Life Inside - Andy West

Life Inside

A Memoir of Prison, Family and Philosophy

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«A book that every thinking person should read.»

«It’s a rare feat for anyone who works in a prison to capture the smell, the flavour and the taste of the fetid air they share with the prisoners in a book. So rare I can’t think of anyone who has managed it as well as Andy West in this raw and utterly authentic account of his role as a prison philosophy teacher. More and more compelling with every turn of the page, his interactions with his students reveal his own deep and often disturbing inner truths as well as theirs. A great resource for self-reflection and rational thinking. »

«Written with compassion and searing honesty

The Tablet

«An incredible feat of thoughtfulness. Andy West sensitively weaves together memoir, hopefulness, scrutiny of systemic injustice and philosophy, both taught and lived, into a work that’s both humane and unflinching.»

Eleanor Gordon-Smith, author of Illogical Stories and Murder and Morality in Victorian Britain

«These are tender, complicated relationships, and there is candour and wisdom - and no little courage - in how West shows them to us.»

The New Humanist

«West incorporates philosophical, descriptive, and psychological elements as with a fine Dickensian brush he paints a picture of the gritty details of prison life... profoundly moving

Philosophy Now

«The wisdom plus lived experience on display in this book are by turns enriching, sobering and at times, heartrending. A tale centering on our inner critic or executioner and how to stifle its constant sniping. A wonder

Lenny Henry

«Andy West powerfully interweaves an account of teaching philosophy in prison with his own family’s history of imprisonment, creating an intellectually thrilling memoir of freedom and constraint. West reminds us that thinking, debating, and learning are not luxuries but crucial for survival, urgent inquiries into who we are

«An authentic, fascinating and deeply moving story about the different ways people search for freedom.»

«An astonishingly necessary book: a thoughtful and clear sighted reflection on what it means to be human in a society obsessed with punishment and incarceration. It is an intricate exploration of the ways in which society shames and punishes us, and the ways in which we then punish ourselves. West’s deeply philosophical reflection on his work as an educator in the prison system brilliantly dispels damaging myths about those whose lives are lived inside and whose lives are consequently flattened by society in so many ways. This book embraces humanity and complexity in a manner that so few descriptions of prisons do. It challenges all of us to think more deeply about empathy, forgiveness, love and shame, and I urge everyone to read it.»

Lucia Osborne-Crowley

«Andy West’s tense and intimate book is an education - a completely unsentimental and, for that reason, a compassionate and moving one. At its heart is an appeal against the life sentence handed down by Larkin in ‘This Be The Verse’. The Life Inside deserves the widest possible readership.»

«Andy West bears witness to life inside prison, weaving philosophical questions about free will, forgiveness, guilt and shame, with family history and the realities of incarceration. Beautifully written – honest, painful, absurd and sometimes joyfulThe Life Inside reveals how people survive.»

«The Life Inside is an honest, delicate memoir that doubles as an accessible handbook of philosophical ideas. It expands both heart and mind; I’ll never think about prisons - let alone my own freedom and family - the same way again.»