Multidisciplinary Explorations of Corohysteria Caused by the COVID-2019 Pandemic

Abdul Karim Bangura (Redaktør) ; Abdul Karim Bangura (Innledning) ; Isatu Ramatu Bangura (Innledning) ; Ishmael I. Munene (Innledning) ; Jafred Muyaka (Innledning) ; Joseph Lansana Kormoh (Innledning) ; Omosefe Oyekanmi (Innledning) ; Cecy Edijala Balogun (Innledning) ; Harrison Adewale Idowu (Innledning) ; Gregory Obinna Ugbo (Innledning) ; Henry Chigozie Duru (Innledning) ; Chinwe Beatrice Ezeoke (Innledning) ; Rosemary Oyinlola Popoola (Innledning) ; Simon Gisege Omare (Innledning) ; Pamela Oloo (Innledning) ; Yakub Adams (Innledning) ; Alie Kunda (Innledning) ; Hadizat Audu Salihu (Innledning) ; Osman Kabba (Innledning) ; Henrietta Eshalomi (Innledning) ; Emmanuel Vincent Nelson Kallon (Innledning) ; JP Afamefuna Ifedi (Innledning) ; Feyisitan Ijimakinwa (Innledning) ; Rachael M. Rudolph (Innledning) ; Collence T. Chisita (Innledning) ; Nyarai P. Chibanda (Innledning) ; Cecilia T. Olugbara (Innledning) ; Moeketsi Letseka (Innledning) ; John Idriss Lahai (Innledning)

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Forlag: Lexington Books/Fortress Academic
Innbinding: Innbundet
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9781666912197
Format: 23 x 16 cm

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“The Coronavirus Disease (COVID)-2019 has had perhaps the most wide-ranging impact on every facet of human endeavor, especially since it was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020. Being the first pandemic in the twenty-first century, it has been almost universally dreaded but poorly understood, leading to global mass hysteria, including by governments of all stripes. The world needed a meaningful perspective through which to manage the uncontrollable emotional responses to the pandemic, and none was forthcoming, until now. In Multidisciplinary Explorations of Corohysteria Caused by the COVID-2019 Pandemic, Dr. Abdul Karim Bangura, with a collection of global experts in different fields, has provided the most encompassing, multidisciplinary exposition of COVID-2019 that unveils the underlying reasons for the hysteria. The book is indispensable to anyone—scholars, professionals, and laypeople alike—who wants to understand the mechanisms behind the pandemic personally or to have an appreciation for the myriad of responses, sometimes contradictory, across the globe.”