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Age of Scientific Wellness

Why the Future of Medicine Is Personalized, Predictive, Data-Rich, and in Your Hands

«A remarkable vision of the near future of healthcare from two of the leading innovators of our age. Always a decade ahead of the pack, Dr. Hood has been an inspiration for his entire career. This book tells you why.»

David Sinclair, PhD, author of <i>Lifespan</i>
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Harvard University Press
24 x 16 cm

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Leroy Hood, MD, developed the DNA synthesizing technology that made possible the Human Genome Project and is cofounder of the Institute for Systems Biology. A pioneer in the fields of systems biology, proteomics, and P4 medicine, he has won the Kyoto Prize, the Lasker Award, the Heinz Award, and the National Medal of Science. Nathan Price is Chief Science Officer of Thorne HealthTech and Professor at the Institute for Systems Biology. Selected as an Emerging Leader in Health and Medicine by the National Academy of Medicine, he received the Grace A. Goldsmith Award for his work on scientific wellness and has coauthored over 200 peer-reviewed scientific publications.


«A remarkable vision of the near future of healthcare from two of the leading innovators of our age. Always a decade ahead of the pack, Dr. Hood has been an inspiration for his entire career. This book tells you why.»

David Sinclair, PhD, author of <i>Lifespan</i>

«This seminal book offers scientific evidence of how much of our health is determined outside of and before most encounters with the healthcare system. Drawing on their own research, Hood and Price make a compelling argument that we should be investing in health, instead of focusing on ineffective repairs when the damage finally becomes visible. In many ways, we know this. They are asking us all, politely and then fervently, ‘If you know it, why aren’t you doing anything about it?’»

Esther Dyson, Executive Founder of Wellville

«Conventional medicine understands disease but not health. As a result, our population is sick and becoming sicker. Drawing on the tenets of systems biology, deep phenotyping, and digital measurements, this revolutionary book shows what every one of us can do—doctors and patients alike—to jump-start the exciting new era of scientific wellness.»

Sara Gottfried, MD, Director of Precision Medicine at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health and

«Leroy Hood literally pioneered the field of personalized medicine. Now he shares his knowledge, enabling all of us to maximize our healthspan. A must-read for understanding the new era of data-driven medicine.»

David Agus, MD, <i>New York Times</i> bestselling author of <i>The End of Illness</i>

«This is probably the most important self-help book you will ever read—it will impact your quality of life for decades. Not only does it clearly explain recent revolutions in genomics, AI, aging, neuroplasticity, etc., it shows how you can harness them. Lee Hood and Nathan Price have literally made history through their own research and applied it to a clinical setting. The moving personal stories that shaped their odyssey will powerfully motivate readers.»

George Church, PhD, Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and founder of Nebula Genomics

«The leading researchers in the systems biology revolution in medicine map out for the first time the radical transformation taking place in the science of extending health, which will soon make conventional disease treatment obsolete. If you want to understand how the latest advances in genomics and AI can completely transform your health, and to translate this promise into practical tools that you can apply today, read this book!»

Mark Hyman, MD, Senior Advisor to the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and author of

«This is a lively, optimistic, indeed cheerful book with a clear message: focusing on preserving health provides the best means of forestalling illness, both individually and in the population at large. The approach to scientific wellness that they advocate is truly visionary.»

Roger M. Perlmutter, former President of Merck Research Laboratories

«The Age of Scientific Wellness pulls no punches: humans and the medical system are ill. Hood and Price provide a bold roadmap to wellness built on biology, computer science, and medicine.»

Jeff Wilke, former CEO of Amazon Worldwide Consumer

«Leroy Hood and Nathan Price argue with passion, excellence, and personal experience for a proactive approach to achieving the real potential of precision health…The vision they advance in their book [is] inspiring, audacious, participatory, optimistic, and generous, and this approach could potentially foster longer, healthier lives.»

Ambroise Wonkam, The Lancet

«Many books have been written about why the American health care system has failed to bring all the latest breathtaking science and technology to those of us who need it most. The Age of Scientific Wellness offers a peek into how scientists have been trying to solve this bottleneck for themselves and their loved ones—and how the rest of us can follow in their footsteps.»

Richard Sprague, proto.life

«This is a well-written work that is easy to read… The authors make a compelling case that could change how clinicians and leaders think about the future of health care delivery.»

Teri L. Brehio, Family Medicine

«Fresh, thoughtful, and unusually ahead of the curve. This is an eye-opening roadmap for the future of health as an active patient partnership from the best scientific minds of our time.»

Thom Mount, former President of Universal Pictures and Vice Chairman of Brainreader

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