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Past Lying

The twisty new Karen Pirie thriller, now a major ITV series

«Original, ingenious, and oh so twisty! It left me breathless»

Belinda Bauer
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24 x 16 cm


«Original, ingenious, and oh so twisty! It left me breathless»

Belinda Bauer

«The Queen of Crime shows no sign of abdicating. Past Lying is as complex, as satisfying and as readable as anything she's written - which makes it another jewel in Val McDermid's crown»

Mick Herron

«Atmospheric . . . The novel-within-a-novel is not a new device, but McDermid uses it to memorable effect in a piece of fiction that vividly recreates the anxious early months of the Covid pandemic »

Crime Pick of the Month, Sunday Times

«A chilling, twisting triumph. Past Lying is a classic mystery, brilliant, heart-stopping and seamless. No one does it better than Val McDermid»

Chris Whitaker

«This is such a brilliantly conceived plot line that I was squirming with glee as I turned each page. McDermid is in rare form here, and the book never fails to entertain and surprise . . . Past Lying is a wonder to behold. I place it directly next to McDermid's finest works, like A Place of Execution and The Wire in the Blood. Her use of the pandemic is one of the most clever I have seen to date, and the story within a story that constantly references such greats as Agatha Christie and the aforementioned Highsmith makes this a novel that cannot be missed»


«The narrative takes on the characteristics of nested dolls . . . Head and shoulders above many crime novels»

Crime Fiction Lover

«Past Lying sees McDermid simultaneously at her darkest and most playful. The central plot is a wonderfully tricksy story within a story within a story»

Mail on Sunday

«McDermid plots her novels in masterly style. She holds the reader's attention and provokes our curiosity . . . Her ingenuity commands respect . . . McDermid is deservedly popular and now acclaimed as the Queen of Crime. She is a fine carpenter, her books always well-constructed. She has the confidence to take her time in the telling of her story . . . She is at her ingenious best here»


«A complex plot of jealous writers, straying spouses and effective twists. This novel within-a-novel conceit, used to lead the detectives to more concrete evidence, sharply delivers a suitably unsettled atmosphere . . . Affecting»

Irish Times

«The ingenious plot kept me guessing all the way through. It delivers on every level»

Marian Keyes

«With an intricate plot, authentic dialogue, rich details, and masterly McDermid twists and turns, [Past Lying] will delight Pirie fans, existing and new»

Starred review, Library Journal

«Ingenious, humane, and all too telling as a reminder of the costs of the pandemic even on its survivors»


«[McDermid] ingeniously flips over the rug and examines the pattern in reverse. Karen and her supporting cast are absorbing, providing insight into the restrictions on police work during the pandemic and plenty of Scottish flavour»


«[Pirie] is an appealing character . . . McDermid [has] fun describing the inner workings of the crime-fiction profession, including the creation of stories and the politics, favouritism, resentment, jealousy and score-settling found behind the scenes»

Literary Review

«A spiralling game of betrayal and revenge. A real tour-de-force»

Irish Independent

«A cracking read »

Daily Express

«A deadly game of revenge. Another twisty thriller»


«Val McDermid's latest offering proves once again why she reigns supreme in the world of crime fiction . . . The intricate and clever plot balances fact and fiction while the heroine Karen Pirie is as captivating as ever. For fans of the series, it's like a reunion with old friends, and for newcomers, it's an invitation to dive into a world of suspense and intrigue where McDermid's storytelling prowess shines through as she skilfully explores themes of betrayal and revenge, leaving readers guessing with every unexpected twist. Simply a must-read for anyone who appreciates top-notch crime fiction»


«Pirie is her most sympathetic protagonist and Past Lying one of her most devious and delightful cases»

The Times

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