Language of Freedom and Teacher’s Authority - Fatma Mızıkacı

Language of Freedom and Teacher’s Authority

Case Comparisons from Turkey and the United States

Fatma Mızıkacı (Redaktør) ; Guy Senese (Redaktør) ; Corinne Glesne (Forord) ; Peter McLaren (Innledning) ; Hasan Hüseyin Aksoy (Innledning) ; Birol Algan (Innledning) ; Yasemin Tezgiden Cakcak (Innledning) ; Ebru Eren Deniz (Innledning) ; Jean Ann Foley (Innledning) ; Anaheed Hill (Innledning) ; Damien Jones (Innledning) ; Christopher Lanternman (Innledning) ; Christine K. Lemley (Innledning) ; Adam Lockwood (Innledning) ; Jim Manley (Innledning) ; Gretchen McAllister (Innledning) ; Fatma Mızıkacı (Innledning) ; Ishmael I. Munene (Innledning) ; Michelle Novelli (Innledning) ; Mustafa Öztürk (Innledning) ; Frances Julia Reimer (Innledning) ; Karen Sealander (Innledning) ; Guy Senese (Innledning) ; Mustafa Sever (Innledning) ; Brian Andrew Stone (Innledning) ; Laura E. Sujo-Montes (Innledning) ; Pelin Taşkın (Innledning) ; Ayhan Ural (Innledning) ; Barbara Torre Veltri (Innledning) ; Joseph C. Wegwert (Innledning) ; Gerald Wood (Innledning) ; Yasemin Tezgiden Cakcak (Bidragsyter) ; Sharon Gorman (Bidragsyter)

A Language of Freedom and Teacher’s Authority: Case Comparisons from Turkey and the United States explores dimensions of authority that are deeply embedded in the profession of teaching. It examines critical dimensions of the foundations of Turkish and U. Les mer
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A Language of Freedom and Teacher’s Authority: Case Comparisons from Turkey and the United States explores dimensions of authority that are deeply embedded in the profession of teaching. It examines critical dimensions of the foundations of Turkish and U.S. public education, both of which are under new pressures due to changes in the relationship between public schooling and current reforms in education. The contributors reflect on varied dimensions of authority, of which ideals are shifting under political and economic pressures. In both Turkey and the U.S, public education reflects the early influence of secular equalitarianism, revolutionary democratic developments, and an Enlightenment-based sense of the human right to education. Against this, we see the opposing dialectic where state control and curricular censorship and constriction appear too often.
Forlag: Lexington Books
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Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9781498524650
Format: 24 x 16 cm

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«Coming together for what may seem an unlikely collaboration of scholars from Turkey and the United States, each of these teachers of conscience (hocam) grapple with authentic inquiry into forms of teacher authority to ground effective and sustained struggle for freedom. They work within and against the naked instrumentalism of global neoliberalism that seeks to annihilate citizen agency as it transforms all levels of schooling into preparation for a new world order of alternative facts, exponential economic exploitation, and unfettered ravaging of the planet. As these progressive colleagues bear witness, the fire of their passion and the courage of their action inspire a profound sense of urgency that compels readers to take new action.»

«Can teachers save nations? Has democracy really slipped into the abyss in the teaching profession in Turkey and also in the United States? This courageous book, the brainchild of Mızıkacı and Senese, ushers a brave clarion call in essays for all of us who revere and respect the teaching profession, democratic academic process and the treasured ultimate outcome: enlightened, caring students. Truly a collection to ponder and use as a basis of action to calibrate the profession.»

«A Language of Freedom and Teachers Authority: Teacher’s Authority: Case Comparisons from Turkey and the United States seems to be a product of big efforts especially in its focus on the topics rarely discussed in Turkey. I believe this reading inspires teachers and academics to withstand in defiance of their freedom in the classroom even though they have to teach in a hegemonic system. In this regard this book is a big contribution to the field as it addresses to practitioners particularly.»


Corrine Glesne

Editors’ Preface: Public Education, the Social Contract and a Teacher’s Conscience
Fatma Mızıkacı and Guy Senese


Fatma Mızıkacı and Guy Senese

Peter McLaren

Part One
Power, Authority and Authoritarianism in a Neoliberal Era

Chapter 1: Room 5: The Teacher’s Authority: Conscience and the Challenge to Educate
Guy Senese

Chapter 2: Being a Teacher in Turkey: Formation, Shift, Disintegration and Resistance
Ayhan Ural; Translated by Dilara Clarkson

Chapter 3: Authority and Power in the Classroom
Mustafa Sever and Birol Algan

Chapter 4: Colleges of Education and the Making of the Neoliberal University
Joseph C. Wegwert and Jean Ann Foley

Chapter 5: Exotic Pedagogy and the Critical Authority of Love
Jim Manley

Part Two
Undermined Authority and the Endangered Teacher-Intellectual

Chapter 6: Ideological Proletarianization of Teacher Educators in Turkey
Yasemin Tezgiden Cakcak

Chapter 7: The Trouble with Technicians: False Standards and the Collapse of Teacher Autonomy
Brian Andrew Stone

Chapter 8: Teacher Authority, Autonomy and Authoritarianism in Turkish Vocational High School
Hasan Hüseyin Aksoy and Ebru Eren Deniz; Translated by Suna Karakaş

Chapter 9: Seek and Hide: Teach For America’s Strategies of Education Reform
Barbara Torre Veltri

Chapter 10: Reclaiming Academic Freedom and Shared Governance: Comparative Reflections from Kenya and USA
Ishmael Munene with Guy Senese

Part Three
Critical Impacts in Social Justice and Diversity

Chapter 11: Curriculum and State Control: The Case of Arizona’s Mexican-American Studies Program
Frances Julia Riemer

Chapter 12: A Tale of Teacher Induction in a Culturally Diverse Setting: Challenges in Southeastern Turkey
Mustafa Öztürk

Chapter 13: Fostering Indigenous Teacher Voice and Autonomy
Gretchen McAllister with Damien Jones

Chapter 14: Indigenous Community Belief and Contested Dimensions of Student’s Rights and the Teacher’s Authority
Gerald K. Wood and Christine K. Lemley with Anaheed Hill

Chapter 15: Students’ Freedom and the Authority of Regulation: The Real and the Ideal
Pelin Taşkın

Chapter 16: Recovering Inclusion for Democracy and Special Education in an Era of Reform
Karen Sealander, Christopher Lanterman, Michelle Novelli, Laura Sujo-Montes and Adam Lockwood


About the Contributors
Fatma Mızıkacı is associate professor at the faculty of educational sciences at Ankara University.

Guy Senese is professor in foundations of education in the Department of Educational Leadership at Northern Arizona University.