Recognizing and Helping the Neglected Child - Jane Scott

Recognizing and Helping the Neglected Child

Evidence-Based Practice for Assessment and Intervention

; Brigid Daniel ; Julie Taylor ; David Derbyshire ; Deanna Neilson

Outlines how neglect can be recognized and shows how practitioners should respond, including assessment, planning, and appropriate interventions Les mer
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Outlines how neglect can be recognized and shows how practitioners should respond, including assessment, planning, and appropriate interventions
Forlag: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 192
ISBN: 9781849050937
Format: 23 x 15 cm

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«This is a well rounded book, supported by many up to date research studies.»

«One of the biggest strengths to this text is how it sparks the imagination, motivating creativity of response to situations of neglect... I personally was left with the hope-filled message that "it is possible to prevent child neglect" (p.160)and the confidence to believe the necessary systemic change might actually be achievable.»

«This book is strongly recommended for practitioners and as a resource for researchers.»

«an excellent book. Indeed the comments made above essentially highlight the importance and complexity of the subject, and the authors rightly identify several areas as meriting more research. Jessica Kingsley are producing quite a flood of interesting texts at present, and they are to commended for publishing this book.»

«[T]his book is a most welcome and timely addition to the literature on child neglect. The authors write with assurance and understanding, recognizing how emotionally draining and professionally demanding the work can be; they also offer a challenge to current thinking and practice. This is a must-read book for all those whose work brings them in contact with neglected children, for their managers and those responsible for their training and education.»


The book includes brief, helpful summaries of different interventions.. The small size of the book is encouraging for busy practitioners and it lends itself to 'dipping in and out' rather than reading cover to cover. The authors use extensive sources, which are clearly referenced and cited throughout. The text is consistently well-presented and adequately supported by relevant tables and figures... The 'case studies' are realistic and helpfully illustrate the
main content of each chapter, while the 'activities' boxes are thought-provoking and encourage reflection on practice. Also helpful are the 'key messages' at the end of each chapter, which succinctly summarise the main
This book does broadly achieve its aims to challenge practitioners to reflect on practice and values.


, Practice: Social Work in Action
Acknowledgements. Foreword. Enid Hendry, NSPCC. 1. Understanding Child Neglect. 2. Signs that Parents Need Support. 3. Signs that Children's Needs are Not Being Met. 4. Responding to Children Whose Needs are Not Being Met. 5. Helping the Neglected Child. 6. Preventing Child Neglect. Appendix 1. Systematic Review Methodology. Appendix 2. Papers Included in the Systematic Review. Bibliography. Subject Index. Author Index.
Brigid Daniel is Professor of Social Work at the University of Stirling, UK. She is the co-author of numerous books on child care and protection including Child Neglect, co-edited with Julie Taylor, and Child Development for Child Care and Protection Workers, 2nd edition, co-authored with Sally Wassell and Robbie Gilligan, both published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Julie Taylor is Head of Strategy and Development (Abuse in High Risk Families), NSPCC, and Professor at the University of Edinburgh, UK. She has written extensively on child care and protection. Jane Scott currently works freelance on several research and development projects, including the new Multi-Agency Resource Service (MARS) in Scotland, which aims to support practitioners and managers from all organisations working with vulnerable children and families. David Derbyshire is Head of Performance Improvement and Consultancy, Action for Children. Deanna Neilson is Group Manager Children's Services, Action for Children.