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Fishing for Ted Hughes

«Here is a book and a writer and a sense of the world and of language which are all as marvellous as the subject deserves.»

Adam Nicolson
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Bloomsbury Circus
20 x 13 cm


«Here is a book and a writer and a sense of the world and of language which are all as marvellous as the subject deserves.»

Adam Nicolson

«An absolute gem ... Mark Wormald's love of angling and of Ted Hughes’s poetry come together beautifully. I was delightfully lost by the river throughout.»

Paul Whitehouse

«Mark Wormald takes what is, on the face of it, a meaningless act – the pursuit of exact, often remote places where a famed poet and fisherman has stood, floated, angled – and makes of it a parable of what angling and poetry share. The act of stalking, the stalking of fish by man, but also the stalking by man of his true self in poetry, the moment of the catch, at the instant of self-forgetfulness.»

Harry Clifton

«A profoundly reflective examination of Hughes’s fishing life, layered over with Wormald’s own … Wormald has an engaging, lyrical style, by which it’s easy to be beguiled into appreciative enjoyment and even wonder.»

Ettie Neil-Gallacher, The Field

«I’m perhaps more fish than fisher, but like Ted Hughes’s River, this book tugs at an atavistic, aquatic consciousness at the base of my brain. Wormald’s quest has me swimming in the same brilliant flows, settled in the same rooty riverside nooks, vividly drowsy, deeply awake. I loved it.»

Amy-Jane Beer

«A torrent of a book, its swirling deeps and dark backwaters lit with hard-won insight.»

Luke Jennings

«Engaging and enlightening, a new and convincing key to Hughes’s extraordinary poetic gifts.»

Richard Beard

«A brilliant book. Complex, kaleidoscopic, brilliant in its originality, The Catch is a love song to a lifelong obsession.»

Katharine Norbury

«A rare piece of work - modest, brilliant, moving. Quietly profound»

Ian Sansom

«A wonderfully beguiling and enjoyable literary pilgrimage - full of surprises and insights, to delight anyone (fisherman or not) who loves reading poetry. Truly, a remarkable book»

David Profumo

«Penetrating and poetic, filled with honeyed prose and thoughtful criticism.»

Cal Flyn, The Times

«Way above a mere fishing book, combining nature, personal recollections, biography, poetry, imagination and much more - BOOK OF THE YEAR»

Classic Angling Magazine

«Whilst Hughes’s love for angling is relatively well-known, Wormald makes a deep and sustained claim for the link between Hughes’s poetic thinking process and the act of fishing. … [But] The carrying streams of this book are not only those of Hughes’s life, and those of his family and friends, but of Wormald’s too. … Wormald’s own prose is sprung and striking [and] The Catch becomes a subtle meditation on what it is to be a father, a son, a brother.»

Rob St. John, Caught by the River

«Wormald’s scene-setting and imaginative, close reading of the poems uncover new aspects of Hughes and his work, which is no easy task … Hughes thought the all-absorbing experience of fishing was much like writing poetry, and such descriptions will have the fishermen among this book’s readership nodding along.»

Richard Benson, The Mail on Sunday

«Electrifyingly good»

John Clegg, London Review Bookshop

«A beautiful book … Wormald is excellent at prising apart Hughes the myth from Hughes the man.»

Alex Diggins, The Critic

«As a feat of scholarship, angling, and creative empathy, this book is an extraordinary achievement»

Seán Lysaght, Dublin Review of Books

«Beyond biographical and instead a complete immersion into the mind and life of one of our greatest writers … A dip well worth taking»

Kevin Parr, Fallon's Angler

«What a marvellous book The Catch is: a time-slipping, genre-shifting exploration of lives and landscapes, in which poetry, memoir and biography swirl and braid most beautifully together. Obsessive, passionate and deep-pooled, Wormald's pursuit of Hughes becomes, over its course, unexpectedly and movingly personal: a journey inwards in spirit as well as backwards in time, moving against the flow. The Catch leaves both its writer and its reader - to borrow a phrase from the book itself - wonderfully "lost in water".»

Robert Macfarlane

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