialogues and methods that encourage citizen-scholars and scholar-activists to reckon with humanity’s past and present environmental, sociopolitical, and economic injustices. The collection interrogates how and why the injustices emerged and are reaffirmed through anthropocentrism and the cultural construction of human/animal, normal/abnormal, civilization/nature, normal/queer binary thinking that place a premium on some human life while devaluing the lives and possibilities of other humans and other species. Notably intersecting movements and critical theories, the co-editors and writers call readers to action by crossing their varied disciplinary approaches to build a collection that details for readers the necessary contexts and insights so that theory can be used to generate sustained action.” —Kati Lewis, Associate Professor, English, Salt Lake Community College»

«“Emerging New Voices in Critical Animal Studies will take readers on a crucial emotional journey as they highlight current atrocities happening around the world. The content is very engaging and thought provoking—leaving you respecting how you live your life or with an action list of things you must change. An essential read for all people.” —J. Ellis, Adjunct Faculty, Salt Lake Community College»

«“Poirier, Bernatchez, and Nocella have put together a brilliant critical text that will expand the fields of intersectionality, social justice, and sociology within the realms of animal ethics, critical animal studies, posthumanism, and animalia.” —Dr. Erik Juergensmeyer, Editor, Green Theory and Praxis Journal»

«“One of the greatest contributions of critical animal studies has been to create a space for activists and activist-scholars to be seen and heard, and taken seriously. Emerging New Voices in Critical Animal Studies is a powerful reflection of—and testament to—this ongoing commitment. This is a collection which enriches our knowledge and understanding with originality and verve.” —Dr. Richard J. White, Reader in Human Geography, Sheffield Hallam University, UK»

«“Emerging New Voices in Critical Animal Studies creates a new paradigm in the study of sovereignty, human-efficacy, and the anti-imperialist promotion of things in the current Anthropocene epoch. The book presents scholars that have proved themselves greatly to create and promote solidarity through intersectional loci. The totality of many oppressions, can be dissected and understood greatly through these works.” —Lucas Alan Dietsche, Editor-in-Chief, Transformative Justice Journal»

«“Emerging New Voices in Critical Animal Studies: Vegan Studies for Total Liberation is an important book because it gives space for new voices within social movements. This book is a book to hear the future goals and dreams, rather than demands and manifestos from veteran activists who are always on the mic. To protect the world, we must listen to our young people.” — Alisha Page, Director, Save the Kids»

«“This book is another masterful critical animal studies compilation of research and essays dedicated to the liberation of all beings. The question of why some of us are free and some of us exist only to serve others has yet to be fully answered and understood. The journey toward that answer and the impending liberation of all, continues with this excellent work.” —Dr. John Alessio, Social Problems and Inequality»

«“This collection introduces emerging scholar-activists fighting for total liberation globally and proposes a new framework in which activists can use to create a global movement for social justice. In addition it its contribution to the field, Emerging New Voices in Critical Animal Studies offers ways for us to build solidarity with intersecting liberatory movements in order to dismantle all structures of oppression, domination, and hierarchy.” —Z. Zane McNeill, co-editor, Queer and Trans Voices: Achieving Liberation Through Consistent Anti-Oppression»