Outdoor Swimmers' Handbook - Kate Rew

Outdoor Swimmers' Handbook

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Forlag: Rider & Co
Innbinding: Innbundet
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 320
ISBN: 9781846047282
Format: 23 x 17 cm

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«A must for your reading lists ... beautiful»

«A really important, inspiring book, written by someone at the heart of the outdoor swimming movement that -- over the last fifteen years -- has encouraged millions of people to experience the wonders and friendships of Britain's rivers, lakes and seas. Rew's book combines hard-won, deeply researched information on how to swim safely and joyfully out-of-doors, with vivid first-hand accounts of swims in astonishing places and with remarkable people. Read on. Dive in.»

«The Outdoor Swimmers' Handbook will be a treasured guide for anyone who wants to venture into British rivers, estuaries, lakes, and seas for a dip, a moonlit swim, or a great adventure. I loved this book!»

«Jam packed with info ... useful and inspiring to all dedicated outdoor swimmers»

«A great book for swimmers especially those who may be relatively new to the water»