Immigrant Voices - Enrique (Henry) T. Trueba

Immigrant Voices

In Search of Educational Equity

; Lilia I. Bartolomé ; Encarnacion Soriano Ayala (Innledning) ; Angelica Bautista (Innledning) ; Li-Rong Lilly Cheng (Innledning) ; Kathee Christensen (Innledning) ; Concha Delgado-Gaitan (Innledning) ; Lucila Ek (Innledning) ; Gisela Ernst-Slavit (Innledning) ; Christian J. Faltis (Innledning) ; Bridget Fitzgerald Gersten (Innledning) ; Arcelia Hernandez (Innledning) ; Elizabeth S. Martinez (Innledning) ; Peter McLaren (Innledning) ; Martha Montero-Sieburgh (Innledning) ; M Faulstich Orellana (Innledning) ; Peter Nien-chu Kian (Innledning) ; Enrique T. Trueba (Innledning) ; Yali Zhou (Innledning)

“The ethnics are coming” —and the fear of many observers is that the quality of traditional disciplines will suffer as a result. Immigrant Voices: In Search of Pedagogical Reform is a new book which shows that such fear is unfounded. Les mer
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“The ethnics are coming” —and the fear of many observers is that the quality of traditional disciplines will suffer as a result. Immigrant Voices: In Search of Pedagogical Reform is a new book which shows that such fear is unfounded. Ethnic scholars of international repute come together in this new collection of essays to meditate upon the single most important social phenomena in America today: Immigration. Due to the ever increasing ethnic diversity in today’s school populations, the need to explore this issue has become more critical than ever. Giving voice to a broad range of complex experiences, contributors from China, Taiwan, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, and Slovakia provide insight into the numerous obstacles immigrants must overcome in order to succeed in both the academy and society at large. Offering broad theoretical perspectives, as well as powerful and unforgettable personal narratives, this book serves as a invaluable resource for continued efforts toward educational equity.
Forlag: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9780742500419
Format: 23 x 16 cm

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«The contributors to Immigrant Voices present readers with a unique blend of theoretical analyses and remarkably personal narratives of immigrants struggling "to come to voice" within institutional contexts dominated by mainstream discourses. Given the variety of topics explored and the range of styles in which they are presented,Immigrant Voices is a text that speaks to a wide audience of readers including pre-service and in-service teachers working in multi-cultural schools as well as researchers and policymakers interested in understanding the nature of the work students and teachers do in attempting to negotiate the meaning of cultural differences. Perhaps the most valuable contribution this book makes, however, is to readers wishing to better understand and strategically negotiate their own place as underrepresented faculty members in institutions of higher education. In this regard, by sharing their own experiences, the authors have graciously provided those of us who are, or wish to be, academics with a rare map of the cultural typography of university life.»

Anthropology & Education Quarterly

«This volume is very useful to the reader who isn't in the center of the controversies about critical ethnography, but who is interested in educational equity for immigrants.»

«Trueba and Bartolome have collected some very powerful stories by scholars of color. Their recollections evoke powerful images of a racialized, White-dominated academy that produces 'academic wetbacks' who must struggle for dignity and equality. We must all work harder to address these troubling accounts.»

«Articles focus on critical ethnography, bilingual education, classroom practice, research agendas, teacher ideology, and many other areas. They illustrate the powerfully racialized nature of the Whitedominated academy in the USA in particular, providing these scholars with the space to voice these experiences.»

Race Relations Abstracts

«This book offers views from inside communities, comparisons with immigration in other societies, reflections of Latino scholars who are both part of the transformation and are trying to explain it to the rest of society, and suggestions for needed changes in American education. It is a solid and much needed contribution.»

Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Some Conceptual Considerations in the Interdisciplinary Study of Immigrant Children Chapter 3 Critical Ethnography for the Study of Immigrants Chapter 4 Proposition 227 and Bilingual Education in a Transnational Community Chapter 5 Ideological Baggage in the Classroom: Resistance and Resilience Among Latino Bilingual Students and Teachers Chapter 6 Multicultural Education in Primary Schools in Almería, Spain Chapter 7 Linking Sociocultural Contexts to Classroom Practices: Language Identity in a Bilingual Hungarian-Slovak School in Slovakia Chapter 8 Wanting to Go On: Healing and Transformation at an Urban Public University Chapter 9 Disabling Institutions: Irreconcilable Laws Chapter 10 The Voice of a Chinese Immigrant in America: Self-identity and Academic Achievement Chapter 11 Intra-ethnic Mexican and Mexican-American Conflicts: Narratives of Oppression and Struggle for Daily Subsistence Chapter 12 The Use of Cultural Resilience in Overcoming Contradictory Encounters in Academia: A Personal Narrative Chapter 13 Confronting the Walls: Border Crossing, Gender Differences, and Language Learning in Academe Chapter 14 Myth or Reality: Publish or Perish Chapter 15 Reflections about Message: Beyond the Politics of Schools and the Rhetoric of Fashionable Pedagogies
Enrique (Henry) T. Trueba is Rubén E. Hinojosa Regents Professor in the College of Education at the University of Texas, Austin. Lilia I. Bartolomé is associate professor in the Graduate College of Education at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.