Gamification for Tourism - Feifei Xu

Gamification for Tourism

Feifei Xu (Redaktør) ; Dimitrios Buhalis (Redaktør)

Introduces readers to gamification, a new phenomenon in tourism as a future trend Les mer
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Introduces readers to gamification, a new phenomenon in tourism as a future trend
Forlag: Channel View Publications
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 312
ISBN: 9781845418229
Format: 23 x 16 cm

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Given the growing demand for co-created novel and memorable experience, and the capabilities of digitalization to support it, the book “Gamification for Tourism” is a valuable source of theoretical and empirical knowledge for tourist academicians and practitioners, who search for innovative ways to design advanced tourist experience.


, Information Technology & Tourism, January 2022


Given the global Covid-19 crisis, the importance of digital for travel has grown massively. Gamification adds value to digital interactions by creating more interesting and compelling digital experiences. By presenting the state of the art in both the theory and practice of gamification, this text makes a valuable contribution for anyone wanting to compete in our new and increasingly virtual travel marketplace.


Peter O'Connor, University of South Australia, Australia

«Rich in theory and filled with practical cases from around the globe, this book convincingly shows how central gamification and gaming are to experience creation and persuasion in the hedonic context of tourism and hospitality. The many illustrations make it an especially engaging read!»

Ulrike Gretzel, University of Southern California, USA

«In hard times we must not forget the importance of having fun and enjoying life. Thus, gamification as a playful approach to interacting with systems is not only an emerging field in IT and tourism, but also a reminder not to forget the sunny side of life. I enjoyed reading this excellent collection of papers, by both well established and new researchers.»

Hannes Werthner, Vienna University of Technology, Austria


The volume delivers a wealth of case studies from all over the world, including original applications and games, participation through third-party apps (e.g., Pokémon Go), and adaptations of existing technologies (e.g., geocaching) [...] Highly recommended.


, CHOICE connect, Vol. 60 No. 1
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Chapter 1. Feifei Xu & Dimitrios Buhalis: Gamification in Tourism: The Cutting-Edge Trend in Tourism

Part 1: Gamification Theories

Chapter 2. Demos Parapanos & Eleni Michopoulou: Gamification, Game Mechanics, Game Thinking and Players' Profile and Life Cycle

Chapter 3. Russell B. Williams: Understanding Games and Gamified Experiences: The MAPS-AIM Model

Chapter 4. Ye (Sandy) Shen & Marion Joppe: Gamification: Practices, Benefits and Challenges

Part 2: Gamification Application and Case Studies

Chapter 5. Zuhal Cilingir Uk & Yasar Gultekin: Gamification Applications in Hospitality and Airline Industries: A Unified Gamification Model

Chapter 6. Marianna Sigala & Elin Nilsson: Innovating the Restaurant Industry: The Gamification of Business Models and Customer Experiences

Chapter 7. Feifei Xu and Shaojin Li: Destination Marketing via Gamification: A Case Study of the Austria Adventure Game

Chapter 8. Luiz Pinto Machado: Gamification and Geocaching for Tourism Destinations: Marketing Madeira, Portugal

Chapter 9. Pablo Garrido-Pintado: Advergaming in Tourism: Spanish Cases

Chapter 10. Russell B. Williams: Pokemon GO: Serious Leisure and Game-Playing Tourists

Chapter 11. Sara MacBride-Stewart, Clare Parsons and Ilona Carati: Playfulness and Game Play: Using Geocaching to Engage Young People's Well-being in a National Park

Chapter 12. Evrim Celtek: Gamification: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Games and Tourism Marketing Applications

Chapter 13. Feifei Xu & Dimitrios Buhalis: Conclusion

Feifei Xu is Professor in Tourism Management, Tourism Department, Southeast University, Nanjing, China. She is an Associate Editor of Tourism Review. She has worked in the tourism field for 20 years. Her research interests include sustainable tourism and eTourism with a particular focus on gamification.

Dimitrios Buhalis is a Professor, the Director of the eTourism Lab and Deputy Director of the International Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Research at Bournemouth University Business School, UK. He is a strategic management and marketing expert with specialisation in ICT applications in the tourism and hospitality industries. His research launched the eTourism field and now focuses on SMART and real time tourism. He is the Editor in Chief of Tourism Review.